Pubblicato il 9 dic 2019
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  • On the weekend I packed 90 puyol and Toty nominee ederson

  • they teach a lot of spanish in denmark i had an exchange student come over from denmark but he spoke a lot of spanish

  • 18:04 she got it ''wright"

  • 7:00 icon 3:30 totgs 4:20 totgs 8:20 totgs 10:22 totgs 3x Base Icons 13:32 like😉

  • 4:50 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pause and then go to the first frame of the video

  • The first thing I did this morning was I sneezed three times

  • Who else is waiting for castros next vid

  • Denmark Was i Jesper Lindstrøm?

  • that one fat kid that got 100 on the presentation and the class got 99 4:54

  • I love Castro cos he still be giving people the drop even though they lose he’s a like a fifa me beast Mann 😂😂😂a joke btw

  • Last video I commented that I haven't got nothing all year and 3 minutes after tott came out I packed overmars 88 and today I packed CR7 blue

  • Does anyone know where Castro got the old Trafford wallpaper?

  • Jake Campbell is proper gay

  • Guy at 16:13 is a legend

  • Martinez better Inter will come longer than Barca XD

  • Castro the greasy snitch Kurt is a man of morals not an EA shill like you Plus you're a terrible player. Embarrassing really that FIFA is your profession and you're trash at it.

  • 4:52 when the monster under your bed see's your feet peaking through the blanket.

  • Wow amazing

  • Does totgs mean team of the godamn season

  • Icon Icon!!! Ikeane🤣

  • Yes castro it was a 10 but was the worst fight ever and wilder and fury would destroy him

  • the likes this gets is how many totgs and icons he gets

  • Absolutely love the Spanish comments

  • Sub to me to | | | v Pack icon and totgs in the same pack

  • 3:25 if you wana skip to where he actually opens packs instead of boring you with talk about rappers dying, school presentations, and boxing smh

  • Like equals juice world to come alive

  • “that’s drogba bro” fuck off

  • How is he so fuking lucky I spend yesterday 20€ (and im pretty poor) and i ve got only Jovic ..

  • fifa points shit XD

  • Vai puxa saco da EA . FiFa 20 tá um lixo . Lag da porra . Resposta dos jogadores tudo atrasado .

  • 13:43 are the true emotions in life


  • They should have made a di Maria so the it would be RW and Argentinian and then u realise is Di maria and not messi

  • RIP juice, countless memories of listening to that amazing man such a shame. So young :(

  • I think I would pack sick players if I was kissing ea's ass

  • 12:30 why was he not a board? i thought all ucl cards were?

  • FATTY!!!

  • Struggling to choose between 4231 or 41212(2) what would people say is better?

  • RIP juice 🥀

  • I love watching you Castro,but fifa 20 is a piece of shit game

  • Rip juice

  • Packed TOTT Fernandes 😝😝😝😝 in a Rare Electrum Players Pack from objectives

  • Calm down did You wet your pants

  • Someone gotta tell me why Tolisso isn’t a walkout

  • kinda cringy the way you talked about juiceworld. Coulda had at least a little respect and sympathy

  • Daddy

  • rip juice wrld but i couldnt take castro seriously at the start of the vid the way he speaks is like hes joking or something but hes obviously not

  • rip juice🕊

  • why does the girl at 17:10 sound like chrismd’s sister

  • Castro you kinda fat

  • Juice wrld also Said that he wanted to be line John lennon, both died 8 of december

  • Your thumbnail is stolen m.it-tvs.com/tv/video-_s5YE0Owlng.html

  • 5:00 The way he does that face 😂😂

  • Juice said in 2017 that his goal is to get famous and then fake his death, he also said in one of his songs “feel like John Lennon” who passed away at 8/12/80 and Juice passed away at 8/12/19 he also said in one of his songs “We ain’t making it past 21” This shit is confusing Rest easy king❤️🌹

  • at the end i juss thought that lil girl was juss a lil nigga

  • I have a video

  • Salah

  • Castro our of a regular premium golf pack I packed slah

  • "hope you are not raging in fut Champs" xD I am immune to Champs after playing the Volta story on legendary. You can not get more BS than in that shit game mode