iPad Air 2019 review: happy medium

Pubblicato il 27 mar 2019
Apple’s new iPad Air has almost all of the features people want from a iPad Pro -- without paying Pro prices. Compared to the basic iPad, you get a better screen, a keyboard connector, and a much faster processor. But it still has a physical Touch ID home button for unlocking and a lightning port for charging. Dieter Bohn reviews the iPad Air and explains why it’s the best iPad for most people -- because it’s the happy medium.
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  • Do you think this iPad is for you -- or would you prefer something else entirely?

    • I need an iPad for work. Give it to me please

    • I prefer 10.5 ipadvpro

    • I am a student. I am looking for a tablet where I can draw, take notes, read pdf files and documents and even have plenty of ebooks. M not a pro artist, but I somehow draw a lot. I need to carry that tablet to my classes also, and take notes in the class too. So, according to you, which tablet will be a better choice for me? Except the iPad Pro. It’s too expensive.

    • CyberDasherXD9.

  • Great Review 😃🙌

  • Anybody updated Air3 to iPad os ? How is the battery?

  • I returned my 11 inch iPad Pro for the new iPad Air. Along with the pro and new pencil being returned I saved myself almost 400$. I had been using my iPad Air 2 for years. The pro is awesome but I don’t need it. I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus that I use for work since we are all in with Google and my iPad is mainly for reading and movies. I am happy with the savings and the iPad Air.

  • What are the non apple adapters which work with ipad air 3 for connecting a pendrive?

  • Absolutely luv ur emotional reaction... that's also my level of confusion with usb-c, 4 speaker etc. :)

  • I am going to respect Steve Jobs and keep the stylus away from any apple product..yuckk!

  • It looks exactly as my iPad Air 2 from 2015... okay I can’t use the pen on this, but still.

  • I bought the ipad air 3 but do they still sell ipad pro 2017 new i dont like used because i dont know were it has been

  • You lucky in Australia the iPad is $529

  • I got the rose gold 2017 iPad pro 256gb new for £478 bargin at that price

  • What’s the wallpaper?

  • I m buying ittttttttt

  • Was looking for something with a bigger screen to read / reply emails with, watch IT-tvs and Netflix videos etc with light web browsing. Was either going to go with this iPad Air or the Macbook Air and going with this save $600 when I don't really need a laptop anyway

  • Headphone jack in 2019 from Apple? Just take my money

  • I just bought the gold base model mine and it’s perfect! I just wish the apple store had silver.

  • The iPad Air 3 is HEAVY. Nothing airy about it at all. Thinking of downgrading to a mini.

  • Just You Wait... Apple will slow Down this iPad Within 7-10 Years.. TRUST ME..

    • Dark trueeeee they did that to my mini and now can’t even upgrade the firmware or nothing

  • I’m tempted to get the new 2019 iPad Air because the iPad I’ve got which is specifically the iPad Air 2 is pretty old so that’s one reason I want to get it I also want to get the new iPad Air because of the fact that it has the A12 Bionic chip which is a bit of a joke considering the fact that I’ve got the iPhone X which has the A11 Bionic Chip therefore the iPad Air will be more powerful than my iPhone X although it’s only an air and not a pro BUT WOULD YOU SUGGEST GETTING IT OR NOT ILL PROBABLY GET IT ANYWAY BUT I SUPPOSE IT DEPENDS ON WHATEVER IT’S DEPENDENT OFF

  • This iPad is underrated

  • honest opinion i use earphones 99% of the time so the quad speakers doesnt matter much for me on the ipad pro and i'd compromise the pro motion for the better processor so i'd rather get the ipad air

  • iPad mini: ding dong your wrong

  • can you do one on the ipad 9.7 inch 2019

  • This video is a GIF gold mine.

  • Am I able to import photos from an sd card or use an external hard drive to this iPad? I've never owned tablet in my life and I'm looking into one to take with me for travel photography.

  • 06:26 cool story but I need to make use of my Powerbeats Pro.

