Im actually having... FUN? In MINECRAFT (hacked) - Part 2

Pubblicato il 23 giu 2019
epic minecraft gaming time
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  • The humble beginnings of wotr sheep

  • Horses eat apples

  • 19:46 little did he know he was right

  • Pewds: gets hit for half a heart Also Pewds: *E A T*

  • I like the beginning

  • No one ... Litriley no one felix to tiny to tiny to tiny kills zombie to tiny

  • but he missed lapis lazuli in the rivine near lava what an noob and redstone

  • hes found a village and a rivine and a mineshaft and diamonds and a dungeon while i have a castle with no gold no diamonds but 5 emralds and 64 64 64 iron ingots and 65 65 35 coals

  • Little does he know he gets addicted to the game >:)

  • Reply saying hi if you see this comment


  • Who else misses the old house

  • *P* says he's a Minecraft Veteran *also P* doesn't know how to use a hoe

  • wHaTeR U dOin To tHe shEeP

  • You are enes batur's dude ???


  • Here I am mining my own business Pewdiepie 2019

  • “Maybe we can *plant* the eggs” *”no wait what”*

  • Pewds: what are they doing over there Pillagers: creating the minecraft+ pewdiepie revolution

  • 1 mil likes Dayummm

  • 5:46. Just saying

  • That’s a raid you’re kind of like villagers but evil

  • That’s what you call a drowned zombie it’s a zombie that drowned in some water and then I became a zombie that can swim in water sometimes they have Tridence

  • Ok

  • Keep live

  • woter diamonds

  • Feel like Felix is trying to trigger us

  • COOL

  • Nobody: Not even a single soul: Not even a single entity: Minecraft: I like turtles

  • Felix: I saved a life, what do you do Peda? Me: they Complain on twitter.

  • Is the baby sheep watersheep

  • if i had a dollar everytime felix said epic and screamind in minecraft videos i'd be so mf rich

  • Your good

  • Name all babies to baby bä

  • Me: creeper.... Pewdepie: AAAAHHHHHH

  • Bruh. you think that your a veteran. I am I was born the year minecraft came out and i played it back then. So i has been gamer in diapers

  • U are a noob ,I'm a laser beam fan

  • Felix: builds bridge out of gravel Me: slowly falling into insanity Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • creeper blows up felix: “that scared my a- balls!”

  • Bitching idiot

  • FELIX: this is easy Spiders shown up falling Felix: AH LIBERALS!

  • It feels weird hearing him not yell ‘EAT’ after a creeper blows up


  • Pewdiepie Life Hack

  • I know the bone meal trick

  • I love your house

  • i like how he said his series is going to make more people play minecraft than ever before and now it's actually happening lol

  • Felix: omg why u naked? O I can cut them. Me: *laughing*

  • When sheep finds out they aren’t even going to get feed let me out let me out!🤭

  • Pew:chicken eat the god dam wheat Me:chicken love seeds

  • 14:52 he said he was VEGAN!!

  • I played minecraft in2017

  • I play minecraft wen i was 6

  • Me ptffffff Pewds I'm a veteran Also pewds but first episode I'm a veteran 5 seconds Pewds what's that sound Me IT'S A ZOMBIE IDOT pewds fish dog Normal humans dolphins Me lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No

  • Everytime he walked on his crops I lost a brain cell

  • Pewds : Now what we can do is... We can start taking people hostage **FORESHADOWING MUSIC PLAYS**

  • He had a saddle!

  • He had an iron armor so fast! But his baseeee........nevermind

  • 13:00