Irish People Try Red Velvet Everything

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Irish people try all things red velvet! Even red velvet WINE?! MERCH MADNESS:
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A delightful fan named Reya sent a selection of red velvet treats to TRY after seeing Dermot say how he liked red velvet in a previous video. And so, our Irish people got to trying all these red velvety yum-yums in this video! All that wasn't tried in this video was gifted to Dermot for being such a red velvet lover! How sweet!
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  • Dear Dermot: I said this before in a another video. Red velvet is chocolate cake that, when you add the cocoa to the batter you also add white vinegar. This creates a chemical reaction that not only turns the cocoa red, sometimes red food colouring is added to enhance the colour, but also (in my opinion) changes the taste of the cake when it is baked. P.S I hope (with the upmost respect) that you and that red haired girl can try to respect and not bad mouth anyone who likes peanut butter and/or chocolate just as I try to respect you and your love of red velvet.

  • Dermot is so hot but I’m old and love the 80’s movies and thought John Cusack was good looking when he was younger

  • yer man michael fry reminds me of dan howell

  • Dermot's happiness... It's like a shining beacon in the sky when he saw that bag all for him.

  • Dermot high or hungover? Cause the shades are suspiciously telling. He ain't no Cory Hart. 🤣🤣

  • I love red velvet. I like to go to a local store and get red velvet cake balls they are delicious! I pay a dollar for each cake ball but it’s a nice treat once a week.

  • "Ruining a Nice Thing with George and Dermot" needs to be its own segment.

  • I have a wine you should try -- it's made locally in Tennessee and is called Cajun Fest from Amber Falls Winery located in Hampshire, TN. It's a slightly sweet wine but with cajun spices that hit you in the back of the throat. Great with blander foods or a plain steak...not so great with foods already spicy.

  • I'm dying. This may be my favorite episode. My face hurts

  • Sunglasses = hungover?

  • Lolsey is so freaking cute,and funny

  • What was she doing at 2:13?

  • For Dermot its a win win if it's not peanut butter

  • Uuuugghh the red head girl in every video "Ewww I hate chocolate, cinnamon, any textures and fuckin AIR AND WATER TOO...."

  • A happy Dermot is slightly disturbing

  • Dermot looks a bit hungover, but that can't be.

  • I just choked on Sno-Caps when Dermot whipped off those sunglasses to reveal regular glasses. Oh my gooooood.

  • "You put us in space again." Why would you hate that? Space is amazing!

  • you guys can borrow my dremel the next time you need to open a wine bottle

  • So is Dermot recovering from a hangover?

  • I really feel like I'm missing out with this one.

  • Dermot and George are my spirit animal

  • Angry Dermot is hilarious, and happy Dermot is precious. I love it.

  • Red velvet cake is disgusting. It’s second rate chocolate cake that is loaded with red food colouring. So anything “red velvet” has to be gross.

  • The flat earthers of choclate

  • This one is too funny,but we did not find what won the taste test hahaha.

  • Well, Dermot's day is complete.

  • Dermot is so fucking cute idc

  • Cupcake Wine is just awful. The bottle opening, however, was absolutely delicious

  • It's funny. Red velvet is just red-dyed chocolate cake, so how in the world do they get so many different 'flavors' of it? No idea! lol. Glad they liked the red velvet, as it's a southern (us) staple, and we do love it down here! ^_^

  • Why does the tea have beet root? Because before the days of food coloring, that's what made red velvet cake red!

  • This video would have been better if the dude in the ray bans wasn't in it. #kasey neistat much

  • 1:38 Dermotese spoken proudly

  • Is it me or does the guy with with the beard look like Tom Green?

  • Dermot is my Red Velvet soul mate!!!

  • The luscious chocolate is not the only thing melting seeing Dermot in those shades just bring the peanut butter to sober me up and it’s Dermot again.

  • "People who say that are the flat earthers of chocolate."💀💀💀

  • Red velvet is chocolate with some vinegar. That's why it's slightly different

  • Btw, red velvet is not a flavor!

  • ¡¡Dermot got Belfast sunglasses!!

  • More alcohol plz😁

  • Pumpkin spice

  • Would you maybe start reactions to American Comedy Stand up? Bill Burr Kevin Hart Dave Chappelle Gabriel Iglesias type stuff.

  • Red velvet = chocolate and red food coloring.

  • Every single product you tried was doomed to failure. Except the Oreos.

  • 5:05 Dermot and George are about to lie on the floor and feel like a garbage.

  • Dermot looks like someone trying to be a trendy dad.

  • For the record, red velvet is the most shit flavor on earth. Kudos to the Try folks for this!

  • Red velvet cake is chocolate cake with more creme and butter, with the added ton of red food coloring.

  • This is quite possibly my new favorite Try video. I laughed way harder than I should have. 🤣 😎

  • I've never heard it put any better: "Red velvet is a state of mind."


  • A hint of a chocolate cake with TONS of red dye. blech. Originally it wasn't dyed red, but the cocoa reacted with the vinegar and buttermilk giving a reddish hue.

  • RED VELVET Ingredients: Chocolate Batter with Red Food Coloring AND a little bit of Vinegar to give it a Tang & Kick of Flavor!!! Then to top it off CREAM CHEESE FROSTING! 😘👍

  • Never seen Dermot so happy.

  • Lolsy's hair reminds me of red velvet cake....just a thought

  • I just realised I have never ever had red velvet, like ever. How crazy it that.

  • You so NEED to do a pumpkin spice everything episode! PS: I freaking love you guys!!!

  • Never seen dermot so happy lol

  • 🤣 😎 cullin put them in space hahahaha

  • Is it true Gingers are evil and have no soul?

  • My new saying " Is an orgasm better then a kick in the dick?"

  • Definitely one of the best videos with Dermot yet! 😂😂😂😂

  • i feel like Brian and Niamh are two locals at the dive on a Thursday night, sharing drinks agreeing on the little annoyances they both have. In a good way of course, love seeing them aired up.

  • Too many comments to go through to see if this has been asked. WHAT was in Dermot’s bag?


  • Red velvet white chocolate truffles? There is no god.

  • Why is he wearing sun glasses? He must already be drunk. 😂😂

  • never understood the hype for red velvet.

  • “you put us in space again didn’t you you prick”

  • Lindor Red Velvet.... what sort of blasphemy is this? As a Swiss, I demand you leave our chocolate alone. Lindt have been doing fine since 1845, so don't go fucking ruining it with your bullshit. :)

  • We want to see the redheaded women and the Irish getting drunk. Please, and thank you. Semper Fidelis

  • I am sure this is the "real way" red velvet is made... red

  • that, WRONG! im dying

  • I propose a trade with ireland. Your peanut butter flavored snacks for america's red velvet snacks.

  • OK that’s not fair now I’m super curious what was in the bag

  • Red velvet cake is basically just a chocolate cake with a bunch of red food coloring added, and then a sickeningly sweet cream cheese frosting on it. I really don't get the craze. Just give me a good chocolate.

  • I'm a bit disappointed in my Irish brethren not getting into the wine faster.

    • Paul Quinn Ya know that HR won’t let them have a saber...

  • I can't decide if Dermot was drunk beneath the glasses or that's just a general red velvet induced delirium. Either way, quality content.

  • React to euphoria!!!😵