I won't call Giannis 'MVP' until he proves it in the playoffs - Max Kellerman | First Take

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Max Kellerman reacts to Giannis Antetokounmpo asking not to be called “MVP” until he proves himself in the playoffs. Max also explains how the Milwaukee Bucks will be impacted without Malcolm Brogdon and Nikola Mirotic next season.
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  • We see Ryan supporting Giannis ? And Max being skeptical? World upside down.

  • Mirotic did not perform sufficiently well with Bucks, despite his undisputable value.

  • This dude gets paid tons of money sitting on his ass talking about basketball and doesn't even know mvp is a regular season award! Lol what an absolute joke of a show. Let alone the audacity of someone like that thinking his opinion is relevant to a professional athlete.

  • Ummm... but he’s literally the MVP

  • Bucks will not pass the nba playoffs

  • Ugliest dude on TV - Why do you hire this guy? He is terrible at this job!

  • Max you stupid mvp is a regular season reward

  • Zion Williamson: Ryan Hollins: I've played with him before

  • Max doesn’t listen to anyone’s arguments and just completely ignores them

  • Hee's just good your talking shit

  • Your just a bitch you mother fucker

  • MAX is a CLOWN

  • So do they take turns being idiots🤔🤣

  • Sorry max you’re wrong MVP is a regular season thing... unfortunately no way you should be MVP without a ring you haven’t done anything just got to the playoffs and when it counts the most you can’t win... imo

  • I hate max kellerman philly over Millwaki Im telling you now the nba finals will be lakers vs bucks i promise and philly lives the match up against the bucks 😡🤬🙁

  • To all the idiots complaining about Ryan Hollins, you literally clicked the video so ESPN doesn’t give a fuck about what you say it’s still a view😂

  • GIANNIS WAS stopped by kawhi gasol and siakam.

  • In that case don't call harden, westbrook and maybe durant MVP too.

  • You mean an MVP likes James Harden who “Proven” in the playoffs? Whatever you say Max Kellerman.

  • Max is so dumb

  • He should have told max that you right you’ll never really understand how it is to be on that floor

  • I'm sure the Greek freak really values your opinion max. I mean after all, you've never played a sport in your life.

  • Ryan Hollins is such an Ass. So before he kept saying how Giannis didn't stand and chance to beat Boston and out in round 2. NOW the BUCS ARE GREAT AND UNSTOPPABLE LOL. Such a clown lol

  • Mirotic is complete trash. Anyone using that as an excuse on why they think the bucks got worse is retarded. Yes brogdon is a big hit but we didn't have him for the playoffs until Toronto. Im more upset that we lost snell than mirotic. Bucks are going to the finals

  • Why the hell does he keep comparing players to Fuckin Simmons like really max get this through your head Ben sucks

  • get the fuck out from here.

  • bro please just kick ryan hollins off of espn

  • Lol by max logic... Russ not MVP harden not MVP..

  • Ryan hollins comes with the mentallity of trying to be dumber than last time

  • Ryan hollins comes with the mentallity of trying to be dumber than last time

  • We gonna forget that Ryan Hollins was dissing Giannis before the playoffs, and now he's saying he's unguardable? smh

  • Hollins did a whole 360 on Giannis. He was literally saying horford and baynes would lock Giannis up in the playoffs

  • All that sparring with Stephen A. made Max a debate beast

  • Best ESPN duo than SAS and Max I'll wait.....

  • max lost me at malcom brogdan is an elite shooter

  • Damn I know I said this on a different video but this man Max just said some of the dumbest shit again.

  • Why is Ryan Hollins even in ESPN he sucks as hell! He is so freaking biased.

  • Lol Ryan hollins is on Drugs 😂

  • ryan hollins is fucking retarded why do they give him a job

  • Hollins is a dumbass please stop putting him on t.v

  • So Max ain't gonna call Harden, Westbrook, Steph and all the other MVPs who havemn't proven it in the playoffs MVP

  • Who gives a fuck about what you say? Kellerman's stupidity is beyond foolishness

  • Max is taking so many shots at that guy. Haha he probably chojeslammed max after the show 🤣🤣

  • These fools are clown. People just listen to u but dont believe u

  • Had the best sit in the house. Got damn MAX KELLERMAM or should I say KILLER-MAN killed Ryan with that line

  • Since it's a regular season award, and the vote has to be turned in before the playoffs even start, that would be as silly saying "I'm not going to call the Bucks the #1 seed until they go to the Finals".

  • GEt this Ryan off tV fck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Can't believe we live in a time where people disrespect the reigning MVP

  • Who is this fine ass bitch that needs to replace molly. Sheeeeit I'll Rather have FROG HORN LEG HORN OVER MOLLY.

  • Lmao I forgot Ryan Hollins was an NBA Player 😂

  • Why and how does Ryan have a job as an analyst....nigga should be flipping burgers alongside me lmao

  • But he calls harden MVP....

  • 1. Giannis owned the first two games anyone telling me they really though Toronto was going to win at that point is full of it.. 2. Kawhi did not guard Giannis one on one get the hell out of here they built a wall in the lane to guard him same tactic used by Boston but they had better defenders including Marc Gasol.. Kawhi aint guarding Giannis one on one or stopping him getting to the basket this has to stop....

  • Ryan Hollins what you doing on here ? Talking about people being benched after game one your whole career was being on the bench

  • Khawhi locked Giannis down?!?... Raptors played a zone bro

  • Does Max know that their is a regular season MVP and Final MVP?

  • Bro Max be right at that nigga Ryan 😭

  • Bruh everyone laughing for dude riding the bench but in reality he’s making millions to just sit there 🤣🤣🤣 he should be laughing at people like me who work 2 jobs 70+ hours a week at 17 years old

  • For once I agree with Ryan hollins that almost no one can guard giannis but i still hate Ryan hollins don’t get it twisted

  • This is a proof that too much criticism, makes you an idiot

  • Fuck Ryan Hollins


  • Roast his ass😂😂😂 you had the best seat in house riding the bench all those years lmao😂😂 Max on one

  • Kawhi contained the greek freek , but he stopped Lebron? lol ... media all over the place

  • so let's just change It to the MVP of the whole season instead of just the playoffs 🤦🏾‍♂️ plus come on now Giannas lord his team to the Conference finals let's not act like he got knocked out first round

  • Bucks will be East Champ next season...

  • Max is a smart stupid person

  • It's a regul;ar season award not playoff, and Giannis played great every game but 2 and a half.

  • Ryan. You're flip flopping again. Giannis was overrated now no one can guard him except the best defender in the league? GET OFF THE DAMN SHOW YOU BUM.

  • I need a direct line to dumb dumb Max

  • Is the first time ever that Ryan speaks facts!!!!

  • Max kellerman has been on his bs these past few days

  • I'm trynna see Charly's premium content.

  • Ryan hollins comes off as a lil too cocky to me 😂 stay in yo place boy keep that base out ya voice

  • Please bring Stephen a smith back

  • He proved his value in the playoffs. What is Max Kellerman talking about? I swear ESPN has the weirdest analysts.

  • hollins jus said philly got worse an the bucks got better.. WHATTTTTTT

  • I hate that dudes face. I dont know his name.

  • ESPN- answering the questions no one asked