IT Chapter 2 Angry Movie Review

Pubblicato il 6 set 2019
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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review IT Chapter 2 the highly anticipated conclusion to the Stephen King Adaptation! Does it live up to the hype?
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  • I remember i didnt like alex at the start. But now i like him.

  • Dude this movie sucked

  • Smug idiots. The second is much better than the first.

  • Smug idiots. The second is much better than the first.

  • I enjoyed this one more than the first part of the film. Ive noticed alot of people are shitting on it for not being scary but neither was the first or the mini series . pennywise is more fascinating than scary if you ask me. I feel like the public built him up to be more scary than he actually was over the yrs. you have to take this movie it for what it is. A coming of age movie with elements of horror sprinkled n through out. I thought muschietti and the cast did a excellent job with the story. 8/10

  • I took the time to text mid fucking movie... this is. the worst movie. I've ever seen! Absolutely terrible

  • It was a great movie but there a few things I didn't like

  • Was i the only person who found the sound editing in this movie to be awful? I couldn't understand what they were saying half the time due to mumbling with loud music or effects playing in the background or even at times without any background sound they still mumbled like fuck and were totally inaudible. This seems to be a major theme running in movies over the last 10 years. I can watch films from the 80's that were no where near as good in quality as what we should get today but i am able to understand them a lot better than today's films .

  • Joe go drunk you're angry

  • The jokes ruined the movie.

  • That's why I never watch trailers.

  • 10/10

  • Their fear is seasoning for their flesh.

  • alex is great. Angry Joe is plastered

  • It was entertaining but incredibly disjointed

  • I never agree with these guys very much. I especially disagreed with Alex this time. The first IT was NOT a 5. It was an 8 in my eyes. Not because it was scary (I didn't think it was scary at all) but I thought it was well done. The second one was about a 5 to me. I thought it was too cheesy and lame and the CGI was whack. They are right about the Sam Raimi quirkiness and I HATE Sam Raimi. He does lame, cheese ball shit.

  • Reading the book made me feel like the kid in never ending story. Hard to fit that book into 2 movies.

  • You idiots are terrible reviewers. You say nothing of substance and all observations are surface level. Stick to games, dolts.

  • I totally have the personality like other joe. 😂

  • bill skarsgard is GREAT once again that bleacher scene was genuinely terrifying. however, i wish that the ending was truer to the book's ending. my biggest problem is what they did with henry. they really missed a chance to explore his insanity (hearing pennywise's voice in the moon and hearing his voice at night n the asylum) and his fixation with the Losers. to have him get randomly killed by richie was kind of dumb.

    • correction: seeing his face in the moon

  • This Alex guy or whatever look like an arrogant a**hole who spoiled the video

  • AJ's slightly drunk, eyes slightly closed constant smile lol

  • they cgi the kids to make em look younger.

  • Is a shit It 2

  • I said this on somebody else's video but I hate comedy in a horror / Thriller it honestly completely takes me out of what's Happening. And I'm suddenly not scared or involved at all...


  • Is it just me or does Alex not like any movie they review

    • He's kind of a negative person in general. Even in things he does really like, he focuses a bit much on the negative as opposed to whatever the TV series / movie did right. He might be trying to manage expectations or something, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he doesn't realize that he comes across as "that guy that hates everything."

  • Joe let them talk please! You need to stop interrupm every second!

  • It chapter 2 was weird

  • Alex, come on plz fucking smile man, your so serious and borderline boring at times, and you take your self far too serious man, lighten dude

  • I thought it blew the first out the water

  • This movie was really bad

  • I agree with Alex's beer.

  • I always disagree with the lumberjack guy. He's bad at reviews.

  • they actually used de-aging technology

  • I think you're confusing your expectations and the final product. Don't talk beyond your limits.

  • I can't stop thinking about Alex's drink...

