If insects had to introduce themselves.

Pubblicato il 16 apr 2019
Yea so they're basically just organic killing machines.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


  • Man. How do you get these ideas?? Amazing bro!! Do one related to Rick and Morty bro!! Or the Boondocks!!

  • *Me Clicking on the Video* Me Also Seeing An Ad About Pest Control: *Wait that’s ILleGal*

  • “Anybody here wanna volunteer to clean up literal dodo water?” *Dung beetle slowly raises hand*

  • This shit cracked me the fuck up. All you’re content is amazing. Wtf



  • Idk if you know bro but your ads on your videos disappear Everytime idk if IT-tvs is hoein or what??

  • bruv you forgot about mosquitos

  • Caleb the clownish comedian 🗣️🤞🏾💯🙌🏾✨

  • This is a rick roll it-tvs.com/tv/video-MtuZZeYCiW4.html

  • 😂😂

  • I dont think hes funnier than longbeachgriffy

  • "On my larva, no" 😂😂😂

  • Everyone Gucci until a fly comes around and starts drinking “LITERAL DOO DOO WATER”

  • Nice "fly on the wall" pun!

  • Bumble bees don't make honey....

  • " I can keep stinging" lmao

  • The wasp is like my mom getting on me for some stupid stuff she caught awhile ago

  • "On my larva no" where does he come up with this... if he ever links with key and peele... game over

  • When was said "I like it" again I died😂😂😂😂

  • *Observe.*

  • You forgot the part where wasps are LITERAL FUCKING XENOMORPHS

  • Somebody had a bad episode with a wasp And could we just agree that the most useless and annoying insects on this planet are cockroaches. Mosquitoes second but that's up for debate

  • Bruh "doodoo water" got me dead everytime he said it 😂

  • College classes compared to this: Fly = Art Ants= Lab based classes Bees= Medical/Science Wasps= Math/Engineering

  • Literal Doo Doo Water = Algebra 121

  • Anybody volunteer to clean doodoo water... dungbeetles hell yeah bro

  • "MOvE yA HaND" 😂😂😂😂

  • The real Question is What is the Guy Interviewing the insects? Cause if he a human shouldn’t he get stung by the Wasp🤔😂

  • Venus fly trap vs Wasp?

  • Literal doodoo water ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

  • Ants actually drink literal do do water. The straight up milk aphids like cows and aphids poop is sugar water.

  • How you come up with these ideas?😂

  • Move your hand

  • *zooms* *into* *mouth* doodoo water

  • Love the camera work!

  • Thank God spiders aren't insects

  • Latent wasp *hate*

  • It's coming for meeeee!