Identical Twins Meet Their MINI identical Twins!

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
Meet the mini versions of us
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  • I’m ordering sweatshirts for me and my bff! We made I contact in class and started laughing. Idk why but we have been in the best mood for the last few days

  • 16:20 same same

  • “Are you guys rich?” 😂😂❤️

  • Who else seen a yellow hydro flask in the background of him teaching Xavier to make avocado toast

  • cutest boys ever.

  • This is so cute


  • The kids look like younger versions of Martinez twins lol

  • You are not fucking old you are still young and hot as hell

  • Wait why does my crush sound like Grayson, is tall and stuff like them, and has a twin. Oh and they act like Grayson.. (Btw I don’t like Grayson or Ethan as a crush and no offense)

  • *Are you rich?* Me: *”Yes”* Gray: *”No”* My bank account: 😐

  • Who else Watching this is a twin? If not then Are ur parents for a sibling😂😂😂 | | | v

  • Can yall make more vids with the little twins plz☹️

  • They really look like them tho😬😲

  • by far my favorite dolan twin video

  • They say they are old what!!!

  • this is how many times they pounded or high-fived ⬇️

  • This video is so funny 😂

  • Anyone else notice that the “charm” from the “charm bracelet “ is from the Dolan twin’s scent collection? Nope just me😂

  • I think Ethan will be an amazing dad , I’m so in love 😭💞💞💞🤣

  • ethan activities has me ded

  • this is the cutest thing ive ever seen

  • "it's important to take the right safety precautions. you wouldn't want to risk falling and something happening and then ending up like grayson." -Ethan Dolan, September 10, 2019

  • The little boys are soooooo cute

  • ♥️

  • Still can't believe they are younger than me :(

  • I would like all of them to be my brothers

  • Omg they look so............. CUUUUUUUTTEEE omg the mini Dolan twins are CuTe


  • They need to be in more videos!!

  • I want kids so bad why are they so adorable 😂😭

  • Can I plz marry one of the Dolan twins?!

  • Ahhhh cute

  • This is so cute

  • They are too adorable 🥺

  • Definitely my fav video ❤️ PERFECT Team: mini Dolan twins & the Dolan twins

  • Loved this. Smart, cute kids.

  • ethan: “or before i quit” grayson: “ur not gonna quit, no one is gonna quit” me now: 😐 welp that backfired on them

  • “Now take over our channel” 😂

  • But whatabout Nolan....

  • They are soo freaking cute 🥰

  • He just said neck wrinkles...i am personally offended sitting here with my double chin out😂❤️

  • I like when he say "i feel you"

  • Plz do more collabs with them...❤❤

  • How does a 7 year old have earrings and me a 13 year old cant have

  • Ethan you for got the necklaces

  • I'm a twin and my sister took all the food and she squished me so I'm smaller and shorter than her

  • The outro

  • How is that kid better at skating than me I cant even stand on it and balance lmao😂

  • 20 is old?! Than I’m doing good cause I’m 36 and NOBODY believes I am over 21!

  • the kids are so cute.

  • Did it


  • I think mini Ethan resembles Grayson more, and mini Grayson is actually more talkative like Ethan.

  • 24:20 llloooollll

  • Awesome job guys! I believe you made those "Mini Yous" Day/life. Peace.

  • Aww

  • The mini twins didn’t go through puberty!!! 😅😅❤️❤️

  • ok boomer