  • Now for my take on this. The story is great, the adult Losers played their parts well, the flashback moments meshed well with the present moments, and Richie is still awesome. However the opening kinda trailed me off and almost ruined it for me. Not because of the gay couple that got attacked, but because of the conflict of the established rules: Pennywise takes the form of a clown to target children and adults can't see him. Why did he attack those adults and how were they able to see him? That conflicts the established rules. Also Pennywise didn't even bother to rebuild his strength by attacking more children, instead he was too fixated on the Losers, he didn't feed himself to be at full power. With all that said, the scares were still executed, except for the adult Losers scare moments, because let's be honest, adults are difficult to scare.

  • I was very disappointed because I felt like the chemistry was there but the movie was too damn slow the movie was fine like it was okay it's not bad but the more I keep thinking about it the more it gets worse and it's like I just didn't really like this movie to be honest like where the hell was Pennywise his whole movie he barely interacts with the adults and I've been here and they've taken Pennywise out of the movie more then I thought apparently they deleted him out of the movie more than I been hearing and that's not a good thing to hear because for a movie that's supposedly the last chapter which it won't be because it's already plans for a third film which is supposedly going to be a prequel which would be awesome I would love to learn on what pennywise's origin is and I think that would work to be honest when you think about it because I origin story on Pennywise would be perfect I honestly think if they do a prequel it could be the best it movie out of the whole franchise if it has an origin story on Pennywise what I think they should do is not make it 3 hours because the only way I want them to make it 3 hours is if every scene is focussed on Pennywise basically and dairy because Pennywise obviously be the main part of this movie it would just make me wonder this movie will be very different for a lot of reasons because Pennywise would probably be killing people non-stop in this movie but I felt like it chapter 2 wasn't good the chemistry wasn't there I felt like it was missing Bill Hader was the best adult of the whole movie I thought Jessica Chastain was good I thought the guy that played as Mike was good the guy that played as Ben was horrible in my opinion the guy that plays as Bill James Mcavoy was okay Bill Hader was the best car this movie and supposedly this is supposed to be their final movie which it's not like I said they probably won't be Pennywise should have been in this movie like crazy there was way too many flashbacks and I know there's a lot in the book but we did not need that many flashbacks we only need it like five of them they could have went their own route with this movie easily and done their own story than their own version on the final form they did not need to get Stephen King involved with the movie but his final form was so stupid I actually like the TV mini-series spider for more than what they did with the freaking form in the new movie lol

  • both movies were fucking ass

  • Weird, the gang all broke up at Chinese restaurant and that's in the beginning of the movie?. Dundundunnnnnn

  • It wasn't scary, but IT was fun

  • I rewatched the original IT movie on SYFY channel another day.

  • I’m glad I’m not crazy here. I was sitting in the theater hoping I wasn’t cynical but this movie just did not click for me.

  • Wanna know some stuffs Joe? The creature is a she, and the "spider" form? It's not the true form, we cannot see the true form so we see the deadlights in the closest form we can perceive

  • man I completely disagree! I thought Chapter 2 was way better than the first which I also loved. So many memorable scenes!

  • Why get a new host if you shut him down all the time?

  • The used the de-aging technology to make the kids look younger

    • RCnStuff no they filmed the movie almost directly after the first movie if you’re referring to the main characters

  • I walked out in the first ten minutes, guys kissing didnt know I bought a ticket for gay porn.

  • 1:05 I disagree with you immediately.

  • This movie should be a hard gory horror movie, but instead they make a thriller/comedy. But It was good, way more fun and less boring than Once upon a time in Hollywood!

  • Movie was drawn out and no scares.

  • Literally just all jump scares

  • I just got back from watching it. I actually think it's better than the first. It was a much more intelligent, scary and funny film. Was a bit of strange editing. I didn't like when the group first met up and they were acting like their 12 year old selves, it just seemed out of place. Other than that, loved it. The cgi blood was poor though.

  • I grade the movie 5.5 out of 10. Not good at all

  • Not as scary? Something wrong with u

  • Modern films are like 95% crap, and the bigger the budget the higher the shitload.

  • Kids are de-aged and some are CGed.

  • Shut the fuck up

  • its not a 6, don't let the length of time fool you. there is good enough material to make it a 7 or 8. more Pennywise? then he wouldn't be scary at all. him hiding in the shadows or in person is enough. more would diminish the character.