iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!

Pubblicato il 11 set 2019
iPhone 11 is actually... CHEAPER than the XR it replaces. What a time to be alive.
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  • Wow, more efficient chip. One hour more!! Now I will be able to have my iPhone work for... two hours.

  • For me XS is better then this XR recycled Product and yes i will be staying with it 😍

  • finally upgrading from a 7+, and i gotta say the 7+ is so efficient and gets the work done.

  • 4K video on a not even 1080p screen

  • Is it bigger than an 8 plus?

  • I'm stuck between the red one and the white one!! any suggestions

  • Who knows the background music at the beginning??

  • Wish I could effort and iPhone😓😓😓

  • Someone help me, is it worth upgrading from a XR?

    • If youre into good pictures yes, but other than that not really

  • Please review the Nubia z20

  • PASS

  • They should have just paid MKB to do the keynote fam

  • In my view the 11 Pro with the triple lense looks good, but this designe doesn't works with the 11 as the square is the same but a lense is missing and the whole things starts to look just clunky.

  • New toy 📱📲

  • Same, same same same

  • iPhone 11: Fine iPhone 11 Pro: Good

  • Lol wtf is this

  • I'm going from a 6s to the 11 in Red. Looks like I made the right decision, the phone looks beautiful.

  • How come the price goes down for the 10s max it’s ridiculous and it looses so much value smh

  • 720p 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what year are we in again

  • Sticking with my iPhone 6s it’s 2019 and apple are still trying to rip people off with rubbish changes

  • Still rocking the 7

  • If Steve’s where to come back alive he will see how us need Asian people

  • or on your lap when you’re driving:)

  • well technically it isn't cheaper because as usual the moment it dropped the price on the phone it replaced dropped. the difference is to keep it in line with the usual price difference the previous builds are dropping $150 instead of the usual $100. so the 10r is now $599 which means since there are hardly any changes besides the camera is the new phone worth it?

    • nope. not worth it. save the 700 dollars bucks to ur kid college tuition fund.

  • Apple really is proud of a 720 p display in 2019, lol

  • That Phone is terrible.

  • Love you reviews - minus your wants.

  • Love you reviews - minus your wants.

  • iPhone C C for cancer

  • Once a year they only replace one part of the iphone and then sell it.

  • Boooooooooo!!!

  • Great! I love the XR, and feel zero surprise that the XR sells so well. And you know, if it ain't broke, keep on doing likewise (AND making it cheaper).

  • No point at all upgrading my XR

  • Still happy with my IPhone 6s Plus Long battery life and best performance 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Apple's creativity and innovation died along with Steve Jobs. Apple is getting way too comfortable and not taking many risks.

  • I’m still using an iPhone 6s do you think I should upgrade to the iPhone 11 ?

    • You can still rock it for another year, since it’s going to recieve updates but it’s up to you I’m upgrading from 6+ because it’s going obsolete

  • I don't like this phone but I'm mad because they discontinued 7, xs and xs max. I'm trust trying to get and now I'm really angry so....

  • Hello iphone 11 see you six years

  • get a phone and a DSLR...

  • Note 10 plus is light years ahead.

  • Iphone 11 or iphone xs max? Which better?

  • So apple adds a dope camera AND drops the price (which y’all used to complain about) and y’all still complain. SMH. Grow up and just buy another phone lmao

  • I was looking forward to a nice iphone but honestly disappointed. Might make the switch now.

  • I can see how this phone broke Jony Ive

  • Smh apple! Same design again! This sucks! I miss the old iPhone days where we actually looked forward to innovation.

  • So people shoot 4k video to watch on a 720 p screen?

  • when you look at the cameras sideways, it looks like a face with a pimple.

  • Cool video

  • I'll get the iphone 11 because I'm still using a 6s.

  • I really like his voice...it’s so soothing....I keep coming back to this video

  • I was also hoping for a smaller or and elimination of the notch...

  • Are the bezels the same as the XR or are they smaller? Because in video they look thinner 🤔

  • Can’t wait to upgrade from my 6s plus to the 11

  • Worst model ever

  • SO owners of a 10 will pay $1,000 for an extra camera ... LOL

  • Watching this while having a samsung hurts

  • Kitchen stove phone 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why just why so ugly??

  • my 2013 xperia has 4k..it should be standard on all phones.