International KFC Taste Test

Pubblicato il 2 apr 2019
Can we figure out where in the world these delicious international KFC dishes are dished out? GMM #1516
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  • And i oop 10:22 Slightly but there

  • When will Link learn to go with the opposite of whatever his "gut" tells him?

  • 11:32 rhett experiences pure joy

  • i cant wait for the Christmas burger to return

  • Wait. I’m from Singapore and why do I not remember there being a chicken pizza?

  • What's with Link and his whole Canadian "poutine situation"????????

  • @2:38 thats what she said... @2:59 "Que?!"

  • Um I'm from the uk and we dont have that weird sandwich lol

  • Chases reaction from Link pointing the dart at him... I feel like Link tortures Chase. FIGHT FOR CHASES RIGHTS!

  • Idk how they can only eat a bite of each of these, I'd want to eat them completely well most of them lol

  • link is aging horribly, just look at a video few years back. Rhett stays the same.

  • That's some kinda Twilight Zone chicken pizzaiola

  • My cat wouldn’t cuddle with me until Rhett stopped screaming

  • Sorry but that so called awesome shirt just looks like a mess of mustard stains.

  • Why do American fast food restaurants alwaya have better food in other countries OUTSIDE of America?

  • The sandwiches from France and UK... give it to us...

  • from uk and they done it once that not a regular item although there are chicken burgers.

  • Pretty sure Rhett woke my whole family up when he screamed in the Tokyo bit 😂

  • Idk where else this has happened but kfcs in Melbourne Australia just got pies and chicken skewers?

  • Hawaiian burger is my favourite burger at KFC in NZ, not sure about corn burger.

  • I’m gonna say THE T WORD

  • Zinger stacker Burger is where it's at

  • What about Mexico the KFC there has something called a "chizza"(chicken pizza)

  • Im not hatin I love y'all! But you shouldnt put the answer to where the food comes from at the bottom so we can play along at home. Its hard to not look! Lol

  • Never thought 2 grown men saying they chicken each other could be so sweet lmao

  • Is it even a competition? 😂

  • nja nja njaaa

  • njaaaaaaaa

  • 7:40 japan really have you ever seen a kfc in japan????

    • There's a ton of KFC in Japan

  • HEY THERE MYTHICAL CREW ,LINK AMD RHETT VERY IMPORTANT! could you please put some kids stuff in your shop? My five year old really wanted the mythical sweatshirt or at least a T-shirt but no sizes for him we would be very thankful 😊 he’s one of your biggest fans and wants to buy something 😊

  • When Link could throw 11 darts, is it in the rules that says he can't thow one dart at a time? That would be smarter than throwing them all at once

  • I chicken yall!!

  • Surprised I saw Zimbabwe

  • Anyone realize that Rhett's throws are always up and to the right

  • How the heck do they get the dish?

  • They should of chose the Big Daddy burger from the uk

  • 13:55 when his boyfriend was waiting for him to get home from work

  • I'd gladly eat the sandwich from French everyday.

  • in ecuador they used to servr pizza in KFC and it was called "chizza"

  • rhett in denim jackets 💯

  • 4:07 me, when my girlfriend says yes.

  • Hey American KFC! Steal McDonalds idea and do an international menu with these on it

  • in egypt there is literally a bowl of rice with bbq chicken

  • They’re lives must be soooo fun super fun games and becoming RICH

  • the best way to say churrascaria is ''cushcacara'' like link

  • Pls do mcd

  • ok its 3 am and im still watching you guys. officially i beat my own record

  • Didn't link win the first international taste test?

  • Yup..when I think of bright lights and cheese i think Tokyo

  • Us Filipinos love wieners

  • Rhett went first 2 times in a row

  • Is it bad that I really want a double down dog?

  • Canadian here, I'm so disappointed that they did not try the world famous double down, its a bacon sandwich between two pieces of fried chicken instead of buns. I guess I'll get over it eventually, I can take comfort in the filipino hotdog one.

  • They should not show where the dish is from, so we can play too

  • The many different ways link has said churrascaría wrong is perplexing

  • Does anyone know what jacket Rhett is wearing? I really like it.

  • How did they get these??

  • Did Rhett throw first twice in a row

  • Im a Filipino and i never remembered a chicken hotdog sandwich from kfc. Was expecting the chizza was from us lol

  • Link should start with -50 points