It's like an Apple MacBook Micro...

Pubblicato il 9 dic 2019
The OneMix 3S Yoga Platinum is a tiny, powerful touchscreen convertible laptop. It might be the smallest core i7 laptop on the market.
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  • This might be the smallest i7 laptop on the planet.

    • Unbox Therapy if that has an i7 the gpd should have atleast an i3 or i5

    • I’m the 100th comment

    • "... Guys like you.... You!" 🤣😂🤣👍🏼

    • can u tell what the heckin phone u use???

    • Oo,really!! U hav'nt seen hp pavillion x360

  • what is the song playing in the background at 5:10?

  • If only more people had the sense of humor this guy does when explaining anything, we would all understand anything being explained faster then he can explain it. Imagine...

  • Michael Townley

  • Bluetooth?

  • Weird. Thought I could hear OC playing in the bg.

  • This is really cool and cute!

  • ..but WILL IT RUN CRYSIS?!

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  • Mac OS on thumbnail. Windows laptop. Give me my time back pls

  • very tiny laptop..but its good for travel

  • Omg sexy. 😍🥰😘

  • “Who want rump wit me” I’m the original Jamaican gangster

  • I really have to get out of my Apple rock.

  • 中国厉害了

  • 0:54 "I mean, you don't wanna sit on it-" WD: "No."

  • Don't do sister nancy like that xD 3:46

  • Stopped watching at 6:12 after hearing the price. haha

  • Macbook pro light

  • I could see beat making while connected to a larger display on this. Or even coding software on the go for when you don’t want or need a larger display. This could actually be useful

  • Horrible singing. Ha

  • Boxed like a Surface Pro 3, looks like an Apple MacBook, works like a Lenovo Yoga.

  • Bought a 2019 13' Macbook Pro on Black Friday for $999, why in the world would anyone pay $300+ more for this lame ass thing?

  • Basically The Microsoft Windows pad

  • Does it have pen sensitivity on drawing programs??

  • I've played with that laptop in China. It works fine when you need a windows PC to do presentations with PowerPoint or something like that. Nonetheless don't expect it do any heavy duty work.

  • 👍👍

  • Awesome, well, I still need my eyes.

  • 1:13 the MacBook Pro power adapter is 61w!!!

  • I miss those Coca Cola bottles. I feel like Iam missing out not drinking cola out of those bottles.

  • A friend got the Sony VAIO P back in the day because it fit in her handbag. Basically a fashion accessory. 'Wear a suit jacket, put this in your pocket, and see what happens'. Nailed it lol 😂✌️

  • I need this!

  • 0:21 for doggo

  • This remind me the old fujitsu tiny laptop

  • Price and link to purchase

  • Can I use a keyboard and a mouse the same time?

  • 🇶🇦🇮🇳

  • No one is gonna talk about how this little PC has 16GB of RAM ???

  • Wut... you guys have a Teletronix L2A compressor for audio. Nice touch.

  • Can it run Fortnite ?

  • Literally a Windowstablet with Keyboard only way more expensive ...

  • lmao my keyboard is bigger than it

  • What kind of knife is that

  • Does it run Doom3?

  • the price?/

  • Laptop sucks

  • The fact that the Mac’s Trackpad is almost the same side as the Laptop is crazy!

  • Imagine playing Fortnite in that 😂

    • Yeah... Its possible. But.... You need a mouse for that.

  • I wonder if someone could put Mac OS on here

  • Why would you use the nub if you have a touch screen?

  • There is no type of individual Lew 🤢

  • I have one of them, it's so lit!

  • What's the battery life like?

  • 11" macbook is better

  • where can i get this?

  • Is it me or is the computer running windows 10? instead of apple


  • The cooling is probably not to great.

  • I bought one. I smelled it for a day. I returned it. 🤪

  • I love that loptop even is so small