It's The Video Games Fault, Not My Bad Parenting!

Pubblicato il 2 apr 2019
Yet another example of a parent raising their kid through a game console and blaming the game when things go wrong...
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  • Obviously doing the floss dance is demeaning to women.

  • I prioritize sleeping over everything when I get I sleep for most of the day anyone else.

  • I once locked my dad out of the house because I thought it would be funny. When I let him inside a minute or two later I didn’t think it was funny anymore.

  • He likes gta, at least he has taste

  • If i spoke to my parents like that i would have been put through a wall

  • I played Just Cause 3 so now I'm flying around in a wingsuit while murdering dictators

  • White people

  • In the first story who would want to play with that kid

  • *so ur telling me you've been playing GTA since you were 3...*

  • just saying about the gta thing coming from a male view what if your a female playing gta huh?

  • No one Optimus: JUST BEAT HIS A**

  • Thing is many of the problem comes from old boomer lady. Not going to say mean things but women have very short and fast thinking.

  • Media: Video Games cause school shootings Me: enjoying my bee farm in minecraft while eating bred with a pet fox.

  • Ok maybe smack them but don’t I L L E G A L L Y beat them

  • is this woman from Alabama??

  • One slap. That is al you need. Some discipline, authority and wen is neded a slap.

  • Dude, if I called my mom a peasant I would get slapped upside the head so hard I would fly into the next decade..this kid is somewhat lucky that his mom doesn’t whoop him for half the stuff he says…

  • why did she have a kid in the first place if she can’t handle a kid

  • maybe these parents should actually spend time with their kids and enforce some rules, maybe stop buying them the games

  • This mom is a airhead 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I understand and can get behind parents being concerned about new trends they don't understand- but they should take it into their own hands and use the restrictions previously set up for this exact reason

  • I love video games, but even I know when to stop playing and spend time with my family.

  • I feel like fortnite and Grand theft Auto should die, BECAUSE THOSE GAMES ARE SO DUMB! heck I prefer five nights at Freddy's and Jurassic world evolution than those two dumbest games in the planet!

  • 9:39 dude don’t encourage abuse. do some research about spanking.

  • Well, if thats the case. The world shouldve been destroyed right now, for i am Magusar

  • 1:01 we started so fuking bad I´m starting to think this is acted for rating. In my contry there was a polemic and legal problems for a news channel for a short documentary with EDITED interviews. An streamer and her family sued the studio for difamation, modify her statements and fraud cose they cut a lot of the interview and there were witneses like the named parents her little brother and some user of an stream she let open

  • I am going to play Farmersville then start being aggressive towards plants

  • The media is cancer, change my mind (I played many different violent games, even the ones rated 18+ and I’m still a normal person...)

  • 8:54 I’ve been playing violent games ever since Call of Duty World at War came out and my dad and I played through the co-op campaign. Many of the games I enjoy feature a lot of violence, blood and gore. To this day I have never started any kind of violent conflict and I can’t stand the sight of blood, how do games desensitise people when I play gory games and still can’t look at real blood without feeling sick?

  • I remember watching this dr Phil episode and I was mad because violent games don't cause violence Plus adults play kids games like pokemon

  • 1500 karens watched this videos

    • @matty T and millenials

    • Well 10% of the dislikes are boomers

  • Prioritizing video games over other things can backfire on you. Trust me.

  • Just take his xbox away

  • Ultimate solution that I know works from Experience, card games. Get your kid hooked on a card game, it worked with me, sure could work with anyone

  • Somehow that kid is more toxic than a white generic, stereotypical Roblox player.

  • Am I so out of touch? No, It's the children who are wrong.

  • No it’s playing candy crush 😹 Edit: 0:40

  • My dad was a gamer before it was cool

  • 6:43 and he said it wrong

  • Dude I reset my game every time I think I hurt someone feelings they said the same thing about Atari games in the 70’s you know polygons bumping into polygons so violent that’s actually what led to the video game rating system in the first place “some crazy person shot up a school should we close the loop holes that helped him get a gun no blame violent books ten years violent movies ten years violent tv ten years later violent video games “ he’s not getting excited because he’s killing random people he’s excited cause he winning

  • Grand Theft Auto is certainly Not for under aged kids. So why buy the game for a kid? That game is for people who understand enough between good and bad. Parents need to understand these days about Video Games and stop blaming "inanimate things".

  • Reason why COPPA exists.

  • I mean... I know the parent shouldn't be blaming a video game, or their child for their behaviour, but I kinda felt bad for the parent, and the child...

  • To who ever that wears glasses, just think about this 'He usually plays games up to 20 hours a day, he plays any time he wants' He does not need to wear glasses. Wow.

    • It's actually a myth that screen time harms your eyesight. Your eyes can become strained, but your vision won't be permanently damaged.

  • I really do not understand why all these kids are so toxic and crazy and act like they’re the best. I’m 12, play GTA and I’m a pretty calm person.

  • Actually, a game’s rating is just a recommendation, not a legal requirement for you to meet. There is no law that restricts say a 13 year old from buying an M rated game. The only reason game stores id people is because they don’t want kids coming home with GTA for example, without their parents permission. The employees could also lose their jobs if they fail to id someone so it’s all just a “strict recommendation” really😅

  • Parents and idiots: Video games cause violence Me: playing batman arkham games and having fun solving the Riddler's puzzles so much that I go to solve puzzles in real life.

  • Thank yoooouuuu. Except hitting is bad too

    • i don't think he said hitting is good?

  • I'd also like to point out the game's online features require a subscription payment. If you want him to stop playing online, you could just, i dunno, stop paying?

  • The game that the kid is playing on the show, is not even GTA OR FORTNITE.

  • His mom should buy him Minecraft or something.. its really fun to play ( i love Minecraft)

  • Media: "viDEo gAmES CaUSe VioLENcE" Me: *finding my dog a playmate and dedicating a building to my mother in Minecraft*

  • _I'm pretty young, and play pretty violent games, but my first reaction when dying/losing, or doing anything at all, really, is never using every swear word in the English language and shooting up a school_

  • this is work for the B E L T

  • Crazy parents: ViDeO gAmEs ArE mAkInG oUr KiDs InTo TeRrOrIsTs! Me: **digging up diamonds and defending villages in minecraft**

  • Everyone buys those mature 17 games because the drug and alcohol use in some games I have are optional gta 5 fallout 4 and red dead redemption 2

  • Parents maybe it’s your fault for buying the Violent video games and not punishing them

  • "Video games cause violence" Me: *playing Sonic Unleashed for the experience *I've had violent tendencies before K A R E N*

  • When will parents learn video games turn kids into shooters they should be illegal

  • Where is the father at?