I went to RUSSIA just to play this song...

Pubblicato il 28 lug 2019
I went all the way to Russia (Moscow) just to play these songs...
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  • Forgot to bring my *Сука* *блять* t-shirt... maybe next time... *SLAP* *LIKE* *NOW*

  • Who is mr. Putin?

  • 0.41 wtf?

  • i dont know but i fell so good now d:

  • Hotel trivago memes is from indonesia

  • very impressive, but can you play the bass?

  • can you go to Ukraine?

  • Üsküdara gideriken aldıda bir yağmur değilmi bu ya sgshsgsgsgs

  • La tuta adidas non è un caso

  • Велл, айм экспрессед

  • Damn i thought u were from Italy lol i saw u were flying from Dubai

  • Impressive, but can you play Fly me to the moon in a spaceship

  • Just randomly thought of the song and wondered if someone did a bass cover for it... O.M.G 🙌🏻

  • Я тут живу, лел 😪 Это еще Москва более менее, вы в Брянске были? Мы тут умираем, спасите пожалуйста, невозможно жить на маленькую зарплату и т. д Славянам привет!

  • Realy impressive, but can you go in front off my house and play my favourite song?

  • Я думаю

  • Вау

  • Are you from arab?

  • That moment, when you understand that cover is better than song itself

  • Ты же русский!

  • Are you serious👽

  • Москва - не россия

  • Хехе, мне нравится )

  • So amazing! Can you go to Philippines to play Tala by Sarah Geronimo?

  • Good song

  • Визит не засчитан: Медведя нет, бна алалайке не сыграл Where is bear? Why not plaid on balalaika? Visit failed :) Try one more time

  • Al Pacino doing good)

  • Say in comments who Russian -w-

  • Very impressive, but can you play Under the Bridge under a bridge?

  • When did shroud learn to play music?

  • Play soviet anthem

  • Good editing


  • 1:04 " there was a cat that really was gone"

  • OMG

  • Ебать, классно😉

  • Does he actually do a ear reveal? Lmao

  • So wrong earthquake in sorong Indonesia.

  • Some Tetris

  • I'm imaging ppl on the streets like "Что этот парень делает?....."

  • Very impressive, but can you go return to Russia and play Back in the USSR?

  • RA RA RUS- sorry I was just playing just dance 2020

  • Wanted to see people's reaction !!!

  • Me at the and of the song : OHHH THOSE RUSSIANS

  • 2:06 Italian: OMG UFO AREA 51 Петербуржец ебать: Рынок, ебанутая опрашка. ( Опрашка-Рынок на гостинном дворе в СПб ) Edit 1. То чувство когда у этого канала больше подписчиков чем население Питера.

  • Mad lad

  • Умеете магёте

  • What a madman

  • Россия лучше всех

  • *Это же ахуенно cyka blyat!*

  • Tetris theme, Rasputin, Russian Anthem

  • Что это сука такое, это куда это взялось :D

  • Very impressive, but can you go in Moldavia ??

  • Ver impresive but can u play volaré in italy?

  • Just sayin',did you know that rockfeller street is made in Estonia? (Getter Jaani singed it in Eurovision) ANSWER ME IN THE... idk answers?

  • Very impressive, but where do you connect your bass

  • Beautiful, please can you play “Giorno’s theme” in Italia?

  • 1:05 Robin Seplut will be angry.

  • Went to Russia in German Adidas and Sing German song.

  • Me when i see his ear before the ear reveal: *stonks*