iPhone 11 Pro?!

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
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  • Just iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, great colors too

  • Thias was uploaded on mt birthday :3

  • beautiful job. I really love my iPhone. :D


  • Sometimes I wish you stop blogging on something someone else make and see how you fail to make anything remotely to a phone.

  • Hi Ijustine you have won a hatchet man free from me for being one of my first subscribers

  • I'm quite certain the tri camera and the iPhone 11 Pro is going to be real 😄

  • i love u cz u look peaty good

  • Ram iPhone in 2019?

  • i love my iPhone 7 plus. why should i upgrade? It does everything I need it to.....

  • how much? 2000?

  • I stuck to an iPhone 8, and various people I. Know with an iPhone x aren’t impressed. I really hope they take this into account that their last change wasn’t well received

  • You are look alike dani Daniel...

  • So fuckin stupid to even talk about the next phone after the one that's not even out yet you could say that for the next next one then and it never ends never get anything new. So dumb. I can't wait for Eleven.

  • Remember GameTrailers

  • CrApple iJunk is such iTrash

  • I currently own the 4s and 5s. Thinking of buying a 6s or the SE second hand. Did thought about getting the Xr, considering the price and specs. But, in my country it costs almost the same as a motorcycle. Just add a few more dollars and you'd be able to buy a new one.

  • She does know apple folds their screens already at the chin area .

  • Why does every iPhone come out days before my birthday 😂

  • Does it bother anyone else that there was never an iPhone 9?

  • Pro? for professional telephonists? or proffessional instagram, while sitting on toilet? ... WOW its 10% faster and 1% lighter, add 3 more cameras and just 20% more expensive... great job, so innovative. I want 3!

  • 5G Weapon Do Your Own Research

  • Were You In Vampire Diaries ??

  • I had and still have iPhone 6s since day 1 so i have an old iphone(lol and finally ill may upgrade soon.At first ,i was thinking buying my guiltyp leasure whi was a plus model,never had one,so i would buy 8 plus because the new iphones was weird for me at the beggining,having to get used to the new face id,that black line in the top that cuts the bezel-less screen and most basically that they didnt have a home button.This new iPhone ,if thats the case and the rumors are true,its going to be horble beside what improvement it will have in general.So its down to this for me,Xs or Xr(maybe Xs Max too,,cause they look stunning.Im on the fence about buying either Xr or Xs(even Xs Max) because i know both have amazing features.Like Xr better battery than Xs and thats making it hard for me to choose.And im also trying to figure out the sizes.I want a bigger phone ,since i have the small 6s but is Xs max too big?Anyways enough talking,im just confused LOL

  • That’s the ugliest iPhone I’ve seen that camera it’s ugly

  • Dying to buy...iPhone....😎

  • The iPhone design is so ugly wtf is apple thinking 😂😂

  • Totally agree with you on the camera module looks on iPhone 11, not a big fan of the square Camera module, it looks kind of weird.

  • Waiting for the first ikid🤖💕

  • I hope they include AirPods with the iPhone 11

  • I’m getting the most expensive one for my 10bday

  • My birthday is September 10th

  • I don’t understand why she doesn’t just keep her iPhone XS Max for a bit longer 🤣

  • Wow, I’m so iPhone stupid. I didn’t even know there was a new iPhone .-.

  • may it’s use magnetic case

  • * _cries in iphone 6s_ *

  • Omg Oct 14!? That’s my best friends b-day haha

  • I want the 11 -!! I just bought the latest version of iPad Pro (2018.. 3rd). I remember you did a un-boxing of this one. How can I find it ..I want to watch today. Thank you thank you !!

  • I’ll wait for an iPhone Air

  • Great! Love it already!! So the FBI may "even Much MORE easily spy directly on all of YOU"!! Hahhahaah!!

  • Ok i love iPhone but the camera? Cmon now

  • bruh it feels like a new iphone comes out every 5 months

  • Why cant you believe it bitch they release new ones every year.

  • iPhone 11 Pro is going to be the best iPhone

  • Why does she sound like Missy from Big Mouth? Or is it just me?

  • Birth of my future child which is not human lol

  • I’m still stuck with the 7 and it’s fine

  • Independent beauty...

  • Apple should stop making new phones

  • Sexy females to smartphone reviews and rumors 😮.... All right 🙂✌️.

  • What's so exciting about the iphone11 anyways, the only thing that change is the camera, even uglier

  • How do. You. Make. A. You tube. Channel. Step by step. Help. Me. Please. Please. Email. Me. Or text. Me.

  • You should have a collaboration with everythingapplepro !

  • You should have a collaboration with everythingapplepro !

  • Waiting for note 10 review from justine.

    • She won't come, because she's a bigot for a dirty apple Fact!

  • lol

  • USB-C GURL! I remember! Lol super excited!

  • I'm stuck on when I switch if I should do the pre-order of this iPhone there trying to get me to do or get one of the x or maybe xr and then again I might want the 8 plus idk I now have my Samsung s9 I use to have the 7 plus so I'm thinking of getting one of the iPhones since I'm keeping my Samsung 9 or maybe the Samsung 10 lmbo I haven't decided yet 🤣😩SMH ITS MIND BOTTLING 🤯 I gave myself next week to decide 😳

  • ιphσnє хѕ мαх ιѕ ѕtιll вєαυtιғυl …

  • These concepts look good but you're not getting this from Apple sorry fanboys.