Is Donovan McNabb right to blame Terrell Owens? Stephen A. reacts | First Take

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2020
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Emmanuel Acho react to former Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb blaming WR Terrell Owens for the demise of the team after the 2005 Super Bowl.
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  • Andy Reid just won the Super Bowl, the Eagles went to multiple championships, and TO came to the Eagles to take them over the top, and it ended the potential dynasty. Including TO contract disposition makes messy situation, where everyone wasn’t on the same page. If Management had taken care of TO and Donovan and not make their contracts competitive, you could say Philly had the potential to at least Win a Super Bowl.

  • SAS is still mad T.O. came onto his own show and made him look silly on that Kaepernick issue.

  • especially since it was applied or said McNabb choked in the moment

  • T. o hahaha Nope. Donavon realize that he got stuck with a ton of sloppy coaches. He couldn't get freedom so he got even.

  • T.O. got a lot of blame and Donovan was never held accountable for childish decisions and poor play.


  • TO did nothing wrong. McNabb has no room to talk. He wasn’t even that good anyway.

  • TO is one of the greats but dude can't admit he was a headcase while playing. Why else would he have gotten brought up by McNabb?

  • wow, McNabb's a jealous hater?? somehow I could tell.


  • At 2:09, Acho sounds like a fan. If his QB vouched for a new contract for someone else but not him despite him being worthy of it, he’d hate the QB too. Acho is too young for TV.


  • TO showed up in the Superbowl and Mcnabb faked the rib injury when he was throwing the game away!!!!!!

  • McNabb choked, period....

  • Shepard 4 the devil

  • Classic Drew Rosenhaus

  • The Eagles won a Super Bowl, the Eagles fans aren't going to be as hard on Wentz, even though Folds actually won it.

  • Maybe the fall was due to all the sexual assault cases against donovan?

  • 2:25 this guy is wrong, the locker room was already divided considering Westbrook & Dawkins contract issues. Moreover, Westbrook, as I believe he played on a week-to-week or held out, then Terrell Owens arrives. So, there was locker room tension already.

  • he got you that ring tho!

  • McNabb was jealous of T.O

  • McNabb was a overrated company man

  • Donovan McNabb was a choke artist. He does deserve to be in the Hall of fame though.

  • Stephen A needs to get his blood pressure meds upped. Dude is a walking time bomb

  • I always say Max should stop acting like he knows football or an NFL locker room.

  • This is why T.O wasn't a first ballot HOF Stephen A! He was an on-field distraction causing teams to not perform at its best collectively. He was not a team player and that is major requirement for being in the Hall!

  • He is partially correct. T.O. destroyed the chemistry of every team he ever played for. Donovan, however, the media darling that he was, did choke in big games. I guess the modern day version of him would be Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Any guest panelist on Stephen A (sshole) Snitches show should invest in earplugs or risk having their eardrums blown out by all that yelling and shrieking.

  • Okay max

  • I got to roll with T.O. because it was McNabb's team and T.O.was a temporary hired hand to get them over the hump and into the Superbowl.

  • McNabb just got an ego that doesnt fit his stats. He run his mouth about Carson Wentz just to get his name in the media. This is the same stuff.

  • Didn't TO help McNABB get to a superbowl?

  • The bottom line is Terrell Owens was a troublemaker and an enigma, all be it incredibly talented, almost everywhere he went

  • Blame or who the best thats all they talk about on espn

  • Stephen A. 'Smif' - "As a black man.." T.O. - " Max almost seems blacker than you." Stephen A.- O_O

  • Stephen a needs to stop yelling all the time.

  • Ain't it something how Drew Rosenhaus wanted Owens to act a fool to get released but when Antonio Brown acts up and he can't take the heat and he leaves AB alone

  • This means nothing to TO. He’s in the HoF and was the GOAT at the time. McNabb will never even sniff the HoF and should’ve just kept his head down and say his tummy hurt like in the Super Bowl.

  • Andy Reid, on his way to the Super Bowl.... just passed out...laughing at both of them. Shit's 20 years old.

  • One player is going to Canton. One player is an out of shape Michael Vick. Y'all running out of topics.

  • McNabb is still guilty because he froze up in the Super Bowl

  • Regardless of what you think of TO he had some points

  • Dam SAS stop yelling so much god lee

  • Does it really matter, nope!

  • T.o. acted a fool McNabb acted like a whiner but it ultimately lies on management for refusing to pay t.o.

  • Stephan A. looks like Kermit the Frog.

  • McNabb is a chump..if you look at his build the year he went to the SB & ended up being gassed when he could have put the Patriots away....(T.O. called him ok ut ok n it.) He showed up next season with his arms all buffed up..check the film..He was out of shape & so was much of the team. T.O. was used to a team being more professi ok nal than that. Just check the film if anyone questions it!!


  • Sas mad cuz to went off on him

  • Donovan should absolutely blame TO... but not publicly. McNabb looks worse here because he comes off as bitter. TO can't look any worse unless something he did comes out that we didn't know before and there is no indication of that so far.

  • If you're a leader it's your fault, period.

  • Stephen a was taken back by a good question while he was being interrupted.

  • I would have preferred a Randall Cunningham compared to a Donovan McNabb as a quarterback in a Superbowl. Of course Randall was no longer playing even a Rodney Peete or a Jim McMahon were better. This quarterback has always been a troublesome person in Philly especially when T.O. got there. Mainly because he knew T.O. was more of a headliner and Superstar than he could ever be. He should have been glad T.O. was there and that he finally had a great receiver, but not McNabb because that was taking away from him shining. He has always looked for an excuse for his losing in the Superbowl and his other failures as a quarterback in Philly. Wasn't he the one who puked and then choked during his Superbowl performance? Any chance of winning the Superbowl went down the drain due to him wanting to be the hero! Players like McNabb have always hated on T.O. because of his openness and skills, they have always been envious of him. If McNabb was so good, what happend to him with the Redskins, yet another controversy with then coach Mike Shanahan. He's been nothing but a big crybaby and troublemaker! He was such a crybaby that they found him various times in a telephone booth, when there were telephone booths crying because he couldn't find the receiver!! That is Donovan McNabb a crybaby who's still crying about the past to this day due to his own inadequacies and failure!!!!

  • How can you listen to a man who don't know an NFL game can end in a tie..smh!!!!!

  • it is hard for me to believe you are babbling about this. ESPN REALLY SUCKS !!!! THE CNN OF SPORTS NEWS !!!!

  • Andy Ried is The one to Blame.

  • The nerve of Stephen A to constantly interrupt someone else when they are talking, but when someone tries to interrupt him he’s quick to hit them with the “Hold On!”...Stephen A better GTFO

  • Please Donovan that locker room had many loud voices it cheap just to blame all on him. QBs job is lead team guess u couldn't, TO played hurt and Donovan you bit of Diva too

  • Joe Banner screwed Donovan..todd pinkston..james thrash..freddie mitchell😂😂😂😂

  • Max never makes sense, he tries too hard to come up with a different take than SAS