Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Discuss Fyre Festival, Growing Up Hip-Hop, Returning To Music + More

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2019
Ja Rule & Irv Gotti drop in to talk their decision to appear on the VH1 show 'Growing Up Hip-Hop' and whether or not it's better for children to go through college OR go into the real world a little earlier. Plus, Ja Rule gives us what he thought was the biggest problems with Fyre Festival and whether he still keeps in touch with Billy Mcfarland.
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Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Discuss Fyre Festival, Growing Up Hip-Hop, Returning To Music + More
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  • envy saying economics.then h20 and nitrogen in same sentence bothered me

  • Fyre festival talk 19:10

  • Charlamagne is a true Cancer lol. He rocks with 50 cent more

  • I dont know why but i find angela's voice kinda sexy..have i lost it?😯

  • Ja & Irv Have Been Through It All, Feds, Getting Snitched On. And Assets Frozen. Getting His (Ja) Formula Stolen. And Being Black Balled Out The Game & Their Still Here. Their Soldiers 4 Sho, Even Though Irv Talk Too Much. #TeamRule#

  • Ja Rule might be retarded.

  • Tah Murdah is a Bar God.

  • That Irv Gotti presents The Murderers album is a classic masterpiece. One of the best albums of all time.

  • As a shady/aftermath fan and yrs of not liking these niggas I low key got respect for these niggas they kept moving and still are successful black men salute

  • Ja Rule: “we wanted to do the elements” Me: “oh cool! Earth, Wind, Fire, Water” Ja Rule: “Metal and wood”

  • When Ja was talking about the Fyre festival, that's the quietest I've heard Irv in life🤣🤣🤣

  • Two goofy niggas

  • Irv lookin like Larry Holmes flabby and sick.

  • I love Ja & Irv, their interviews are 🔥🔥🔥

  • Irv is trying to talk over everybody.

  • Gotti is one dumb mf i swear

  • 17:20 is when the interview begins. You're welcome.

  • We really talking about college ... lol everything you learn in college is on the internet 🤣 shit, half the colleges are on the internet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yo I have a Headache they were yelling the whole Damn interview. I kept lowering the Volume.

  • Some old washed up rappers trying to play cool

  • I ain't gonna lie, when Ja came out everybody was feeling him. Not me tho. I was proper young, maybe that had summin to do wit it, i just thought who is this Pac wannabe!

  • C'mon no Charlemagne

  • Studio gangsta trying to commit white collar crime

  • Without charlemagne Its impossible to watch..sorta like when STEPHEN A. SMITH is absent from first take

  • That's why ja rules career went to shit bc he surrounds himself with fraudsters and pieces of shit

  • 1.2 mill that's what I'm talkin bout it's Murda!!!!

  • The fact ja rule managed to come out of this with legs is insane. Also "doing the elements" isn't an idea you came up with your are not the avatar, when your idea is that basic and played out you havto exacute it to b considered intelligent. Also I came up with a cool idea called aquaman everything's underwater I'm super smart.

  • Charlamagne was NEEDED!!

  • Ja Rule Mad annoying im confsed as to why they are EVEN HERE!!!!

  • So much better without Charlemagne! #Facts



  • Irv was smart, like why is he going to force his kids to go to college if they didn't know what to do. That would have been a waste of time and money.

  • Ja Rule should have gone to jail for that Fyre Festival bullshit.

  • Lets get to the bitches and hoes and scandals is my new line whenever someone is talking to me 😂😂😂

  • This was a great interview

  • The only way you're going to "kill it", is if 50 cent buys all the tickets! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why so much yelling?

  • Atleast have some accountability Ja Rule lol

  • So you rather your kids read for 3 years and stop reading for the rest of their lives immediately after they get that degree because that is the reality of it. Teach your kids to read and do their research its better than forcing college on them.

  • Somtimes you rebrand when you scamming.

  • This wasn't bad with cTG Ja Rule irritated me in the Fyre Festival Documentary but was very explanatory and entertaining here.

  • Feds finna 🔐 them up soon i have a weird sense

  • What's black privilege or white privilege it's just a label like Al other labels don't be fooled life is is what and how you make it sometimes it's not the way ya dreamed life to be but ya gotta take the bull by the horn's and just do your best in life we are all human colour is not the game of life it is what it is in life ya win some lose some but don't go down the wrong path in life to get where ya want to be, if ppl have talents use it if not do all you can in other ways to make a buck

  • Lol college is a scam for my BS in biology I need 2 years of a foreign language. For what, lol I live in America.

    • Iunderstan Photography nope I have to have 2 years or 4 courses of Spanish it’s is a REQUIREMENT lol

    • and this is the crazy shit! language for what? Can you take anything else?

  • Ja Rule Was Wrecking Shit From 93 Until His Last Best Album R.U.L.E. Dope Interview Him And 50 Are Dope NY Rappers 50 Cent Music Is TimeLess They Both Was Wrecking The UnderGround Music Classic Shit

  • Much respect to Rule and Yee regarding college.

  • AAARREEE WE READYYYYYYYYYYY...................... I guess not

  • I looooooooove Ja & Irv's interviews. GREAT GREAT energy

  • Correction Irv, Eminem wouldn't have anything to do with you and you know it lol

  • Jarule downfall ▶ Irv Gotti

  • Who dug these two up! They gotta be broke

  • Oh please they need some attention has beens not for the kids B's

  • He got a lot of billionaire friends🤣 yeah sure u do

  • Yeah they should do a show called “murdered inc”🤣

  • Their careers are not fully over and people say they are. So those are the people that needs the education.

  • You can diss jarule all you want, but one thing you can’t say is the brother ain’t loyal. Stuck with Murda inc through everything

  • Nobody knows this butterball head silence him

  • JaRule has a great head on his shoulder 💪

  • Ashanti is still going though.