Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Discuss Fyre Festival, Growing Up Hip-Hop, Returning To Music + More

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2019
Ja Rule & Irv Gotti drop in to talk their decision to appear on the VH1 show 'Growing Up Hip-Hop' and whether or not it's better for children to go through college OR go into the real world a little earlier. Plus, Ja Rule gives us what he thought was the biggest problems with Fyre Festival and whether he still keeps in touch with Billy Mcfarland.
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Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Discuss Fyre Festival, Growing Up Hip-Hop, Returning To Music + More
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  • Omg school and education is 2 very different things

  • Irv be on ja rules nuts like a MTF

  • As soon as you start talking about white people it was over. Phuck your life

  • The only artist in the game who left the game while still at the top! He killed it when every one was against him! Ja for life!

  • My kids make 6 figures - gotti’s way

  • I fckn love Irv’s energy!! And Ja! Love these niggas😂

  • 😁😁😁

  • I call bullshit.... Ja Rule.... Is lying... He knew from the get go... That..... Billy was a fraud😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • ja rule almost sameless like busta rhymes or he is a brother

  • Put your money where your mouth is everyone that can prove they get a fyre fest tix or spent money gets in free to your first festival after .

  • The greatest lie ever told was you gotta go to collage to get an education. You don’t have to go college to get a education.

  • Hey look it's a piece of shit . Ja

  • Doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, teachers pretty much the careers that are NEEDED all require college. Everyone can’t be a real estate agent. I agree with Angela Yee/Ja at least earn your degree and then do what you wanna do and if it doesn’t work out at least you have your degree to fall back on!

  • lookin like tweetle dee and tweetle dumb

  • Irv you bether verzion shuge knigt

  • This was a very good interview. Big fan of Irv and the Murder INC. Fam. Still have my CD☺. Can't wait. ❤

  • Thought provoking interview 👍👏

  • They didn't get as much views cause Tha God 🐐 wasn't on here

  • Agreed with Ja Rule. School is important. What needs to be different is what they are teaching in college or school.

  • Jah is so right! why would you not get educated four years out of their long lives why not

  • This should go down in history as one of the best interviews ever it's very educational all jokes to the sizzo

  • DJ Envy.... What major university did you go to that does not teach coding in an Information Technology or Computer Science program? Every university has those programs. Every university is teaching IT and coding.... Out Of Touch!

  • To milk duds

  • Ja will always be a legend no matter what happened in the past, he came across really well here too.

  • I guess this is irv's media round outfit. Same outfit to wendy's. There is no shame in his game lol

  • JaRule is very level headed! Ivr is smart but this guy is insane! He needs JaRule to balance things out!

  • They are all not qualified to talk about school or the system... Stay by music because its just bullshit coming out of mouths ... School is there for making us stupid and normal. Following sheeps, konsuming. Education happens everywhere every second in life. We just need more positiv inspiering... Learn about out brain and what "learning" means brajn wise ...sorry for my english

  • 17:30 for the Fyre festival

    • Was scrolling through the comments just for this. 😅 Thanks!

  • 17:00 Fyre Festival!.....The REAL reason for this Interview!

    • TheVoice010 I spent two minutes looking for this comment

  • Fake Weak Ass Niggas!!! Taking Ls wherever they go.

  • Envy is ironically taking a page out of Damon Dash’s book of creating a legacy for your children. Build so that your kids have better options than just getting a job working for someone else.

  • Irv is the best! I love his energy. I would rock w Irv all day!! 🧠

  • Irv Gotti does have a mouth like a 12 gauge shotty

  • Omg the fucking vibe on the station was unique

  • people like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban don't recomend going to College if u wanna get rich.

  • he make you 5 elements festivaL are you kidding me ^_^ who hear this ?

  • It’s for the money u loud mouth irv

  • They both seem like great fathers

  • I love jarule

  • There is a lot of cussing so what get the message across

  • Ja Rule speaking about the importance of Education Knowledge is Power!!!!! One of my favorite rappers from my childhood

  • ja is right abt college lol

  • Came to the comment section to see the 50 comments

  • Anger is not the way of a Jedi

  • So you telling me on one of the top interviews for CTG to miss where he would've had madd jokes on that festival...he NOT here??!! Please...he got paid to stay away & not embarrass Irv & Ja. I ain't falling for the okey doke!!

  • College is more than the education. It is also about the networks developed in colleges. It is not about what you know, but who you know. Irv, your children won't be in college debt. You have funds. You're biased lol you're anti-higher education.

  • 50cent watching and he's like.......damn!! wish i had good kids like dem

  • envy saying economics.then h20 and nitrogen in same sentence bothered me

  • Fyre festival talk 19:10

  • Charlamagne is a true Cancer lol. He rocks with 50 cent more

  • I dont know why but i find angela's voice kinda sexy..have i lost it?😯

  • Ja & Irv Have Been Through It All, Feds, Getting Snitched On. And Assets Frozen. Getting His (Ja) Formula Stolen. And Being Black Balled Out The Game & Their Still Here. Their Soldiers 4 Sho, Even Though Irv Talk Too Much. #TeamRule#

  • Ja Rule might be retarded.

  • Tah Murdah is a Bar God.

  • That Irv Gotti presents The Murderers album is a classic masterpiece. One of the best albums of all time.

  • As a shady/aftermath fan and yrs of not liking these niggas I low key got respect for these niggas they kept moving and still are successful black men salute

  • Ja Rule: “we wanted to do the elements” Me: “oh cool! Earth, Wind, Fire, Water” Ja Rule: “Metal and wood”

    • BreaMichelle3 right lol and absolutely NO ONE corrected him🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • When Ja was talking about the Fyre festival, that's the quietest I've heard Irv in life🤣🤣🤣

  • Two goofy niggas

  • Irv lookin like Larry Holmes flabby and sick.