Is the Salvage Auction Ferrari's Engine Bad? I Started Taking it Apart and Found Multiple Issues!

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
After struggling to diagnose the Salvage Auction Ferrari 360s engine misfiring issues, I finally perform a compression test, and also remove the intake manifold. Here's what I found that looks like it might be the source of our issue.
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  • "Every hour I wait is every hour I forget how that all went back together." 32 days x 24 hours/day = a whole lot of forgetting.

  • When are we going to get an update on the Ferrari 360? Is it salvageable, or is it a bust?

  • “Now that we’re checking the timing belt, just gonna go ahead and change the water pump too. Hmm, cylinder 5 misfire. Let’s take the heads off and see if we can find anything. So, just pulled the heads off and right away I can see the blocks are not original. Since the heads are off, I’m gonna pull the pistons and check for scoring. Got the pistons out, right away I noticed I’m a fucking idiot.”

  • Just put duck tape over it

  • Those 20 year old cars, you end up chasing your tail with all the crap that gets brittle & leaks....

  • just wondering what every happened to this car? Last video was from a month ago?

  • EV Ferrari. I did not realize how badly designed a gas Ferrari is. Change spark plugs Forget It. Change intake manifold gaskets Forget It. Man Ferrari made these super cars way way to complicated. I will hold off for a EV Ferrari. No intake manifold no engine block no transmission no timing belt. EV Ferrari light fast no or low maintenance. Buy a Tesla Roadster maybe.

  • "Great Scot" .....have you primed the flux-capacitor?

  • Did you give up on this car? Haven't seen anything new for several weeks now

    • Most is easier to talk "thrash" about other cars around you at the auction yard, than solve this difficult jigsaw puzzle :). New content has to be uploaded every week, but without any progress it is hard to make it...

  • Buddy tou looks like jew, bisg ears big mouth and eyes clos to each other typical jewish face.

  • I need more crac, now!

  • I'm wondering if you've even put fresh fuel in it yet.....

  • still think it's an issue with the electric feed to 2 and 5 fuel injectors, simply because when you swapped the rails over it still registered 2 and 5 being the problem! The compression test proved good and so it's gotta be fuel or spark, so maybe check the feed to 2 and 5 spark plugs too.

  • Did you get it to run smooth

  • Call Edd China He might gonna Help you.

  • Awesome job you’re doing Some patience 🙏💯 Love these builds and all the time you’re fighting it you can look at the car you’re working on ❤️

  • thought he was gonna say: "sam for the love of god, tig weld that floor panel"

  • He protect He attack But most importantly The Nut won't give up !!!!

  • Call car Wizard

  • So, any news on the Ferrari?

  • Think its time for an update

  • Just LS swap it :P

  • Waiting eagerly in anticipation for the next video...

  • so how much did you pay for this again ? I've been following the entire series and I don't remember if the auction price was ever mentioned lol

  • I’m sorry man, I just think there is more wrong with that engine than your optimism. You actually think oil leaked out the valve covers and ran into your intake blowing quarts of oil back at your air boxes. I promise that never happened. Your heads are leaking oil. Probably not just through the intake but also into your exhaust. I’m sure it’s clogging up your catalytic converters too. I’ve just finished the video and breezed through the others and you haven’t done a compression test on all 12 cylinders. Cause trust me. Your leaky valve covers or over filling the engine with oil is not flooding your air boxes with oil. This other recommended video of your about the wrecked Bentley looks like it suffered lots of front right side damage, but this car that has had wrong computers in it, shows no one has taken the engine out tore it apart and started back at the basics. The compression test would be smart. Removing the heads would be smart. To jump to the conclusion leaky valve covers filled your intake with oil is silly! WILL YOU PLEASE TELL US HOW MANY POUNDS THIS CAR COST YOU?

    • You NEVER remove Cylinder heads from your car just to remove them unless utterly necessary. For one you break a Factory seal and most of your problems can diagnosed without even taking your top end of the engine apart. What hes doing right now is by far simple and somewhat easy. You ALWAYS test the simple things first, if the problem still exist, continue to check all variables and if things still don't work then you consider removing Heads. Also if Valve Seals were bad, he would have blue smoke coming out of exhaust.

  • Nope it’s not getting oil into your intake unless it is leaking oil through the valves or getting blow by around the piston rings. In your first video your air filter seals looked like they got really really really hot. I think this engine is shot. It was probably rebuilt to the state of “not being locked up”, in order to catch a fish like you. How much did you pay for this car? Do you really think it ended up at auction over a broken piece of passenger floor? That v12 would run on 6. Curious to see if you ever fix this motor.

