Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.
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  •’re weird lol.


  • This is propaganda why can’t you call it by its name

  • all popular 50's girls know how to do is dress well, be bisexual and not lie.

  • Wait... I think we do live in a society

  • New favorite IT-tvsr

  • 7:00 the way he says “bad taste” is like Stanley Tucci in Devil Wears Prada reading someone because of their tacky outfit

  • “She’s as interested in girls as she is in boys” okay phew, I’ve got that one down

  • Call me sexist, but as a female I actually agree somewhat with the first ones. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with embracing traditional femininity, as long as respect goes both ways. The commercials are fucking hilarious though, I cant lie. "Honey I'm sorry but dear god this coffee just tastes like shit"

  • “Meow meow” The The kids that wore ears They always existed

  • Lol he reminds me of Steve Buscemi XD

  • females born after 1953: -dress well -be bisexual -don't get into trouble Female born after 1993: -can't cook -charge dey phone -twerk - be bisexual -eat hot chip -lie

  • “That’s pretty harsh” “well so is your coffee” take that bitch

  • Poor old man he works too hard and the wife's got nothin to do.

  • The mountain is just the Illuminati.

  • The guy at the end said "The poor old man, he works too hard. The wife's got nothing to do."

  • Does the Camp Unplug poster piss anyone else off? It looks crooked.

  • Born in the wrong generation lmao

  • I've seen some of those old videos and they really ARE really good advice. We hear so much negative stuff about the past but I think we need to acknowledge the positive not just negative.

  • 10:18 I'm pretty sure he's trying to say "Oh the more the man works tonight the more he'll have nothing to do for today." And now I'm more confused about this line than I was before..

  • 10:13: "Poor old man he works too hard, the wife's gotta have something to do" I'm Australian and that took me way too many listens to understand.

  • 10:13: "Poor old man he works too hard, the wife's gotta have something to do" I'm Australian and that took me way too many listens to understand.

  • 10:13: "Poor old man he works too hard, the wife's gotta have something to do" I'm Australian and that took me way too many listens to understand.

  • I love when they blame the women for the coffee being there's no way it could possibly be the brand of coffee they are buying lollllllll

    • Well women did control the spending - but it should be a dual effort.

  • me, knowing perfectly the sign behind Drew says "hey guy" : hey gay .......

  • yo drew why do you own a glenbard west class of 61 shirt if you're from florida? i mean i know danny lives near by but like im just curious why you have a shirt like that since i assume none of your family went there?? this question is haunting me drew.

  • So what do you look most for in a women? Good coffee

  • a christmas tree in mid november? you sir are an eager fucking beaver

  • Forgot that...... I am gay💋

  • When Bonnie goes shopping, she buys shit!

  • It’s confirmed DREW IS A ROBOT!!!!

  • Those meals are for pansys, "hello fresh", even the name....

  • translation of the broad Australian accent - “the poor old man works too hard the wives got nothing to do”

  • “Sometimes my perfectionism gets in the way of consistent productivity” MOOD

  • girls born after 1993 can't cook, all they know is: dress well, be bisexual, don't get into any trouble, eat hot chip, and lie

  • Hey guy, we’re one guy.

  • meow meow

  • Fantastic and I agree: harsh and hilarious but also useful! I love the manners, etiquette and grooming ones: the focus then was on making the most of your features rather than the focus today which goes something like “start with a perfect face/body, piles of money to waste on beauty products and pack on a mask of makeup to disguise your features”. Don’t underestimate the valuable advice: don’t smell bad, brush your hair, iron your shirt, speak clearly, stand up straight, arrive on time, work hard, and be kind to others. Maybe kids would have less anxiety today if everyone used good manners (their purpose being to make others at ease!). ...We could do without the whole “don’t be a whore who makes bad coffee” part tho...


  • Good thing this was just media and not how people actually felt....which I assume.