I went to RUSSIA just to play this song...

Pubblicato il 28 lug 2019
I went all the way to Russia (Moscow) just to play these songs...
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  • Forgot to bring my *Сука* *блять* t-shirt... maybe next time... *SLAP* *LIKE* *NOW*

  • Boney M, in our heart forever 😍

  • Impressive, But can you go to earth and play Earth?

  • Come to indonesia and play any popular folk song pleaseeee....

  • Cheeki breeki

  • Cheeki breeki

  • go to chernobyl next

  • Pssss... Go to Ukraine NOW!!!

  • But can you get on a rocket and play rocket man?

  • Can you come to alabama and play sweet home alabama?

  • 1:31 davie504 smailing :0

  • Love the video but...... This should have been in St Petersburg which was Russia’s capital during Rasputins onflience over the Tsarina


  • make a video " I went to Philippines just to play budots"

  • 2:09 its Elvis Presley was not a Russian singer its the king of rock

  • Syuka

  • БЕЛАРУСЬ 🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾

  • u just revealed your ear

  • Стоит чувак на красной площади и почти беззвучно играет. Т.к гитара не подключена

  • By looking extremely close in the background, you can see that the song he's playing is, in fact, absolutely slappingly incredible.

  • Italian spy trying to blend in in Russia 1969 colorized

  • Кто русский ставь лайк(шутка,я не аутист)

  • the songs were rasputin and the anthem of the soviet union

  • Dou

  • I approve мой товарищ

  • Davie504, you're the best bass player in the world. Undoubtedly. I am very glad to see you in Russia. You are loved and appreciated here. The Adidas suit, squatting on the escalator made me laugh out loud. You're amazing! I wish you and your loved ones happiness and success in everything!

  • cool, but can you play crazy train on a train?

  • Very impressive, but can you play dragostea din tei in Romania 🇷🇴

  • Do a collab with life of boris

  • БРАВО!

  • Привет из России!

  • rasssputin bro

  • Ive got some Tetris in my rasputin 1:12 BTW

  • he transformed into angel!!!!!! 1:41

  • Very impressive, but can you travel to Tenessee and play Devil Went Down to Georgia as you travel south into Georgia?

  • Finally slapper go to the mother land of commie

  • d a m e n bruh



  • Can you play in Area 51👍🏻😁