  • Why do you think it’s a “valve cover gasket leak?” Why not figure it’s the valve seals in the head that are leaking quarts of oil into your intake? Is this a non-Intrusive engine? Or did it skip time and bend a couple valves crack a couple stems? Have you done a compression test on all cylinders? That would have been a smart place to start.

  • Dude I skipped through like 3 videos. The ones where it had the wrong computers and a bad transmission, but in the first video I commented that, “there is no way you were getting quarts of oil in the air box by over filling it with oil”. Your entire power train is screwed. You bought a lemon that was inadequately repaired to trick someone into buying it. I’m going to skim this video too, let’s find out.


  • Sorry but what does a compression test do?!

    • Test how healthy your engine is and if your engine is wearing properly. You also do know asking google the same question would have given you a much faster answer..... You know, since you are already on the internet.

  • Try to call with crissfix

  • Is it fixed ? I need to know....

  • Why not have a professional tech come diagnose the car???

    • Costs more, doesn't look as good on camera and from the stories I've heard, not all professional techs are that great, they might check all the complex stuff that they can get your money for and end up missing simple stuff that might be the actual problem. It's not like in my country, if the tech doesn't fix it but ends up asking a lot of money, you can lodge a report and an investigation will be done. Therefore, over here, sending it to a mechanic is always the best way .

  • Your problem was probably a Mass airflow meter covered in oil. It is common when the car gets overfilled. it will keep acting weird if soaked in oil. clean intake manifold and sensors and cross your fingers

  • Whats up with the CARRRRR?????

  • Those factory manifold gaskets though! lol

  • Hey man! The only thing I can recommend is flush the old fuel for some fresh 93 :)

  • I can not do what you are doing. Whew. I'm sure I would have pulled out the little hair I have left doing the manifolds. I can't wait to see how this ends. If you are going to sell it when you are done. I hope you get a big pay out. But then a salvage title might hinder that. Good luck Guru.

  • Okay well the next video should’ve been up by now ur just dragging this shit sick of this shit

  • Since it probably has a salvage title anyway why not just shoehorn an American crate V8 into it?

  • have you tried putting it in rice ?

  • Whoever took the intake manifold off before u probably didn’t replace the gaskets causing an air leak

  • Imagine what you could do with good (better, professional) tools?! I barely know anyone that would even try doing what you're doing with these cars and they got 70k worth of tools...hats off sir, keep doing what you doing, it makes me cringe sometimes the things you do and somethings you say but all in all, good job 😄 👏

  • Please do another vid about this car and the end results. Great content just not interested in the bouncing around from different projects.

  • Great video what settings do you use on the GoPro?

  • Its been dos semanas bro, let's go.

  • I saw the red lamp showing an update, Ferrari i thought, nope another car , geez

  • Is there a next video. I would like to see the next step.

  • the rich kid that once owned this is laughing as he's driving away in his new rari that daddy bought him

    • I don't know about that. Clearly the previous owner didn't care about the car or how much it cost since he flew open the hood damaging it and the windshield. The previous owner clearly left the roof open with all that dried mud water all over the dash. Probably how the immobilizer got damaged in the first place. Never bothered to clean up the water mess after so clearly the improper immobilizer never took the car far. That kind of carelessness come from easy money never earned. Thing that throws out the rich boy or girl theory is the computer immobilizer being from a standard vehicle instead of the F1. Kind of a hillbilly way to know the problem but improper replacement. You know, a little education is a dangerous thing repair. If was a rich kid how did the person get that screwed up? Did he replace it but the car still wouldn't run right so threw a tantrum by driving over a curb then throwing open the hood? Maybe it was a family member mechanic that knew just enough to be dangerous? Why else trust the guy to fix it unless he knew the guy a little too well? Kind of fun to look at the details of this car and try and see it's history.

  • LS swap this fucker

  • Press cntl alt delete

  • One of Ferraris would not start and I traded it in for a bag of potato chips.

  • So no more updates till now ?

  • Don't get me wrong you want me over when you do that. Free car just wondering how rich you got a betta by Ferrari

    • He said the car was a steal, not free. I wish he said how much.

  • So how rich are you

  • Waaaaaay too much work and money tied up in that

  • at this point it seems like the old "drop engine" ferraris woulda been easier to solve hahaha

  • Look at 12:54 time. Cylinder 1 and 2 intakes look like they have been ported and polished. But 3 - 8 haven't. They are going to work harder than the other cylinders. Bad for an engine that is. And cylinder 2 has been worked less than cylinder 1?

  • The back of the car loks like Smokey and the Bandit jumped over the grand canyon.

  • I’m not the one doing the work but This Ferrari is killing me Sam!!!!