Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
Donald Trump’s anti-immigration talking points seem strangely tied to his own wife Melania’s migration story. #DontDeportMelania #FYC
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  • United States of hypocrisy!

  • #dontdeportmalania

  • 1:03 one slap and media all over the country are trying to separate them.

  • Trevor comes to America and right away gets a cushy job being a Luciferian operative. Pull your head out of the sand, Trevor. Have some integrity. How Racist is Trump Toward Black Americans? | Larry Elder Show via @IT-tvs

    • Larry Elder as a source of credible objective information with regard to race relations is laughable.

  • Melania was naturalized 3 years before marrying Trump. She's a LEGAL immagrant. You know, the kind we WANT. The kind that isn't BREAKING THE LAW 100%OF THE TIME THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY?

  • Love this twist! Who has the guts to get her deported?

  • I wonder how an ugly man like trump gets to marry a beautiful woman as that.. Lord Jesus

  • Wow you are amazing!!!

  • She'd leave on her own if she could. She doesn't need to be deported. LOL.

  • Noah is a moron, and anyone who believes this drivel is stupid.

  • I love you Noah!!!!🥰🥰🥰

  • they should deport trevor he got here in a trunk of a car she does not have a big mouth like this guy you know i cant stand a man if thats what you may call him pick on a woman thats not funny to me let someone pick on his wife ? mr big mouth would think is that funny? this is a good example of a stone ass punk coward.

  • Inmigran firt lady on 🇺🇸

  • You forgot to mention where he said if his daughter wasn't his he would date her. Maybe another reason why

  • Boooooooo

  • CNN sex scandals exposed. CNN fake news being sued. America strong with President Donald Trump

  • This man really is stupid isn't he... Fuck ... The world's ending

  • Please I pray you are the man of wisdom who can see by the Word of Yah that there has not been a Resurection nor Christ according to 2Tim 2:18... Romans 15:20 to start I'm Zion. of Isa 8:18 and Isa 66:5-9 pls look them up as we must be together to see Resurection to kill Satan. The Establishment leader and child killer

  • Fuck trump

  • My boi has cracked the case! He scooby doo'd that ass!

  • She a citizen she cannot be deported.

  • 5:16 The audience thinks he's kidding, but he isn't. 😂

  • Trevor is the best 😂

  • Niyangizwa? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melania has to remind Trump often that she is also an Immigrant and alert him while he speaks in public about immigration policies. Otherwise he has to look around for another partner for his second terms if he is lucky enough.

  • fire them all! Before its too late! they are all self serving, rich, lying, war mongers. Who have gone as far as repealing capital punishment for treason against the constitution. made a mockery of the oath to protect it, just to suck some lobbyist dick!

  • who can stomach another 4 years of this garbage that we've had to witness the past 4 years. Please let's make America great again and Americans need to help me post on IT-tvs and help wake up America so that we can truly be great again.

  • Luv this guy!!!

  • When it comes to a candidate that has the best solutions to every problem put on the table no one is better than Andrew Yang. So why are we letting the Democratic party a proven bunch of losers control the narrative. All the democratic office holders form a political force that I used to admire, but they haven't done their job for the last forty years. Can we afford to let this continue? listen to the answers to the problems than you will come to the same conclusion that I have Andrew Yang is the best man for the job.

  • I remember when he brought his immigrant in-laws here. He's an actual demon in the flesh with all his lies and insatiable greed. No one will stop him. Otherwise he would've been stopped by now. **yawn** His reign of terror will end when he dies.

  • Did he say his family back home cama cama why are the loyalties directed towards the place he was borned instead of the United States he just gave his position away he is not for this country he is for his native land he is the enemy of this nation that's why he's wanting to destroy a president make fun of his wife when she's way prettier than his wife when he's the one of the best presidents the nation's ever had

  • Did you say yours or years because it sounded like you said three yours that's really not good English for a man that's been obviously given a position like you have

  • Mister president, if you are reading this please don't listen to this man it's called divide and conquer you have a beautiful wife that loves you way prettier than this man's boyfriend




  • I wish he would deport a trouble maker like you.

  • Donald trump I just want a new young wife this one getting rotten

  • That's true i like the true

  • Or, you have to place a lectern upon a podium.

  • 🗣Trump ALSO forgot how HIS family came here 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Hahahha I love him

  • Hey pugugly...i see your dumbass is back. Nobodys trying to deport anyone. BUT a. Lot of us would love deporting you...piece at a time....

  • Pres been doing what he does since GEORGE WASHINGTON

  • When you are a foreigner and you come into America, you are not migrating, you are Trumping into America, so these policies won't affect you since you are not an immigrant 💢🔝😂

  • I didn’t watch him criticizing , iilan omar , why because your parents from somali trump 2020

  • You leftists are so low standard to attack the woman .‼️ Can he say he doesn’t want Muslims only ⁉️ Because Muslims can not live peacefully with others religions.💥💥💥

  • She looks like shes seen you some where😂😂

  • This is the best News Information ever. Funny

  • For someone who is on an "Einstein" visa, her English, it awful. It no good, very bad English. She no speak English too good.

  • So let me get this right, because she married him and became a US citizen through marriage (which I would love to know how so many of you are too stupid to understand that) you think she can be deported now? Not how it works, but you know what, people do fake marriage for US citizenship's all the time because they pay out a good amount of money for it. But they are also here legally, so its allowed. I still cant believe people are so ignorant to believe the immigration laws are only meant towards Hispanics. Just because they bring it on themselves and cause this stereotype its how it will be seen. But its anyone, If you come here illegally, you shouldn't get to stay.

  • "Niyangizwa 😅😂🔥"

  • #dontdeportmelania

  • It all makes sense. 🤔

  • Wow, deporting your wife, Talk about one hell of a divorce.

  • Genius!!!!!!! 😂🤣😅

  • Melanie is an American citizen.

  • Love it the major crime and conspiracy solved. Let’s give Biden’s a pass for bribery a coercive tactic payola what else can u call.

  • No because she’s Trumps wife. She got a visa she definitely fall under. So that makes her an illegal! Also Trump and Melania committed fraud, also they should go after the person issue the visa. I bet he got a fat bank account from this. I see it’s ok for Rich people to go around the proper paperwork. You notice as soon as Trump got elected, her parents ran to get legalized.

  • He should send you back to your useless country