Irish People Try Red Velvet Everything

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Irish people try all things red velvet! Even red velvet WINE?! MERCH MADNESS:
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A delightful fan named Reya sent a selection of red velvet treats to TRY after seeing Dermot say how he liked red velvet in a previous video. And so, our Irish people got to trying all these red velvety yum-yums in this video! All that wasn't tried in this video was gifted to Dermot for being such a red velvet lover! How sweet!
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  • Red velvet is regular chocolate with buttermilk, vinegar and red dye added

  • He has glasses under his glasses!

  • Real red velvet uses beet juice/beet root, the rest is sad modern cheapness.

  • I love dermot

  • Lolsy is a riot. l love when she doesn't like something the best. There is no hiding it with her. :-) she is quite witty too. :-)

  • Yuck. Cupcake is what I give unsuspecting college kids who don't know any better

  • They just needed to eat a nice piece of homemade red velvet cake.

  • I think I like seeing Dermet either in complete agony or complete ecstasy and not where in between

  • Well Dermot was hungover

  • Dermot is such a beautiful glorious mess! George caught between dealing with and edging him on, even better!

  • Red velvet is actually chocolate with red food color. Check out the recipe for a red velvet cake. The key ingredient is coco powder

  • "There's brown chocolate in here?" It's called milk chocolate... and it's RED VELVET!!!

  • Dermot, you're a man after my own heart. If you enjoy a food, you make orgasmic noises! Full stop.

  • I'm surprised no one used a lighter around the bottleneck to pop the cork...

  • Niamh and Brian are a great pairing. Dermot needs to go to red velvet anonymous for treatment.

  • Red velvet also has almond flavor along with chocolate.

  • I want to party with you guys. I'm coming to Dublin in May.

  • Try different strains of weed 💨💨👌

  • lolsy "Why would you do that" Well because 99% of people are not hatters and will try things especially if they are in service to an industry called Try but no your dislikes TRUMP's trying. So lame. I used to like LOLsy but more and more I prefer her gone.

  • I think an orgasm is better than a kick in the dick. Now put them together, yeah baby

  • Southern Red Velvet Cake is CHOCOLATE CAKE

  • I want Irish people try weed and or edibles lmao xD

  • When he took off his glasses and still had on glasses I lost me shit hahah

  • Ha the best part of the video: 5:11

  • I don't think we're proud of our artifical flavors, we have to label them by law, do you guys have to label yours or can they use artifical flavors at all? Red Velvet is caused by a chemical reaction caused by cocoa and baking soda ( I hear), the red isn't very bright so people now add red color. Red beet root is used to naturally color things like the tea.

  • Anti peanut butter for Dermot and George!! If I could, I'd send a box from my home state of Kentucky. Some Burgoo from Moonlight Bar-B-Que, rum balls and all types of yumminess

  • I hate everything red velvet. However. Seeing Dermot enjoy a full episode was worth the 👍🏻

  • I'm not a red velvet cake fan but the KitKats are so good

  • Seeing a happy Dermot is something I didn't expect to find, but love beyond belief

  • Red velvet is chocolate and viniger

  • Sweet baby Jesus in the manger was Dermot coming off filming one of the Alcohol bits? 😂😂😂

  • Lolsy😍

  • Why are these videos so short? How about a blindfold challenge? See who can identify what. And make it a good 30minutes, too!

  • Beetroot is what makes normal red velvet red chocolat beets mmmm

  • Red velvet is just chocolate

  • Niamh is always Beautiful.

  • I want that Red Velvet Lindor

  • Dermot is an entire moodboard!

  • “God dammit, Colin”

  • True red velvet is made out of beet juice, so it does have a slightly different taste. Most red velvet things now have red food coloring.

  • George... I pissed myself when you said, "Is an orgasm better than a kick in the dick?" If I was eating one of those red velvet Oreos I'd have cream cheese icing shooting out my nose. LMAO Thank you.

  • They could have just used a key or lighter to open the bottle.

  • 6:00 Is that Final Fantasy, or Ravel mayhaps?

  • I want an hour long special with Dermot and Ciara...

  • You do realize that if the cork ever touches the wine,it's ruined......philistines.......humpffffff

  • Ok this is the sexiest Dermot has ever looked albeit sort of like a cheesy porn producer from LA but still sexy

  • Dermot earned that episode.....

  • It's just food coloring in awhite cake mix.

  • Red velvet Oreos are my kryptonite. I could eat a whole package in a day xD I had the Lindt and I was disappointed not only by the taste but also that the inside was not red too. I feel your pain lol

  • It's genuinely so, so nice to see Dermot happy for a video

  • What is that song in the background?

  • true red velvet comes from the chemical reaction between white vinegar and non-alkali treated cocoa. if you want a taste of old fashioned red velvet mix 1 cup of devil's food cake mix with 1 cup of vanilla cake and one half cup of lemon cake mix. use a cream cheese or creme fraiche based frosting.

  • 9:38 I wish that I knew elation like that. 🙍🏾‍♂️☹️🥺

  • If Brian stops complaining, he might die.

  • Brain chocolate inside...😂 Fuck’n Hell I absolutely love miss yummy

  • Red velvet was created during WW2 because of the chocolate shortages around the world! And I don’t remember who said it here, but the red velvet craze has gone to far indeed.

  • You may not be able to put a yacht on a yacht, but you can sure as hell out a helicopter on a yacht!

  • Dermot looks like a hitman\beat poet! 😁

  • How can you not get a cork out for Pete's sake, really!

  • Red velvet is sickeningly sweet. I can’t stand it