Into the Spider-Verse is Shockingly Spectacular

Pubblicato il 18 dic 2018
2018 made an amazing animated movie for once, I'm so proud of them
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  • Um, I watched the movie and I still don't know what *female* side villain you're talking about.

  • 0:47 Whats this song?

  • I love that you were wrong about it losing Best Animated Picture.

  • Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse is one of the best movies ever.

  • This Aunt may is so old but still badass than FFH aunt may

  • Peter Parker died twice in one year, how sad

  • Love Spider-Man into the spiderverse


  • "Miles, the hardest thing about this job is you can't always save everybody."

  • The vids is from 12 months ago and the comments are a year ago

  • My only problem was I feel like nic cage as spider noir was super underused, just my opinion though so whatever

  • I'm watching this video with real time super Mario land 3 music playing

  • When you said they wouldn’t win Best Animated Feature I genuinely laughed.

  • I love this movie but when It came out IT-tvs had showed ads for apps that featured the song in the beginning of the movie and it went on for months and now I hate that song (in mocking tone ) NeAdlEs To saY I’m KeaPinG In cheCK I hate it

  • Spider lol

  • Love the unbreakable kimmy Schmidt song playing at the end of the video

  • The animation in this movie made me vomit

  • My dad is the type of guy who doesn’t like animated movies “cause it’s a cartoon” But my mom, looks past that and sees how great this movie is

  • Hey Schafrillas I dont dont usually disagree with you but you're take on the soundtrack of this mocie is really what's ill fitting. The soundtrack worked SO well, and was extremely smart? If you don't believe me, PLEASE WATCH SIDEWAYS VIDEO ON IT. I know you're friends with him or atleast respect the dude, so please get well... Informed 😂

  • I really thought Matt Damon was a villan

  • 2022 for the sequel

  • "The weird anime girl" _SHE HAS A FUCKING NAME YOU KNOW_

  • Biggest problem of the movie: Need more peni Parker MORE PENI PARKER SHE WAS BARELY IN THE MOVIE

  • 3:00 you need to check out the CG movie of Adventures of Tintin!

  • This is one of those movies I could watch forever and not get bored, alongside School of Rock and Barbie Diaries.

  • Should’ve been 10/10 tbh


  • Schafrillas: The best animated feature award is never going to go to Spiderman it’s going to go to Incredibles Me:😶

  • “Hobo-Peter” Lmfao I love it

  • My biggest flaw with this review is the fact you called Isle of Dogs 'decent'.

  • Warning: The writter of the sequel is: The writter of Doom.........

  • "and it doesn't give you epilepsy" [always sunny in philadelphia music] the climax of the movie gives people epilepsy

  • How to trien your dragon 3!?

  • 4:00 Kingpin is basically Evil Grown up Boss Baby.

  • 2:09 But then people would be complaining about how much of a cliche that is. If anything, I was glad that nothing like that happened because it always happens inside movies as (semi) forced drama. But that’s my humble opinion

  • Why shockingly? Everyone knew it was gonna be great from the trailers

  • Am I the only one who hates this movie?

  • so you'll go on for an hour about Shrek but won't even give ten minutes to Spiderverse? I see how it is

  • Sony is the worst and best of all of us.

  • Homeless Peter Parker is the best Peter Parker soz Toby

  • 3:36 woof got some bad news for ya the voltron showrunners are gonna be a part of the spiderverse sequel 😔

  • I just have to say how I love that the gerudo valley theme is playing during this video

  • Spiderman's got a pretty damn good role, the PS4 game, this, and the MCU films despite all of the whining about the intentional liberties from the comics

  • “Not bad kid.” -hobo Spider-Man

  • But did you watch the second end credits scene?

  • Oh hey! The academy isn’t clinically insane and gave the oscar to Spiderverse!

  • Isle of dogs is brilliant!

  • HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS 1:18 I wouldn't quite go that far. 2:10 At this point I was trying to figure out if the background music was that one song from breath of the wild that sounds like something you'd hear in a restaurant scene. 5:36 I agree

  • 1:10 I would like to admit, I entered the theater expecting to hate this movie... But I just didn't.

  • Spider man into the spider verse is decent........... wait a minute JUST KIDDING IT'S AWESOME

  • Let go of Shrek! Jezz

  • saw this movie thrice in theaters, and like upwards of 15 times since it came out on netflix and DVD. when my little cousin who is 13 said she liked spiderman homecoming better i replied "youre entitled to your opinion, no matter how blatantly wrong you are"

  • 5:28 that didn't age well I guess

  • They memed the end

  • 5:28 are you sure about that?

  • Wait, is that Kass’ theme from Breath of the Wild playing in the background? If so that’s a great version of it

  • is that surprising?

  • I had a hard time caring for a lot of the characters introduced in the movie. Except for Miles, his relationship with his father and Peter S., I felt indifferent at best and annoyed at worst with the rest of characters. And no, I wasn't enchanted by Peter Pork. Not too bad though, they were a great excuse to show off the animations styles.

  • Enoch is my favorite Spiderman villain. Nobody's gonna get that.

  • stan lee