Idris Elba Wants to Fight While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 1 ago 2019
Idris Elba is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with an extraordinary career in film and television that spans more than 20 years and includes cult classics like The Wire. He's a renaissance man, a DJ, and the creator of his own fashion line, Two Hour Set. And now, you can catch him starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as "the hottest Hot One" takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from UK hip-hop legends, to Cockney rhyming slang, to the biggest slapper in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats." You don't want to miss this one!
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Episode 10
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  • Which was the best Idris story? A) Getting cast in The Wire B) Hanging with Drake and Nipsey Hussle C) Convincing Jay Z to let him on the American Gangster album?

  • 19:29 When my boyfriend fart to me

  • He was sweating

  • 19:27 7 year old me faking sick so that I dont have to go to school

  • 19:27 Iranian soldiers hearing anime openings in the mountains

  • Why didn't I know this dude has an English accent?

  • Stringer Bell

  • This man right here should've been the New James Bond

  • When he recomposes himself to talk about pirate radio, damn String!

  • he struggles with the first already ! 😆

  • 19:27 when you pull down “her” pants and a D flops out in your face.

  • idris elba forgot about 21savage

  • Marshall is now fighting something more than a kaiju


  • He’s all sweating and shit.

  • 19:27 I love how the shit was so hot that he suddenly gained a country accent for a sec

  • "Let me ask you a question buddy" 😂😂 ... You are the Hottest One, trust Me 😍💦

  • After min 20. Forget the sipping technique 😂

  • Idris Elba is a amazing actor!

  • I'm just here for the 19:27 comments

  • 19:27 when he smoking a spliff and you bust in the room and say its positive...yep I'm pregnant..but he is sterile.....lmaoooooooo

  • They need milk and bread to help the heat that's going on in their mouths

  • You English nigha!!!! What?!??!!? Lmaooooo LMAOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow he even has the cheeky London accent...soooooo posh

  • Me when someone brings up a old meme 19:27

  • 19:27 when my mom tells me to get up but it felt like 6 seconds

  • His best movies are Pacific rim

  • Adam: "Mmm this fruit is really good! Where did you get it? Eve: "The Forbidden Tree" Adam: 19:27

  • Presented by TUMS. Now THAT is how you sell a product.

  • So apparently all Detective McNulty had to do was serve Stringer some Da Bomb wings and he would have confessed.

  • I love his voice

  • I Love you Idris Elba :) My best friend !

  • Idris Elba looks like a PUBG character straight outa Pochinki

  • Arthur Morgan first time getting Tubercolusis. 19:27

  • Oh god, he must be so embarrassed for starring in Cats

  • Idris has now officially gone past Denzel on my fav actor's list. Wings down.

  • So you guys know all your pics aren’t of idris right? Woow 😂

  • 19:27 when she's giving you head, then thanos snaps

  • 19:27 when you late on you're child support and the police show up at your crib

  • I Love how guests who have seen the show before ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING? when they do the last dab.

  • I’ve had the biggest crush on him. So happy he got to be on my favorite show!!!!

  • Idris: “Chris, you have forgotten the face of your father”!

  • 19:14 Da Bomb hot sauce. What y'all wanted to see. #yourewelcome

  • 19:27 when NBA Youngboy kisses you

  • Jesus: *is at the last supper* Judas: Well since it’s your last meal- I mean... Sunday... Jesus: 19:27

  • I wanna be on this show

  • 22:30 you’re welcome

  • 19:27 when Dajjal meet Mahdi

  • Uk hip hop and didn't mention Derek B c'mon bruh

  • Get Floyd Mayweather he says hes the champ

  • "smell of gasoline going through the thing." He really knows his cars.

  • I love when they do that distorted picture and sound FX after someone starts choking or being affected by the heat hahahaha

  • Get Dave Chapelle pleaaaaaase.

  • European man contracts the bubonic plague,circa 1347,colorized. 19:27

  • How is this guy not James Bond, yet?

  • When Magic Johnson says he put his blood and tears into the food 19:27

  • 19:28 this turned into a meme

  • 19:58 how the fuck did he just pronounce "Adidas"? Ad-did-dass. Wow, it took me forever to get what he was saying.

  • Who else here just to see the original of the meme 😅

  • Is Idris drunk or he's like that all the time?