Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team / Ultimate Scream continues with SBC two player packs!
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  • LET'S GOOOOO CRAZY! 10K LIKES!? Watch more 👉

    • TWOSYNC Matt u should do a video with your child

    • TWOSYNC can you please upload twice again a day

    • Brilliant videos been watching for years keep up the good work 👍👍


    • Thanks lad s7bbed and packed myself a matic as my best player in ny 50k pack

  • 13:07 best one yet

  • Ea should make a storage space for your untradable duplicates so you can use them for sbc

  • U guys make me smile everyday you’s are amazing(WHAT A KNOBED)😂😂love u guys

  • Yes lads stop tossing and try packing an icon such as Pele or maradona

  • I got Rashford and Varane in two, two player packs. Shame they’re untradeable

  • Do these guys sit face to face or in different rooms ?

    • True Alphaツ yeah different rooms 8:19

    • Different rooms I think

  • Matt has a bayern shirt on and packs two bayern players in one pack, and Chris gets Thiago

    • TWOSYNC I love you guyssss Im 17 and i just laugh all the time its my kind of humour and i have been watching since you did those vids in the same room 😂 Keep it up and it makes me happy when i see the vid get 10k likes + i literally have liked every vid for the past 3-4 years

    • Oh yeh LOL M

  • If my french is correct. With "Quelle de bouton" Youre literally saying "What a button" or "What a spot" .

  • If my french is correct. With "Quelle de bouton" Youre literally saying "What a button" or "What a spot" .

  • I’ve just got fifa, any tips?

  • Hi wachting from ireland and can you try trent alexsander arnold and alison plz

  • How do they get 2 player packs

  • your like/view ratio is insane

  • Matt you should’ve kept the pack in sort items later then put the one in your club into a sbc then keep the one from the two player back into your club

  • Chris what a legend 😂😂

  • Carlos will count as one of matts walkouts

  • You need to try inform wesley he is so good plz try him hes only 82 rated but he's insane plz cracking plural certify him😁

  • Matt you dont need first owner MLS players

  • I packed Suarez from one of these packs today!

  • Left a like for the German anthem in the end

  • How does Matt have blue eyes and Chris have brown eyes? I thought they were brothers.

    • @Griffer Csgo I’m sorry but I think you know what’s about to happen... what a nobheadddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Jack Burnard exactly what i was about to say

    • Griffer Csgo are u stupid. Have u ever payed attention in school

    • Yes, they are brothers, not twins

    • Brothers don’t have to have the same colour eyes

  • Matt wheres a bayern shirt gets a bayern player conspiracy theries comence

  • Anyone else miss the fifa 19 Matt and Chris,,they aren’t being themselves anymore.

  • Matt is the most basic IT-tvsr

  • Chris and matt you should start doing 2 videos a day again because u both are cracking youtubers keep the good work up 👍👍

  • I packed messi in an early acces pack!!!

  • I packed Varane in a two player pack yesterday

  • What a knooooob brew

  • You should try UCL Hazard he is a cracking plurrr

  • Chris try sancho cracking plur

  • When you get a duplicate that’s decent , can’t you just sort items later, sell the player you own and keep the untradeable

  • 2 player pack walkouts shouldn't count! You're losing nothing but a few non rare players! Come on lads! Everyone like this so they see this! What a load of rubbish (Twosync are my favourite youtubers but I am just dissapointed with this)

  • Can you make a pro clubs series with fans and the club is called cracking plurs

  • Like to get Ronaldo

  • Opened 1 two rare gold players pack from objectives and got scream aguero 😂

  • You don’t need first owners for the mls challenge Matt

  • Just watching some old videos you guys have put up about Fifa 18 time and from then to now you’ve improved so much keep up the good work ❤️

  • I got that Jersey for Christmas as well

  • How did they have so many 2 player packs?

  • matt the squads don't need to be first owner for the squad battle challenges just buy mls cls and eredivisie players

  • wooooooooooo, what a brew 🤣🤣🤣 I love chris

  • The MLS squad doesn't need to be first owner

  • Have you guys done the advanced SBCs because if you want some good packs do them

  • Can we have some cracking pluurrrss certifications???

  • In a episode soon do keep or discard where you either decide to keep the pack you just opened or discard. Like this comment if its a good idea

  • When I opened a pack today I thought I got a scream card because of the skulls but it was just an uncommon gold player

  • I packed neymar today out of the rare electro players pack and he sold for 870k😎

  • Buy mbappe put him on your transfer list move him down when you open a pack and then make out you packed him 🤣

  • Imagine being team Matt, would rather loose all of my limbs

  • I got mbappe from the 25k packs you opened

  • What a brewwww 😂

  • I got scream Rodriguez in my second 35k pack :)

  • 😂whaaat a brewww

  • Matt wearing a bayen shirt and he packed 3 bayen players

  • Matt, your MLS team DOESN'T have to be first owner, if you didnt know.

  • “Subscribe now and you next pack will be insane” me been subscribed for over a couple of years and packed no one 😂😭

  • BTW the squad battle challenge team for the token that needs 11 players from the same league dosent need first owned players

  • Where is Matts metal straw and his tea/coffee review

  • Ngl i feel offended with chris reaction after packing Thiago. Whats wrong with us?