I wrote a blogpost about why I hate video games comp

Pubblicato il 2 ott 2016
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  • Feminists are the type of people to think there's one gender

  • I think she left buzz feed

  • Hey Lady! My male fantasy is for you to shut up and to enjoy playing MMORPGs like FF14!

  • Spot on! I really hate playing video games at home just a complete waste of time. Would be better to play virtual games at the arcade instead occasionally

  • 9:47 what game is this

  • I couldn’t care less about weather a female character is sexualized or not. As long as they’re a likable character, they’ll be on my list of “favorite video game characters”

  • Well, im a girl and i love it also xD. Its not always about mens fantasy xD

  • Did the original video get deleted I can’t find it

  • I wrote a blog post a while ago about why I hate video game critics, because they appeal to the mentally atrophied

  • Ohh yes!!! My Potato farm!!!!!

  • i love the first meme

  • Hmm... Oh OOH oh she’s a Feminsts :|

  • The meme around 3:08 is like the exact opposite of the point of the meme because it helps prove her point. That’s pretty much a fail in my book.

  • Anyone wondering why she using a ps4 controller for a Xbox one

  • 5:50 товаrищи, веrной доrоАААААААААБЛЯ!

  • *never hate on videogames on the internet*

  • I'll bet you any sum of money that she hates trump and supports the LGBTqrstyuilmonp community

  • 3:20 uhhh what game is that I uh my friend asked

  • What's the song on 3.33 please?

  • I am pretty sure some girls also play like an epic gamer ( definitely not trying to say me )

  • Girls locker room: P.E sucks omg Boys locker room: 3:30

  • "It appeals to the male fantasy..." *builds a giant monestary for chickens complete with two giant chickens glaring down onto on lookers, chicken heads spewing water and a giant chicken housing a council of chickens...all in Minecraft*

  • 3:30 my favorite one lmao

  • She's right tho. These are all male fantasies i can never be so erect.

  • "Because it appeals to the male fantasy" *smug hat kid*

  • She has never played super smash bros

  • I hate BuzzFeed with a passion

  • Can you imagine hating men so much that you'll find any excuse to get angry at them...fucking hilarious. I love buzzfeed.

  • What is that beautiful game with the guy sliding down the ladder?

  • That giant dad is true too

  • She looks like the sort of person whose breath reeks of stale red wine and cappuccino.

  • Makes me wish I was at home playing with the boys. Because that’s what I fantasize about is the boys.

  • I hate buzzfeed so much

  • the last one was fantastic xD

  • I wrote a blogpost a while ago about why I f**king hate video-games, because this is what it does it appeals, like, to male fantasy!?

  • She can change the word using instead why i hate movies, music, art or technology

  • This women should research the “male fantasy” before writing a blog post

  • 3:30 is that not the male fantasy? Well damn I’ve got anniversary plans to change....

  • Femenists get triggered over anything these days

  • 2:12 Back when Star Wars were great.

  • 3:30 what dat song

  • I’m a simple man I see Bloodborne in this video, I click.

  • There is no sign of intelligence anywhere !

  • It does appeal to male fantasy, so fucking what?

  • The male fantasy: sweet glorious 360p

  • 3:33 anybody know the song

  • 8:17 I mean she is not wrong This scene is frickn hot 😤

  • She probably regrets that sentence now

  • 3:25 we have to give her the reason here bois

  • 10:25. I am genuinely impressed

  • 10:25. I am genuinely impressed

  • 3:30 Now this right here is my male fantasy!

  • The dislikes are from more than 50 years old feminazis

  • 0:43 WHO IS THIS GUY, nobody can find him!

  • 0:06 Shut Up before i make world war two look like a tea party

  • 3:15 my inner lesbian approves though

  • Prototype 2

  • i'm glad im not destined to be her son

  • The torture dance was first animated in Eyes of Heaven. Apparently, that’s the male fantasy. Dancing with your fellow gangsters as a severed head is held in front of you being held up by a fishing line.

  • 3:01 i'm dying, because when non-gamers think of video games they think gta or no russian from mw