It's The Video Games Fault, Not My Bad Parenting!

Pubblicato il 2 apr 2019
Yet another example of a parent raising their kid through a game console and blaming the game when things go wrong...
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  • “I can hear yo guns” -kid 2019

  • Me: *Hears Megalovainia* Media: *Sic em Boiz*

  • If his parents were Mexican my mom would’ve pulled out he chancla

  • I play video games all the time and I'm surprised I'm able to maintain having high a high A in all of my classes

  • This is the reason why some people shouldn't have the right to vote.

  • I’m 10 and I play watch dogs -_-. Watch dogs has a lot of cussing and lots of adult and explicit content. And this kid is 12 and he can play grand theft auto. I CANT EVEN PLAY GRAND THEFT AUTO!!!!

  • I guess playing Candy Crush is going to turn my 10 year old nephew into a school shooter! Oh no!

  • Only white people problems, if I did this i would get beat

  • Ah yes, because me breeding my dogs in Minecraft will end up with me starting a human trafficking ring

  • It’s true my cousin who has played Mario kart (he is 7) now started throwing turtle shells at other cars! Video games are the spawn of satan!

  • I just loaded up tetris 99, anyone wanna shoot some stuff up

  • When docter phil dies, this guy should take over or when dr phil retires

  • I just buy xbox $50 cards to buy my games so nobody can stop me lol

  • What game is optimus playing

  • Parent:Is Video Games Fault (M)18+ Parent:THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE IT BIGGER .

  • Raid cnn heartquarters,they cant lie us all

  • Me: **Plays City Skylines on my Nintendo Switch** Also Me: **Nukes the entire United Kingdom**

  • Me:*plays video games that are completely innocent* Also me:*wants to shoot the local hospital

  • It must be the bad karenting.

  • 20 hours i be died if i was playing video games that long

  • boutta play some educational games and get arrested 😎👊

  • so youre telling me that 16yos can drive a car, but cant watch youtube?

  • Oh boy, time to go become a school shooter because thats what a victory royale taught me

  • And i played minecraft when i was a child and sneaked near girl skins

  • Oh look wild Karen compilation

  • I’m 12 and I get 1 hour of video games a couple days a weak and I can’t talk to people online if I don’t know them I got my iPod 2months ago and I can only use it for a few hours. I think my parents are doin somthing right

  • 3:18 as an Australian I had to do a double take. G, PG, M, MA15+ R18+

  • 1:57 I stayed on for 20 hours once, My back hurt, my eyes hurt, my head hurt, and I didn’t get back on for a week out of basically fear. I don’t see how they do it. I’m also 14 and in very good physical shape. If you want your kid off the games, don’t buy them a chair designed to let them stay on

  • I have played gears of war halo and cod since I was 3

  • beat your kids.

  • Real life Joffrey...

  • You guys may not believe this but i remember playing World Of Warcraft 3 when i was like 4 i think(i dont have much proof so if you guys dont believe me thats reasonable)im 12 now and OH GUESS WHAT im dont have any blooddrinking sword consuming other people's souls!!!

  • Can any see this: M Just me?

  • Me: plays minecraft Also me: trading with small indigenous villages and murdering the peaceful locals if they don't have what I want.

  • If someone wants to buy gta Needs to come with parent

  • All the 1.4k dislikes are the salty deluded parents

  • Congratulations man, you just earned yourself a subscriber, and keep up the great work!

  • ah yes, nothing like a good dating sim to start my killing spree.

  • I think I bbn is funny that someone will take your sarcasm for real even tho it is a joke

  • I'm goona go play some minecraft and break things with a pickaxe

  • If he's playing GTA 5 online, who tf is paying for his Xbox live subscription?

  • my parents used to call me a school shooter all the time in middle school because I played black ops 2 a lot lol

  • Wait 40 hours a week my older brother who is 20 does that in 2 to 3 days

  • Can't call yourself a man till you get cussed out pre game lobby COD MW2

  • A very strict Mexican household so if I ever did this I would never see the next sunrise if I ever did something like this it ooooooo I would not live to see the next sunrise

  • “Video Games have been violent for years so it isn’t that this is a situation of unchecked mental health and ignorance”

  • I just wanna add in one thing in the video : ", Idiot"

  • But who is the person that keeps buying him the games?

  • Optimus = Next Dr.Phil (p.s this is a true compliment)

  • If there's actually a parent ou there that would allow their kid to call them peasant without consequences, you're parenting wrong.

  • me looking at the hole in the wall well knowing that i keep playing ._.''

  • The rating system doesn’t make it illegal for a child to buy a rated M game, the rating system is just a guideline to if the person should play it and every game sold is required to be rated, but as far as I am aware it isn’t illegal for a child to buy anything M 17+ just a bad judgment call for the parents buying it for the child or the store selling it to the child

  • *me* plays stardew valley *my parents* COME POLICE MY CHILD IS A SCHOOL SHOOTER!!!!

  • 6:58 I died LOL

  • European kids after playing GTA V, Blood Borne and Max Payne: man what a nice day! My teacher and mom and dad are very good and nice, I’ve had good grades and cleaned my room! American Kids after playing Tetris and Pac-Man: boutta shoot up a school

  • Actully on steam I am 13 and I bought gta

  • Simple solution to breaking stuff... Get a punching bag

  • So that's wat a squeaked looks like

  • Two words : adoption centre