Inside Out - Sadness Saves Riley - Ending Scene (HD)

Pubblicato il 19 mag 2016
Inside Out - Sadness Saves Riley - Ending Scene (HD)
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  • This is the first ever movie that I actually literally cry at.... I do get sad a lot of this a Masterpiece!! So realic and knows how to get with People's hearts Job well done 💙💙

  • This scene shows that its ok to be sad, it doesnt mean your weak. I guess in Rileys case she was told to be happy by her parents and she suppresed it so much that once sadness finally lets her let it out Riley breaks down revealing that she's not that happy anymore

  • Aspettare! Fermare! Voglio scendere! Va bene, grazie. Lo faremo. Il suo insegnante non ha nemmeno visto Riley tutto il giorno! Che cosa? Cosa indossava per ultimo? Ti ricordi almeno quando...? Oh, Riley! Oh, eravamo preoccupati male! Dove sei stato? È così tardi! So che non vuoi che lo faccia, ma mi manca casa. Mi manca il Minnesota. Hai bisogno che io sia felice, ma voglio i miei vecchi amici e la mia squadra di hockey. Voglio andare a casa. Ti prego, non arrabbiarti. Oh, tesoro! Non siamo arrabbiati. Sai una cosa? Mi manca anche il Minnesota. Mi manca il bosco, dove abbiamo fatto escursioni. E il cortile, dove giocavi. E Spring Lake, dove hai imparato a pattinare. Vieni qui.

  • Joy may be the leader but this is why Sadness is my favourite emotion. Plus I thought the memory orb (the blue and yellow one) reminded me of a marble. The one that is clear but has a coloured stripe in it. :) Virginia

  • Ok who is cutting the onions 😭

  • what does a crazy bitch emotion looks like lol

  • Probably best Disney movies ever with wall e

  • This movie, especially this scene, is the closest thing that almost made me shed a tear on an animated film

  • Wait, riley was adopted? 😱😱😱whatttt😱😱😱😱

  • this movie hits differently when your older

  • Pain demands to be felt. Thats why sadness was there. 💙

  • ARGH- I always cry when I see this scene! 😭😭😭💙

  • Greatest movie ever made, and most tearjerking scene ever. I never felt so happy being said

  • This. Is. Asked

  • Inside Orbs Movie coming in GD 2.1

  • but hey daughter has blue eyes dad and mom has brown chance of two parents with brown eyes to get child with blue are werry low

  • man ill never not cry like a little baby at this scene

  • This ending makes me cry all the time 😢

  • If you watch it again with another point of view and think about it, Riley almost fall into a depression

  • Michael Giacchino's Score is just so damn good

  • I cried

  • I think the reason why Joy is the only emotion in Riley that glows is because Riley has so many happy memories in her life that makes Joy glow as if she is the special emotion to Riley. I'm not 100% sure of my theory because I heard other people thought that Joy is Riley's dominant emotion (or lead emotion I should say) to her. Similar to her mom and dad whose emotions are sadness and anger respectively. But that wouldn't explain why their emotions don't glow red or blue. Maybe it's because of her parents age that they have more life experience. What I mean is that before they turned 11 (according to movie setting) they had one emotion that is more predominant in their memories and as they turn 12, their emotions balance out, each emotion deserves to play an important role in their lives when growing up. Therefore; when Riley ages, Joy will loose some of her glow and share it with all the other emotions equally. It still means that Joy is the leading emotion but not the selfish jerk who forces happiness in every situation. Like the parents, their joy emotion don't glow, maybe it's shared? Anyway, thanks for reading! Inside out is such a genius movie.

  • Parts*

  • Shhhh don’t tell the pats@!!!

  • Trolls: Poppy - Joy, that's it. Branch - Anger and sadness mixed. That's all so far.

  • I never understood this scene before but i do now💔😭

  • If materias were like memories


  • This is hands-down my favourite movie.

  • I lost my movie inside out

  • Man, this is so sad moment... 😢😢😢😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧

  • Everyone cried over Bing Bong, but THIS is what got me! That and “I just want Riley to be happy.”

  • There is nothing wrong with crying, I hate it when people say don’t cry, yes cry better than lashing out.

  • Is she adopted? Coz bruhhh her eyes is blue, different from her parents'😂

  • Where theres sadness, theres joy

  • I’m 20 years old and I cry like a baby in this scene

  • This is honestly my favorite pixar movie

  • so this is depression?

  • The director of the movie is my classmate's uncle

  • real experience of love and life