If You Can Guess What I Build, You Get It | Minecraft

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
What was your favorite build?
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  • Happy B-day

  • Your merch

  • Happy birthday 🥳 to you happy birthday dare someone happy birthday 🥳 To you

  • Dexxx is todoroki

  • It’s prawns

  • Mate I'm Aussie.. And it's actually Prawns and Snags on the barbie ok? GET IT RIGHT!! 😂

  • shrimps on the barbi I AM TRRIGERD

  • Happy birthday fence

  • Happy birthday phence

  • 2:20 they aren’t diamond blocks

  • Happy birthday every one

  • 👍

  • happy birthday

  • 9:37 THANK YOU SO MUCH! nobody has ever said that in a video (if u cant tell already, im Australian) and the IT-tvsr Jelly actually INSULTED me and the Aussies. I would love to thank you by giving you a hug if i could :)

  • 9:40 I legit thought loverfella said Shrimps on the Bobby

  • i am aussie

  • ayyyyyyyy who else here is an aussie!! | | | v


  • He said SHRIMPS on the barbie I’m actually done with hime

  • Turn of that texture pack it hurts my eyes

  • Happy birthday Phence

  • At 7:59 lover fella turned into a vsco girl

  • No mistakes, just happy accidents. Bob Ross for the win!

  • Happy birthday

  • Yay I got shouted out I’m Australian

  • Me when he said shrimp on the barbie ahhhh that hurt

  • Happy birthday kid enjoy your day

  • happy bday jacob and fence:)

  • Happy berth day

  • Is a dollar Europe? We have euros here,not dollars (or I'm just dumb😂💲💵)

  • If anyone wants to know... The car on the thumbnail is a Koenigsegg Agera R

  • Chuck a shrimp on the barby said no Aussie ever

  • 9:14 who else watches My Hero Academia its todoroki

  • Take out who put that blue and ban them Loverfella: Not me REAILTY: it was me

  • I thought the it looked like donkey kong

  • That not villager


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  • Your so good this is the second time a watched this

  • Happy birthday phence and jacob

  • I wish i could play with yall but im on xbox

  • Plzzzzz shout out to aalll your indian matess plzzzz

  • 👍

  • PRAWNS on the barbie BTW I love you vids

  • Thanks for the shout-out but it's prawn on barbecue

  • Oh are you about to shout out every country one at a time now?

  • beautiful villager

  • It’s a Llama

  • Happy birthday

  • What is the server address

  • In this server diamonds have no value

  • 👍

  • At 6:02 call of duty joke in the chat good one too if your a fan you probably aren’t if your watching loverfella I am I just wanted to point it out

  • i thought the build at 10:00 was ad revenue XD

  • No one in australia has ever said shrimp

  • Now way you got a koenigsegg rgera

  • Happy Belated Birthday!🎉🎊🎁

  • Y### The fence destroyed the word Like to find out what the word is! (will reveal at 200 likes!!)