  • The new pro is legitimately flimsy too. Durability in a tablet is a primary condition for me for purchasing. I would pay 299 for the pro 2019, that's it's value as a device that bends from the will of your mind...

  • I got the iPad Air 3 for 150$ cellular and 256 gigs from a old person who didn’t look up the prices and I just realised I got a 1200$ iPad Air 3 when I got home. What a steal!

  • And then ipadOS came!

  • "Apparently Apple thinks USB-C is a Pro feature which... whatever... every Android.... anyway" LOL laughed at that

  • I have that iPad

  • Great vid, I personally purchased a used 2017 pro for the "better" processor and promotion display. I also actually made a review on the $250 iPad 6th gen and I honestly think it's an incredible value for the price you're paying. Check it out

  • Can I transfer files from iPad pro 11" to external hard drive usb c with new IPadOS ? I'm a student thinking of buying iPad Pro 11 inch which one should I buy 64 GB or 256 GB variant. If responded it will help me.👍

    • Tejomay Ladkat ofc 256 will fit in more files and yes, you can. buy a case too cause you're going to need it

  • I like Apple products but the freaking creators are greedy as frick

  • I like the regular iPad and iPad mini

  • Can someone just conclude the 2019 AIR vs 2017 pro battle? Are all the 2017 pro features worth the 2 YEAR GAP?

  • is iOS 13 available for iPad Air 3(2019)? Will it have a Mouse enabled Feature?

    • Pedro Gaming it should get the update but ios 13 is coming in september - october

  • Thank you for keeping it short and sweet. To the point

  • Now I get what x”R” means. It’s iPhone X aiR!

  • I just swapped out a air 2.... I’m impressed

  • Yay I got an air bec I don't want to pay too much. I'm happy air user

  • im here mentally debating buying an iPad Pro 12in.... I own an '18 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar... and honestly, the one thing I like about the iPad is the pen ..... I wish I could have something in between my Mac and an iPad....

  • Gostei

  • You brought it to the point! Thanks!

  • With those big bezels, no proMotion, no faceID? I'm sorry, but I'm waiting for newer generations. This feels like 2016.

  • I just bought this air I like it :)

  • But does it scratch at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7?

  • I agree that the iPad line up finally makes sense to me. Each one is for slightly different use cases like the laptop lineup is.

  • Conclusion, wait till next year to buy this year's pro cheaper

  • I’m deciding between iPad Air 2019 or iPad Pro 2018. It’d be easy choice for air since its cheaper but I’d heavily use it for digital art so the pro looks more appealing

  • I'am on the way to the Apple Store...

  • No C port no happy medium..won’t buy nor the expensive pro ..greedy apple struck out

  • I wanted 512 gbs of storage. I had to pony up for the 10.5 iPP to get it.

  • I have seen the reviews about the apple keyboard and to be honest I’m kind of disappointed. It doesn’t last. And for that price, durability is the question on everybody’s mind

  • I didn’t know Apple actually gives average products to reviewers, I thought they usually just buy them cause there aren’t too many that get sponsored, and those that do only get it at special occasions.

  • ok I prefer to have good speakers evenly around because I want the best for music and maybe video so I need the pro in a way, , but arent' their so many blue tooth speakers we can use for it ? I have that glass looking hardom forgot the name now lol. Isn't that fine ?

  • I purchased recently the Ipad mini 256gb wifi+cellular & very pleased with my purchase and choice highly recommend to you guys Ipad mini‼️

  • I’m an ipad pro 10.5 user, but I have no problem with using this. Actually, I don’t want to buy the 11inch one, cause I really often use the home button with finger print ID. I think ipad should have home button and earphone jack like latest ones.

  • Yo the verge I think that the air is the best all-round choice for most people because it can do everything like video editing and studying works really well and gaming is amazing and watching too and also it is almost pro to the pro pro and not paying iPad Pro prices

  • I always though the Air moniker was Apple's way of describing a Lite model, putting lipstick on a pig in the process. Kind of like calling a dump a "fixer-upper."