Is There A Bias In Our Food Media? | Erin Ireland | TEDxSFU

Pubblicato il 11 dic 2015
The media have the power to influence our food choices. Erin Ireland reviews her discovery of the bias towards meat over plants.
Erin Ireland is a small business owner and food reporter, passionate to spotlight the restaurants and businesses who prioritize responsibly-sourced ingredients. Through storytelling, food photography and traditional broadcasting, this North Vancouver native showcases mainly plant-based eating and an allegiance to all things local to an audience of over 60,000 followers. Erin is also the co-host of Mindful Movie Nights, a series of documentary screenings which aim to raise public awareness about the impact our food industry has on our health and our planet. For more information, visit:
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  • All together, we can influence the world and cravings that people have

  • You’re amazing. Please keep being the voice our society so desperately needs. I’ll continue to do my part with the daily choices my family and I make

  • I believe EVERY FOOD SHOULD WATCH THIS. Thank you Erin Ireland for being the Voice for the Alternative. Your Pioneering and wise spirit is trailblazing a whole new and hopeful perspective. This is my third time watching this and I love it every time.

  • This is so inspiring!❤

  • Great talk! Is there a bias in today's "food" media? Of course there is! For two reasons: (1)-The majority of the viewers of TV-programs and food magazine readers are carnivores/omnivores. So the TV programs are targeting their desired food choices, while most of the time disregarding and neglecting and sometimes even making fun of the vegetarian/vegan viewers/audiences/readers. (2)-The meat industry is very powerful with lots and lots of money available to support and pay off all those food related TV programs/magazine-articles, while there is no "established" vegetarian/vegan industry, and therefore no huge amount of money available for supporting and paying off those food related TV shows/magazines. So, clearly, there's an imbalance of power between the two different sides of food industries: (animal-based food industry, vs. plant-based food "industry"). A very similar imbalance of power-struggle is happening now between the "oil- and coal-power industries" and the "clean/renewable/green power industries". The only thing that you can do to change these, are: (1) -spread your intelligent knowledge about this issue everywhere you can. (2)-Vote with your money.-Buy only those foods that you believe we all should eat. (3)-Watch only those TV-shows and buy only those magazines that care about the same issues that you care about. (4)-Be creative!

  • Éirinn meane Ireland in Irish. Her name is Ireland Ireland

  • Erin! This was such a great talk. You took an issue that feels so complex, emotional and difficult - and turned it into a clear message with actionable take aways. It must have been so challenging to say all that in 14 minutes. Inspiring and awesome. PS. had some eggplant last night inspired by your four way eggplant post! Delish.

  • Brilliant!!! Finally after many months of intending to watch this I am so glad I did. Your message is powerful and needs to be heard by so many. Thanks Erin.

  • Finally had some time to watch this. Made me tear up! Love it so much. :)

  • This is awesome! So glad she suggested LAURA MILLER, She is a RockStar!

  • I applaud you, its about time someone says something regarding the media bias of their love of meat. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, going vegan. I have emailed the Food Network many times regarding having more vegetarian shows but no one ever responded. In my opinion anyone can cook meat but a true chef can really show their prowess cooking with plant ingredients only. Chopped should be changed to plant based items only then we really can see how good they are.

    • +Janet Moore Agreed. I'm struck with shock that so many cooking shows and articles don't show vegetarian or vegan dishes. I am still a meat consumer (maybe once every two weeks or less), who is making the switch to vegetarianism and then to veganism in time. But I grew up in an Indian household where we ate a predominantly vegetarian/vegan diet and the dishes my mother made I am so lucky to have had, because I know how to make vegetarian food taste damn good. I think it's really sad that this issue is so prevalent.

  • Great message!! Saw a vegetarian recently on a cooking competition show get eliminated extremely early because she could not cook the meat dish, and I had these same thoughts. It is frustrating that vegetarians don't get a chance to showcase their recipes to the public on television. Hope to see this change very soon!!

  • Excellent talk by Erin Ireland, pointing out a very real issue. We rely on food media for unbiased information, but much of it is geared toward emphasizing meat over plants, despite scientific suggestions otherwise.

  • Amazing! I noticed that about the Chopped Entree round, makes it uninspiring after a while...

  • Good job Erin!