If Students Were HONEST With Teachers

Pubblicato il 9 apr 2018
Have you ever wanted to say something to your teacher but you just couldn't? What If Students Were Honest With Teachers? What would happen? What would students say? Enjoy this funny video on things students say or would honestly say to their teacher!
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  • What Would YOU Say To Your Teacher?!

  • Teacher: why are you not in class yet?? Me: why aren’t you married yet??

  • Can you shut up for once or get out and go to a different school

  • i just see riya writig scrribles

  • 5 questions are you on a dating and have your Regal a kid if you are dating and have urea ever had sex and ifyou don't like it shut the dentist and like to see and does Stan like to see and also Rodger I like him how old is Rodger and also singer mummy is a Brett she think she's spoil when she's not she's a fucking bitchunderstand where she gets to write to tell everyone it hurts school what to do it very very rudeand when rear and cederberg leopard ticipated in Beverley high school thingamabob thing when they were seeing who would be president ID really really wish that real was president cause reeled make a very good president with cinnamon be president said it'll be like do this do that do this she will be a boss like even should be like in an yardie elephant cinnamon is theBelinda Belinda is very rude a Brad and she tells everyone what to do to like weather in lake Subway competition she's like I want that she has to say we want it's like she wants everything she Edward she made the club that talking stick was

  • Roses are red so is ketchup I got a like wait why is it blue 😧

  • Teacher:why are you skipping class me: and why aren’t you married

  • 8 mill veiws in 2 months

  • My leila

  • 2020 anyone else

  • Teacher: ( this is when I’m texting ) Why don’t you give me your phone? Me: Why don’t you get a life

  • I would tell my geography teacher that’s he’s SOOO fit🥵🥵🥵but he’s a prick but tbh i don’t care when’s he’s that fit

  • OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! He got dissed! “Probably when you hit puberty” 😳😗🙀

  • Yeah my sister told me about SnapMath!

  • *You kids are the reason I DRINK*

  • I would probably say.... why don't you have a good job?

  • the only one i dissagree with is the substitute. just. GROSS!!!

  • I hate school you are a fool

  • 👍

  • I would cal my teacher a bitch hahah no seriously shes a bitch huge bitch

  • 0:09 lol

  • 🦄🐕🐩🍒🎤

  • 2020 anyone

  • It will be your really annoying please leave

  • I would say l am lising to music

  • Umm can I go get some food or call me

  • Me: would u like something Teacher: No thanks (:

  • Teacher: Can you please finish sharpening all of your pencil crayons its irritating. Student (me): If i dont finish sharpening my pencils, i wont finish my art project. Then you will give me no grades and you will say that you didnt thaught me anything because you didnt let me sharpen my pencils. Use your brain!

  • 2 0 2 0 Anyone

  • teacher:shouldnt u be in class by now me : SHOULDNT U HAVE A LFE BY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love your vise

  • Her skirt is always the same I am honest here

  • that i didnt do my homework and i didnt study for the quize bytw i said that in grade 2

  • 4:44 Ahahha my history teacher gives us a pop quiz EVERY fricking single day sooo bam!

  • I would say HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!

  • Teacher:why are u talking??😡😠😠 Me😎:why are u talking to me???

  • What we want to say: “when will I ever use this” I already say that

  • M

  • Leave me the fuck alone bitch is what I will tell my stupid ass teacher

  • Why don't you do the math test so I can go home and watch TIK ToK

  • Hi my name is Siri and channel so yeah okay let’s do this if I tell my teacher something honestly I would say I pooped my pants I also have a IT-tvs channel I don’t think you ever watch it but if you do it’s called Lily all good arm Lily Oldridge Lily old me

  • How come I can’t comment on the you tubers comment? Like Dan and Riyas comment? I don’t understand

  • Hahahahaa

  • The girl Teacher Should get Dress coded

  • I would tell my art teacher is a hot asf 🤭

  • when tootsie say "what" she sounded like spongbob lol

  • Who else is seeing this in 2020

  • One part is from That’s so Raven

  • Teacher: What do you think about math? Me: Its Mental Abuse To Humans.

  • I would s

  • Ik I’m very late,but here’s my answer for the question My teacher:You failed your test Me:You failed to educate me

  • I my sick and the run and say to my mom that I was sick and fake

  • Some people have trouble telling the truth so don’t judge them and Dan stop being rude

    • They do it just for fun maybe you're the one being rude

  • ....

  • School: *school after New Year’s day* Me: *ends up not going to school bc I was partying up till 5:00 in the MORNING!! Isn’t school supposed to be a place filled with intelligence and smart ppl ??

  • Thumbnail: Daniel holding a book upside down Me:**notices it**

  • Thumbnail: Daniel holding a book upside down Me:**notices it**

  • I love this video sometimes I do that in school and I chit in class to 😁

  • Teacher: where is your homework Me: it was boring so I did not do it I was also on my phone

  • Teacher: You kids are the reason I drink Lol love that