iOS 13 FINALLY fixes this, iOS 14/15 leaks & 12.2 beta 3 is great!

Pubblicato il 22 feb 2019
iOS 13 will FINALLY fix annoying volume HUD! iOS 14/15 sneak peak, iOS 12.2 beta 3 features recap, Samsung Galaxy Fold & 5G future! What a time to be alive!
5 Galaxy S10 Giveaway!: 5 Galaxy Giveaway:
Galaxy S10 Hands On!:
Last Apple Leaks:
My Painting Insta:
'Ultrasound' is the Jailbreak Tweak for Volume HUD
Wallpaper on phone: Wallpaper Used:
Screensaver in vid:


  • Thumbs up for Apple finally listening to us about the volume HUD! Hope this cascades a slew of changes we've been asking for too.

    • How do you use volume hud

    • how did you get it

    • Love these vidz. Any news on jailbreak for iOS 12.2 as I really need to sort CarPlay out as it’s shite lol

    • I' ve bought a 2017 flagship phone just last december and I thought it was still modern but, after seeing this video, it seems a bit obsolete

    • And I can't sell my iPhone 5s 16 GB for 58 EUROS,😋🤔

  • I want Apple to INNOVATE!!!!

  • Cupu

  • Is that always on display you showed just photoshopped video or is that actually in ios13?

  • The volume hd leak was true

  • iOS have iOS 13 installed

  • Apple killed my iPhone 5s and 6 😢😢😢😢😢

  • The foldable phone thing is like some Black Mirror stuff 😂

  • 5G is a dangerous technology Didn’t he heard that, in Holland half insect are dead because of 5G and half of birds.

  • I like that tee shirt where did you get it?

  • If You Want To Trade You're Old IPhone,Trade It With No Money. *ASK PARENTS TO BUY A NEW APPLE IPHONE,BUT PARENTS SAY NO.*

  • Galik abd samad sir thawa

  • Why not just make the volume line on the bottom of the screen as a straight line that changes color from Blue,Green to Red

  • Soooooo ur basically everyone will go broke by 2022

  • Increase iCloud storage space for free. Better speech to text & autocorrect. Please!

  • Or you could just answer the phone and be polite

  • Jailbreak for 12.2 soon?

  • Idiot. You hit the power button to silence ringer


  • Apple needs to do something new as this iOS is soooooooo boring right now! I use to be very exited about new iOS and phones ... NOW I'M NOT #boring :) Lets see how this year iOS will look like :)

  • Watching everything dealing with apple because I’m purchasing the xs max next week

  • DID I HEAR IOS 13?!!!!!!

  • Thank you! OMG. I just hit the “red end call” button now. I don’t have time to wait for that nonsense to disappear. I don’t have that problem on my note 8. I thought that issue was for flip phones only. I didn’t realize a $1250 phone would cause me to look like a jerk to friends and family.

  • Where can i find the screensaver on your iMac 🖥?

  • hey man your content is fuckin annoying now

  • I want it 🎉❤️❤️ 🍎

  • WTF? GoldmanSachs? No thank you.

  • Where can I get that shirt brooo

  • Someone please count how many times he says apple 🍎 in this video.

  • Double tap the power button to send them to voicemail. They will think your phone is dead

  • you are such an apple fanboy it’s pathetic. btw fuck all of your ads

  • I think that i have IPAD4

  • I would like to be pick for any of ur giveaways 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤪🤪

  • Apple is eons behind Microsoft in portability.

  • Apple better step up their game

  • Did you BLOW your LOAD all over your $2000.00 Galaxy Fold?? 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂 I know you will probably buy ten or twelve or them.

  • Splitscreen, are we getting our splitscreen??

  • Can I please have the phone

  • Hey handsome I want it in every color or whatever is available. 😆

  • Can someone give me a million dollars to buy all the apple products.😂thx.

  • «Не забывай где начал»

  • 6G is Evan way more better you can Evan control 1,000,000,000 little robots

  • I think a foldable phone is pretty ugly... I’ll personally stick to the normal phones and tablets.

  • Apple need a new IOS and a new design.

  • I wish I wish that's your new name Apple is a ripoff. They are so behind its sad I don't see them ever being number one ever again Samsung is on there a$$ Greed will always get you and that is what happen to Apple

  • Cheese burger

  • Waaaaa where is 12.2 jailbreak :(

  • How about talking the health concerns on 5G

  • How many ads do you even put in a 10 min video?!!

  • What wallpaper is that??

  • That shirt is dope

  • 5:53 what movie clip is that?

  • So excited for june.

  • 0:00 laughs in android pie

  • Dude, I enjoy watching your videos but please, 5 ads in a 10 minute video is way too much, don’t you get a say in that?

    • I’m all for that Ian, I was simply stating the possibility of loosing viewers due to too many ads, I appreciate the effort and the news we get, as I mentioned, I enjoy this channel, but a balance is required if I’m to not feel I’m wasting more time than needed on a certain amount of info. Anyhow, just an opinion I preferred to share. :)

    • Nova River he puts a lot of work into his videos let him get his money

  • Can we lose the dock please Apple

  • I like your t-shirts !

  • I wish if a new company rises up with a new software to f@ck up both ios and android.

  • Is it just me or their making iphone 6 slow and laggy cause idk if its how good im taking care of it but mine is laggy and stuff

    • Luis Luz-Ochoa Your welcome

    • anas kh ok thank you so much

    • If you like apple and can’t afford a new phone now don’t update it.

    • Plus I saw this video, so I now hate apple as hell: I think this is my last iphone. What is the point if they can fuck up our phones in a second.

    • Be careful. I used to have an iPhone 7 plus in 2017 it became slow and laggy, so I decided to update it. When I did so the phone got completely died. I went to apple store, and they said the only solution is to replace it. I used to have warranty, so it was free. Now from almost 2 months the newer iphone 7 became slow and laggy again, so I updated it ( I totally forgot that this happened with me before) then the phone died. But this time there was no warranty, so they said the only solution is the get a new device, and because I am stupid, I got a new iphone xr.

  • EverythingApplePro evolves to EverythingSamsungPro jk