International KFC Taste Test

Pubblicato il 2 apr 2019
Can we figure out where in the world these delicious international KFC dishes are dished out? GMM #1516
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  • This show is like if Wayne's World was a real show.. Link even looks like Garth and it's awesome!

  • Rhett:I have a feeling that Me:tonight's gonna be a good night

  • Is anyone else wondering how they got all this international food?

  • Is there Indonesia people there ?

  • Do. Do Americans not know we have turkey for Christmas? And that Americans aren’t the only people on the planet to eat turkeys on a holiday?

  • Who pissed on his T-shirt ?

  • LUL Brazilian Cushcacarra Repeat after me link: Shoe has car ea

  • How are you getting this!! And how are they fresh!!

  • are both of them on the special scale


  • when u go to a brazilian WHAT lmaooo

  • They should do this for prison foods around the world

  • I need French KFC in my life.

  • Re-watching gmm episodes as i wait for the new season

  • Comment

  • Keong teow

  • It's unfortunate Guam isn't really international, but it has the best kfc menu hands down!!!

  • I chicken Rhett and Link's relationship.

  • I know this was 2 years ago...but I've been binge watching just the international series in whatever order I feel. Can you start understanding that THE HOTDOGS ALWAYS come from Asia.

  • Looks lile a staine when je goes back in

  • someone needs to make a compilation of link trying to say churrascaria.

  • Can someone explain the tokyo reference?

  • 5:43

  • 4:09 my girlfriend when I come home from work

  • *sandwich is from the UK* Rhett: "it tastes like *thanksgiving*" Me: uhhhHHhHhh...bit aw k w a r d d d d


    • Chicken Nuggets I don’t know

  • Guys, this is a roast dinner, we have this like every sunday

  • ananas on pizza is sooooo good

  • His shirt hit a "mischief managed"

  • I think you should do one of these for Christmas dinners from around the world

  • Why does rhet scream what for 2 mins whenever link says tokyo

  • My girlfriend when I get back from work 4:08

  • may i just ask wehre do they get their kfc from

  • Imma make that pizza.


  • is Davin from Indonesia?

  • I'm on Philippines team and Indonesia team :D

  • So the Philippines have this creative thing for hotdogs in several foods but take their own our? Okay boy girls.

  • I want that wiener chicken sandwich. That looks SO GOOD

  • i wonder how they replicate these items in each show

  • Actualy we don't have chizza in saudi arabia Sorry link 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Americans really think cranberry sauce and hash-browns aren't in any other country???

  • Where's Thailand? I swear,Thailand KFC has so many unique menus in them more than I could count in the past.

  • Rhett is one of my favorite humans.

  • Kuskakeira aka churrasqueira

  • Is it just me or does it feel like Rhett is cheating

  • Man chase will just not like that shirt go huh ? Love you dude but that shirt hasn’t fit since 2016

  • Nobody: Link: 13:57

  • Link became claptrap at 1:34

  • Who remembers the first time Rhett started the Tokyo thing?

    • Julia Karanović just search it up like- Rhett and link Tokyo first time

    • I do, just wish I could find the episode haha

  • KFC pizza why has no one else done this but they should replace the pinapple with sweet corn

  • 4:32 they were exactly in sync

  • Philippines ALWAYS turns one food into another in fast food

  • I think Link mentions the "Brazilian steak house" in every dart episode. Lol

  • How do you get the foods from the other country’s restaurants? Or do you guys recreate it

  • No Romanian exclusive garlic sauce? Thats the best

  • I've never seen link win. Rhett is definitely smarter of the two.

  • Stop. Screaming!!!

  • Gee, chicken on French Toast. I wonder what Country KFC would serve that...

  • I only clicked on this video because I was hoping you would have a zinger. A spicy chicken burger from Canada