International Candy Taste Test

Pubblicato il 25 ott 2017
Today we try and guess where in the world the candy we're tasting was made! GMM #1208
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  • Embarrassed to say the only reason I found this episode was because I searched 'International Food Taste Test where Link wins'

  • Suomi perkele rhett on narttu

  • Rhett & Link: the loudest chewers in the world.

  • Pretty sure turkisk peber is eaten in all of scandinavia, and it's from denmark! :)

  • I feel like link just copies Rhett lol 😂

  • Link has a lot if r/ihadastroke moments

  • Round 4 Tyrkisk peber is not finish but danish

  • Links so odd.

  • There are actually two imaginary countries, because Finland does not exist either. Best wishes, a man from Finland.

  • I go for Rhett because link is a sore loser

  • "Can I reach this time" while already grabbing the candy. 😂

  • Tyrkisk peber is not from Finland, it's from Denmark!

  • Damnit why is always the friggin Netherlands on the board and never Belgium... We have better candy than them by far!!

  • I love Tyrkisk Peber and im from Sweden

  • Jeah. Milk those vieuws..... great....

  • I like how link has green darts and the cartographer has a green dart in his hat

  • These are my favorite

  • This is one of the last videos before the dark ages if GMM

  • 05:03 both of them turned their heads at the same time

  • Tyrkisk Peber is Danish, but a Company from Finland produces it. Per Fjelsten invented it and he’s Danish.

  • Does no one remember the krabby patty gummies?

  • My favorite candy is chocolate.

  • Ive been eating everyburger for a while and its delicious nice to see you have it

  • when link picks up a dart: 12:54

  • Ehm.. I’m pretty sure that Tyrkisk Peber is Danish and not Finnish. Especially since it’s written in danish on the bag.

    • Also the fact that Fazer is a Finnish label, does NOT stop the fact that it was Danish invented in Denmark. :D

  • Let me says this once and only once. Not all Mexican food and snacks are spicy, Link.

  • Where in the world is Carmen San Diego

  • When I grow up I want to go to the country of chad

  • Why does link try to act funny when he a clown

  • Turkistan.

  • We have Turkisk Peber in Sweden too and it’s so good.

  • Me: looks at the map Also me: instantly notices that: 1. Turkmenistan is written as turzistan 2. Thats not even turkmenistan thats kyrgyzstan

  • rhett is eerily perfect at guessing

  • Weird... im from SA and never had or seen that nougat.. looks nice tho ! Awsome show guys!

    • I also never had it Sally Williams yes 🤤🤤🤤

  • I can't find Turzistan in google maps, where on earth is that?!

  • Chase is kind of over dramatic.

  • 12:53 a wild chase appears

  • Was link on speed during this episode

  • Lol I just love the dart in chase's hat

  • turzistan isn't a real country

  • Idc but Rhett 100% won Link used 3 cheats. So no lol

  • 9:17 Me trying to talk to people

  • Lappland isn’t in Finland, it’s in Sweden

  • 6:04 WHAT THE FU...

  • Rhett hit Cancun!

  • I'm kinda new - Is Link Link, or Neil?

  • Ok but why is Ireland not next to the UK

  • I like the dynamic. And occasionally, Link is funny.. But I have to say, he would be a hard human to be around very often. Lot going on there.

  • 8:36 angry birds also promoted this candy

  • 7:14 7:15

  • Every burger are one of my favorite snacks. I get them at Walmart. I love them.

  • Always want Rhett to win the games because he’s always giving Link chances to win, he either uses logic to get right answers or doesn’t have any logic and gets right answers, and Link never tries to give Rhett advantages.

  • I was hiding with Links last fart

  • How is nobody talking about how Rhett was just a floating head and arms the whole video?

  • "Tyrkisk peber" is actually danish but was bought by a finnish company.

    • And they the didn't bite it, they never bite it 😡 i just want to see them bite it.

  • Wait, I thought Tyrkisk Peber was danish..

  • Everyone: I’m secretly cheering for Rhett Me: what if I’m cheering for link it’s not a secret if u r all saying it Oh well I’m good

  • “Turzistan”

  • שוקולד פרה פצפוצים מתתי