Inside Out: Emotional Theory Comes Alive

Pubblicato il 2 dic 2015
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  • As soon as the inside out song starts I want to cry

  • i feel like anyone over the age of 13 should watch this. even for me a 16 year old who has felt like she knows everything about emotions and how to deal with them, learned a lesson from this film. despite the fact that this is a kids movie, i feel as though kids really wouldnt understand the meaning behind everything. i was babysitting and the kids wanted to watch the movie. i asked them what they learned and they said "to always be happy" i swear this is true lol. the reason i watched it again was because im writing a psychology paper on it for class. i didnt even know how much of the film correlated to my psych book until i watched it again. joy says "shes going into rem sleeps lets get these memories saved" which is actually true, sleeping helps recall and retain the memories from the day. no doubt that this movie was brilliantly made, i just kinda feel like it isnt for kids, but more for teens

  • Love all your analyses! Would love to see one on How to Train Your Dragon!

  • Jaak Panksepp’s Archaeology of the Mind provides an excellent overview of our understanding of the neurobiology of emotion and is great reading for those who love Inside Out.

  • Shuruwat me hi sb galat bol diya yaar

  • I see contempt everywhere now days.

  • I Watched This Powerful Film While In The Hospital Last Week. Thank You! New Sub 📺

  • When I was at the movies to watch this with my family when I was younger, I did not really understood it but my mom was crying a lot, I asked her why is she crying and she said “the meaning” and now I know the meaning I’m sad 😪

  • I watched this movie 23 times.

  • Listen to this: Riley’s mom has all female emotions that look like her Riley’s dad has all male emotions that look like him Riley’s emotions are both genders and don’t look like her *and* she has a smaller control table Maybe Riley’s emotions don’t fully form until she’s fully grown.

    • it's because we are only supposed to focus on riley's emotions, that's why they are all different designs. age doesn't matter, you can see her classmates have same-looking emotions as well. other people's emotions are the same for a gag and because they are not relevant. but the fucking lgbt community just has to be like "ohhhh riley's nonbinary" like fuck off *she's* 11 and the one whose mind the movie focuses on the control is correct tho, in the beginning control is literally just one button, and they upgrade the control at the end to show she's not a kid, but a teen now

  • 6:27 through to the end -- Your narrative at the end would have been a better lead-in, in the beginning. Just as in the other videos of yours that I've seen you put together a great piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Why do you look like Jim tho

  • This is just my favourite Pixar movie. I cry every time at the ending.

  • Every time we see Riley feel Joy and Sadness again I just turn into a mess.

  • Please do more of this work. I didn't see anyone can explain that calmly and deeply. You really did the good analysis❤ Please do some analysis on the movies which are based on positive cognitive states (optimism, self-efficacy, hope)

  • Bing bong :(

  • amazing. loved it. love this movie as well!!

  • Hi so I should said this like two years ago but for some reason never got the chance. Thank you so much for creating this video. You help me two years ago for an assignment in Introduction to Psychology and now you're helping me again with Organizational Behaviour. So thank you

  • 3:46 oH NO mY PhoNE?? ...oh...

  • This movie is about not mutilating your "bad feelings" in order to be in balance with yourself vs the world that, essentially, throws shit at you at every corner. The message is very clear. Then, just explain to your kids that this movie is an allegory, not an user guide for emotions, nor an essay about how the mind works.. You'll be fine.

  • Why are you mentioning psychoanalysis? Its main ideas have failed to get supported by scientific research.

  • Also in the mom thoughts when the anger emotion drops the Brazilian helicopter pilot orb ,, fear emotion grabs it and says “ just in case “ this is a major feel for women cuz when we fell unsafe with our partners we became sacred and start to look for substitute even in our thoughts dose not mean physical cheating but a way to make us save when something goes bad in our relationship so that i don’t be traumatize .

  • Every time someone says “Imagination Land” I always think about that episode of South Park 😂🤣😭

  • Thank you

  • I hope Soul is a worthy follow-up

  • Emotional repression is still a major problem in many parts of the world. It's a damning practice that's slowly destroying humanity. I wish more of the older folks would actually take heed of this movie. My mom still thinks emotions are purely internal and should be easily controllable for everyone. Yet she still thinks I'll willingly keep in contact with her once I finally get out of this mess... My overall emotional health is worth more than her five minutes of her superiority.

  • Outstanding. Your art-form itself deserves artful study.

  • I would like to point out that the act of crying in young children, is not necessarily "sadness". Crying in kids can apparently be caused by sadness, but it could be caused by other emotions as well. As an adult I cry when something is sad and meaningful, like missing being with someone I loved who meant the world to me, or at an emotional part of a movie, for example. But if you would take away my computer, or some belonging of mine that is purely physical, I would not cry at all. I might be upset, and rightfully so, but I wouldn't cry, because it's not sad! However, little kids often cry when a toy is taken away from them, and this actually seems much closer to the feeling of "frustration" or "anger" than the pure innocent feeling of sadness. What do you think? Is a kid actually sad when a toy is taken from them, or are they really just upset behind those tears? And don't get me wrong, kids 100% feel the feeling of pure sadness. I'm simply saying that the act of crying alone, without context, doesn't prove exactly what they are feeling. If the "context" is the _"toy story" (LOL!)_ then that lets you know that it may not be sadness (or at least it's not only pure sadness).

  • I just realized that "joy" and "happiness" are not the same thing. *Happiness* is more about acceptance and appreciation, while *joy* is closer to fun and exciting feelings. Is this correct?

  • I remember when just the movie came out ( I was 11 back then) i thought the movie looked awesome on the trailer so my day and I went to watch it while i was watching it with my father I saw a variety of emotions on his face changing while the movie playing in the back. i was watching the movie but it was a bit boring to me back then , cause it was hard for me to really undrstand the movie..but my dad face was much more interesting to me. I remember in the part when riley was returning home to her parents he cried, when my dad was a kid he had some problems in middle school with teachers ,social life and ect..he had hard time ...but he do told me that he came back one day home later than usual cause he was wandering around off to clean his head a bit after hard day at school to see his parents worried sick when he opened the door, cause of him not coming back home on the usual it remind him of that moment of having something comforting and warm after a harsh day

  • you’re so handsome

  • Quintessential for developmental psychology, and great to watch for all working in psychology (or anyone really).

  • Riley had different voices in her head.while in the end of the movie ,everyone had the same voice.this shows Riley might have split personality

  • Ugh I cry now

  • We watched inside out in my psycology class

  • First disney movie that made me cry 😭😭😭

  • I feel this shows that happiness and sadness are core emotions, no person runs on anger or fear or disgust/discomfort. Those 3 are always fallowing happiness’ and sadness’ interaction, Anger is often driven by sadness as is fear and disgust, but joy is often after sadness. That’s why those 3 can’t run central by themselves because there is no drive for them to express through Riley because there is no purpose for them as a reaction

  • Geez, I still cry to this day about this movie. Really made me feel a slew of emotions, rest in peace Bing Bong. 😭

  • Where can i find the music from this video?

  • I loved this video. I think this movie/idea of Emotions could actually be quite a remarkable tool in how to teach people about Emotional Intelligence. Not just children, but people of all ages as well. It can be used to help give an idea how emotions work as well as possible ways to show how mental illnesses can work and manifest, etc. It'd be really great if the creators (or anyone) could actually do more with this idea in terms of teaching about emotional intelligence, especially in schools someday. A psychologist I follow pointed out that people/kids aren't really taught about how to handle and properly process emotions when they're growing up and I think stuff like this could be a wonderful learning/teaching tool for Emotional Maturity and Emotional Intelligence.