Ideas from people with BIG BRAINS #42 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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  • What smells better than it tastes... Soap

  • Sao anh biết tiếng việt

  • Isn’t it funny that the scientist are all in Minecraft stuff

  • Aperently playing video games makes u have bigger brain

  • Who else got.a.pewdipie figurine ad

  • Hi I'm Russia

  • When your big brain is so big it’s small. *BIG BRAIN*

  • 4:50 Frown with your eyebrows and smile at the same time *Big brain*

  • A PewDiePie ad on a PewDiePie video, I think it's a Paradox

  • عربي

  • Well if you think about it pews mine expands instead of pews brain expands🤔

  • 6:45 Unless they have a second child and are reusing the sign.

  • 1:13 made me think of the joke that Teddy Duchamp says to Vern Tessio in 1959: "Did your parents ever have any kids that lived?"

  • why the title is in french?

  • Just thank you for the old ad that felt wholesome and beautiful


  • Hi everybody, I enjoy wanking!

  • big bran

  • *I'm sending 163 subscribers to BünyaminTV subscribers* now that's big big brain

  • What if Felix played TeamFortress 2?

  • 1:26

  • Scientists have proven that a baby born submerged can live its whole life underwater


  • 1.the small brain is funny 2.speed stick taste worse then its smell .. big brain2.0

  • 📲whatps *00212.644.626.928* بــحــكــيــلــكــم💁‍♀️ يـا بـنـات عــن تـجـربـتـي الـنـاجـحـة🥳 فـي تـكـبـيـر الــثــدي👍 والـمـؤخـرة👍 اسـتـعـمـلـت وصـفـة مـذهـلـة ونــتــايــجــهــا عــن جـد تـجـنـن 👈تــواصــلــي مــعــي عـشـان أشــرح لــك الــوصــفــة الـواتـس اب *00212644626928*📲

  • Enables Legends for those living in Brazil

  • Can somebody tell me where Pewd say Smh my head?? Link or vid title

  • My brain is so big it’s growing outside my skull No rlly I have Chiari

  • What smells better than it tastes *before pewdiepie could answer* Me: FLOWERS, THEY KILL YOU BUT SMELL GOOD *i HaVe bIg bRaIn*

  • I got an add about pewdiepie when I’m watching a pewdiepie video

  • I frown and smile all day meaning I use 55 MUSCLES meaning I get ripped faster

  • 0:06

  • After each Birthday we are one step closer to death! Big Brain.

  • I know something that smells better than it tastes, paint!

  • *b i g b r a i n t i m e*

  • Laundry soap smells better than it tastes

  • @1:34 what smells better than it tastes Ass .

  • no u have smol brain

  • The monster one got me

  • Vegetables on vegetables eating vegetables....MMMMM

  • You can't stand backwards on the stairs BIG BRAIN

  • How about a flower

  • Brain👎 Big Brain👍

  • nice you have a figurine

  • How many people starting rapidly frowning?

  • !!!!! Important - VietNamese subtitle is suck (google translate) and the translator is trying to marketing for some other channel. Please stop

  • All the famous scientints had big P... Brain.

  • Next time, when I walk in the streets at night, I will give a gentle kiss on the neck of the person who walkes in front of me. I LEARNED SOMETHING.

  • I got a PewDiePie Advert on a PewDiePie video

  • Eat the tissue paper

  • 6:50 don't. Ull loose a finger

  • Gg

  • I was eating n u killed my appetite

  • I see wildcat! 2:38

  • I lov the background music...reminds me when pewds drew pikachu without his red cheeks

  • Everyone go sub to the_beast_8 to be in pewdiepies giveaways ok ps4 and more

  • Nonono Korea please

  • Ko je is balkana 💪

  • Me: watches this video Also me: and every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes Pewds: 9 yr olds write that down!

  • I tried eating tp and I can safely say it works! Pro tip use at least a whole roll and it will last a week or two! Try it out!