iPad mini 2019 review: the best small tablet

Pubblicato il 21 mar 2019
The iPad mini is the best small tablet around. With the fifth-gen iPad mini, you basically get the entire feature set of the new iPad Air, in a smaller package with better tablet app support than anything else on the market. The Apple Pencil works just like the first-gen Pencil on any other iPad. After using the new iPad mini, we’re reminded why people like it so much and if you want a powerful small tablet, the new iPad mini is the best choice, full stop.
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  • Do you like the Mini’s size?

  • Would you recommend this for a first time tablet buyer?

  • I had a Mini and I loved it I’m really thinking a list going back to it from my iPad 6.

  • Nicely done! Thank you!

  • I want to buy one for Christmas

  • Whats a usbc.....

  • I personally like the bezels, and the home button, just feels like an Apple product that way, hence why I am still using the iPhone 8. And if you're buying an iPad for media consumption then it definitely makes sense having the bezels as it makes it easier to hold without having your fingers covering half the screen.

  • I love the iPad mini. I have owned both iPad mini 1 and 3. Now my iPad mini 3 stopped working so now I’m going to buy the new one lmao. I just loveeee the size it’s so perfect and they are so affordable!

    • Hey you think its fine for college?

  • Should I get this I’m planning too since my old iPad doesn’t really work that well? But I see many comments saying how it’s still looks the same and their haven’t been many upgrades

  • After using my air 2 for 4 years I think the mini size might be better if your purpose is gaming on it. The big size is just too big and seems more suitable for movies and web browsing.

  • Personally I like how the appearance doesn’t change, keeps the price relatively low.

  • The Verge: The Ipad mini is the only choice for a powerful form factor tablet. Xiaomi mi pad 4: Hold my beer...

    • Parker Hero No where near as powerful and lacklustre app support (since it’s running Android). Other than that, maybe.

  • People who use Twitter with out dark mode = 🤡

  • Finally I can afford ipad 3rd gen..,😎

  • I’m on Mini 2 😭😂

  • I’m literally getting this next week for my ibooks for college

  • dear apple, please make an ipad mini pro. Thanks.

  • The future of charging should only be nfc wireless charging. No ports.

  • “Extremely medium photos” 🤣 love it

  • in ireland the new ipad mini 5 is €469 but i get why it’s that much

  • I am actually looking for a tablet for myself and consider Apple to be the natural choice. I think the Mini is the obvious choice for anyone who holds portability to be the number one priority, like myself.

  • A "premium" 8in Google Pixel tablet would have driven innovation in this tablet size, it's almost too bad one was never made. I'm bewildered at how the mini tablet form factor even with this "refresh" has remained stagnant. I was hoping Apple would shrink the bezels and remove/relocate the home button, and bring the tech back up on par with the iPad Pros and/or the iPhone XS line, but I suppose there's no big reason for Apple to do so given the lack of alternatives in this space. I do like the inclusion of the apple pen support, even if it's the awkward first gen model, it's better than no pen support. I've always been "tempted" to buy a ipad mini, but even with this latest refresh, I feel that I should hold out until this size gets the "pro" treatment.

  • A bezeless iPad mini would have been more than appropriate but I guess this is apple we’re talking about

  • I have this iPad and I’m using it right now😻

  • And what iPad mini is this?


  • For me all those other spec discussions mean nothing. The bottom line it the mini is a solid performer. What makes it lovable is the size. It will fit in a generous pocket. Try it, you will be surprised where it fits. I'll be getting a new one mostly to future proof my (cellular) device. I really like the iPad Mini!

  • If you're a business. The ipad mini is perfect. And the fact they don't mess with support for peripheralsis good.

  • I want to sell my ipad 4 10 inch and get a mini. I might miss the big screen.

  • I love the mini.

  • Kinda makes sense that the pencil is first gen Upgrade to the pro to get the better pencil

  • Can't decide between iPad mini and iPad air... It would probably be the mini for sure if it wasn't for the huge bezels which should be as small as the air's...

  • I want a Pro iPad Mini No home button design

  • Apple wants more money they can put a second generation

  • Song (in the background) - Marilyn, by Three Guests

  • Thanks. This helped alot as all we need at this stage is a large enough size screen to read magazines from Apple News+, browse the web, check emails. Perfect and low cost.

  • Can work with procreate???

  • They just got lazy. They want the 2020 mini to look revamped without having to add anything other than remove all the bezels and the home button

  • You guys do the best reviews!

  • Bro I'm still using the first gen iPad mini in fact, that's where I'm watching this video from

  • Apple will charge for the logo in future and device will be sold separately and sheeps will still buy em'

  • This will be getting the new iPad OS right? That will make this a beast.

    • abhishek rana it is getting iPad OS and it’s getting all of it. Multitasking is going to be interesting with an 8 in screen. It’d be interesting to see people trying to use the iPad mini as their primary computer lol.

  • Does it supports otg ?

  • My mom still has the 1st generation iPad mini and she’s thinking of finally upgrading to this

  • I have an iPad Pro 11” and no way this thing can replace it, but somehow the idea of a powerful mini just appeals to me so much. The size of the mini is probably the best for note taking, reading and mobile gaming. Having pencil support and A12 means A LOT to the mini line. If they ever release an 8 or 9” iPad Pro I will most likely get one. With the iPad mini form factor they can probably make a 9” one.

  • It's weird hearing an Apple product having a headphone jack.

  • I'm so so so happy it has a headphone jack

    • Vipin Santhosh I’m so so so happy yo’ momma can finally swallow solid foods again after she broke her jaw swallowing my kids.

  • Its the iPhone se of the iPads

  • Guys u have any recommendations what to do with this tablet?

  • I have the Apple mini 2 and compared it to the mini 5 and cannot tell them apart, not enough to pay $600 for it...

  • Is that how you put it together?

  • 64gb or 256? Rarely play on ipad. Will use this as a phone mainly.

  • C’mon Apple, gimme that 9” Pro option. People buy the Mini for its size, not because it’s cheap. I’d pay the premium over the Mini for Pro features in its size. Heck, limit storage to 512GB if you want to reserve something for the big boys.

  • This is by far my favorite tablet and I have an iPad Pro from work. Wish I could just get the mini so I wouldn’t have to lug this around.

  • If a folding phone is cheaper, there will be no one using iPad mini🙈

  • I’m looking for an upgrade from the mini 4, do you think I should upgrade? 😁

  • I have got an iPad mini, and it has blown up my mind. Apple is the best.

  • No thin bezels, that's fine, no design changes, that is fine too but no USB - C ???

  • i still don’t see a reason to upgrade from my mini 4😂

    • Only reason i would is bc of the apple pencil support but they seemed to have been hella lazy with that :/