iPhone 11 Pro & Triple Lens iPads! Exclusive Leaks!

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
iPhone 11 Pro Exclusive Leaks Report! 128GB base storage, new rainbow shimmer, new microphones, triple lens iPad Pro 2020 & more!
Last iPhone 11 leaks.
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iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
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- Wallpapers by AR7: twitter.com/AR72014
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  • 🏢🌌🌌 🌌🌌🌌 🌌🌐🌌 🌌🌌🌌my own phone

  • What happened to iPhones with stylus?

  • Anyone else watching on the 11 Pro?

  • Jobs never wanted people to be tethered to a stylus when it came to devices. I think people really need to drop the idea of Apple Pencil support because it probably won’t happen 🤷‍♀️

  • Who is here after the 11pro is out

  • plz give me without money bcz i m very poor but i like iphones😔

  • I like iphones but i can't buy it bcz i m very poor so plz give me iphone without money plz plz plzzzz😔😔😔

  • 👏🏻

  • 0:01 The picture looks like from the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 😂

  • I’ve always wondered who tf uses 512GBS

    • L-M-RockStrong I always wonder who tf would use 1TB iPad Pro

  • Lol the new ipad pro with the 3 lens cameras were false information. The 2018 ipad pro is the big boss still in 2019 until next year’s releases.. if they do

  • Good

  • 5:43 ... is this the beginning of the end? 1 year later: "Hello guys, this EverythingSamsungPro."

  • They running out of ideas

  • Shaver?

  • Iphone is looking more and more like a the Galaxy Devices , But this one is pretty ugly

  • Im here for truth check.

  • I’m looking forward to reading my iPad under water in my bathtub. Should make for an interesting evening. Will the new iPads come equipped with an iSnorkel? Just wondering...

  • please give me simple reasons why should I upgrade from xmax to this new trash ??

  • iPhone XS Max will they be replaced with iPhone 11 max Pro ?

  • time for king nokia to bounce back

  • ,,from iphone10 to iphone11 maybe??? Can’t wait to hold it! ;)

  • Drops on the raid

  • Why would anyone want a 1T iPhone??? I barely use 16 gigs in a year. (iPhone)

  • These look weird man I’ll stick with my xs max

  • iPhone 11 XR non pro.....that’s a name....


  • Triple camera. Hmmmmm

  • who cares seriously the shit is going to be announced, everyone will go..WoW ok who gives a fuck and the shit will be boring in less than 24 hours.. You then get to talk about the same fucking phone you have been talking about for the last 10 months .....iphone 11 ...wow it makes calls and has three lenses....fucking amazing! when the iphone sucks my dick and makes me breakfast let me know maybe i can train it to go to work for me too. If you could actually tell us something we dont already know it would be amazing! tell us how cool you are. I bet your subs think you are the biggest bore on yousuck tbh.

  • Excellent - Like it - useful information.

  • These cameras look like you need to get used to them at first when I saw it I thought it was horrible then when I watched a lot if his videos I got used to it

  • It supports Apple Pencil, does that mean that apple will provide you with an Apple Pencil or would you have to buy a separate one.

  • Give me big battery, usb-c, fast charger then I will leave the Android world

  • What about colors on the triple/dual lens ipads and the iphone 11? And what about inches on the ipad?

  • The Huawei P30 Pro also has the Pro inside it's name and it only has 1 from those 3 features and nobody complaints about it having the Pro in it's name.

  • All said and done, if that's how the iPhone 11 is gonna look, it'll be one ugly looking phone. I hope it's not the way the leaks are.

  • It will be a crap phone just like the rest. The price will also be stupidly high samsung note 10 is far more superior

  • you can get 3× the storagre on a samsung note 10

  • Nothing special at all. Wake up, Apple. Change Tim Cook or you will be switched.

  • I don't mind the back camera design. I care about functionality.

  • So uglyyyy t.t

  • Cheap camera setup m disappointed with look.

  • so exiting for pro but my wallet like 😫😫😫

  • Same phone I've had for 2 years? But with one more camera? Fuck apple I'm buying a Note 10+

  • Price is $9899 only

  • Huawei will be my next phone.

  • Sounds like he's describing a Samsung phone! #TeamSamsung

  • vomiting design

  • Samsung is much much better. Ugly apple phone

  • *hehe but idc abt the iphone, i was busy ogling at his handsome face 😂*

  • 아니 미국과 중국에 나라간에 사이 악화가 왜 우리나라까지 피해를 봐야할까... 내가알기론 유리나라가 가장 비싼걸로 안다

  • Most people don’t even use more than 64gb so 128gb is more than enough for even a moderate to heavy user

  • How many ads do you put in your vids🤯

  • I can’t switch to android anymore . I sold my soul to apple

  • Very best detailed info good bro👍

  • How to participate in your give away? I deadly love your Airpods

  • Ugly..iPhone looking ugly

  • The camera, looks mad CRINGY!!!!

  • I am not impressed nor excited with these iphone leaks !!!

  • Yeah, this just means I’ll be holding out for the 2020 offerings.

    • That was a great phone!

    • im on an 8plus and im thinking the same