I Was on a Talent TV Show

Pubblicato il 25 mar 2019
there's more to the story, but here are some things you should know about talent shows on TV.
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  • Greetings from Poland :)

  • Headphones take off reveal at 500k subs!

  • I’ve always known Talent show’s are fake. It amazes me how many people still think after all these years Talent shows are legit.

  • 30 years ago? In 2009!

  • Tai sakai Dovydas.... :) Na man tavo muzikos atlikimo stilius labai patinka...

  • Full of truth! Like it and I love your performances!

  • Love love love this story. So glad IT-tvs directed me to this video. You're a top guy. Keep it up

  • wow it's never good to look at each other a long time ago !!! ;-)

  • interesting and educational, cool stuff

  • Well, it seems like i should start my own talent show.

  • I've heard that about got talent. There's a video on IT-tvs where a guy managed to get hold of a Britain's got talent contract and he goes through it. Simon Cowell basically owns your life once you sign that contract. Even so, got talent shows aren't a particularly good way to get famous if you've got actual talent anyway. I can only recall 2 performances from talent shows that had some kind of success for some time after(at least in Australia), and that was Shannon Noll and Justice Crew. Both of those had a bit of fame for a few years after their respective shows but now you don't hear anything about them.

  • So this is how Ryan gosling blew up???

  • thats absolutely bonkers

  • Piff the Magic Dragon has mentioned in interviews that he deliberately tanked the final of AGT because coming second gave him a lot of exposure, but winning would have tied him up with a terrible contract

  • This is an issue I believe in European Countries that do not listen to the Blues, do not speak English and the mainstream music is local language pop folk. Example. I love jazz, smooth jazz, jazz funk, soul, blues rnb, BUT in a whole there was only ONE station that played that music for 1 summer and it a was pirate station, not legal. People don't understand what blues or rock or funk is. Only easy going pop and local language. As a musician it is impossible to make a living by playing the blues for example. Greek music is all about I-IV-V7-I, with some variations, and thats all. Only few people listen to the jazz blues rock funk scene and outside big cities almost no one. So who would win a talent show like this? Of course someone who can communicate his "talent" to majority.

  • You've still got your integrity. The winner? Uhwut?

  • People just want recognition and forget that a true artist does not care about mainstream shits, and that's why they are artists and not posers... And people in that TV shows do not have talent, for sure you have a lot of people most talented that the people who goes to that TV shows

  • It’s disturbing and disgusting. I’m glad the teeth guy won.

  • Fucking love this dude 😂

  • huh nu alright tu lietuvis :D

  • what are your practice habits. maybe a gear rundown. samplers,drum machines,7 string guitars, 6 string guitars? how do you choose gear for each show? why do you use the gear you use?

  • If someone took out everybody involved in and watching these 'talent shows', the gene pool would be improved immeasurably.

  • I was on one 50 years ago in 2010

  • LMAO 14:46 Seriously the winner?

  • If you feel you have to become successful on a game show... you dont know the meaning of music.

  • Apparently facebook didnt like this video. I shared this and they temporarily banned me from sharing links.

  • How da hell did tooth guy win?

  • Wow...you lose over a kid knock his teeth n Cheek with his finger...ohh man....you're on the wrong side of the track.

  • The first intimation I had that the show was scripted was the one (you can find it here on youtube) where a young lady comes out to sing. She looks like Pink and she even has her hair done and sings the fight song. Then one of the judges starts ripping for "taking the easy route" dressing and singing a Pink song. And the young lady blows a gasket. Cursing, and she points at the hipster guy in charge of the panel of judges and says directly to him, "You told me to do a Pink song. I was going to sing (I can't remember the name of the song now, by someone else) but you said to sing the Pink song." I have been aquainted with a few others, including having been an email buddy with the father of Gabe Brown. He and his brother have a band called Helforstout but he made it a few weeks in on the season of AI that had Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj. He was the one singing "The River" by Steelheart, taken from the movie "Rock Star." Even though he was kicked out early, he did okay and his time on the show cannot hold back the band. But yeah, it is a show and they have a story to tell.

  • I got bored at 1:01 mark


  • Should be called "every country's got cringe". With a spin-off called "every country's got minge".

  • Elaborate, cause I just subscribed dying of curiosity

  • Tyrell Wellick's Got Talent

  • I sing opera and get told it all the time. It's shit aha. There are much better avenues to fame.

  • you look like nevel pappermans dad

  • Døvydas: you see what happens when you subscribe? You get an extra greeting! Me: ...Kurtis is dat u

  • You should grow a mullet.

  • I would really like to hear all of your opinions and some stories about these BLOOD (talent) SUCKING clowns that run these shows

  • Some insightful stuff and also looks kinda familiar- greetings from Estonia!

  • The winner explains all of Lithuanias choices from 1945 to 1990

  • 2009 was 11 years ago

  • Wait...your not american?

  • I didn't know you're from Lithuania man! I'm from Greece and still remember those epic basketball games between Greece and Lithuania. Sabonis and Co. Great team man, good times! And yes, these talent shows are totally f'ked up. Your performance was amazing, I love these hard rocking blues.

  • You lost to that guy!?!? must have been rigged right?

  • Enlightening

  • I got the bonus greeting. Would Sub Again.

  • These talent shows are BS!

  • You are not just musically talented, you are extremely wise!!! I can’t wait to see you live one day

  • This is like the music version of Dr. Doofenshmirts

  • Lithuania has a talent in pornhub. You ppl are sex crazy !

  • Ouch! When are you back in Lithuania again?.....😁

  • Dodged a bullet by not winning any of those shows

  • The end of this video is very educational and helpful, even for people in 30 years. Me@2020

  • Seems so fake in many ways that I wouldn't go there. "Judges" and producers just agree about it.

  • Do an ear reveal at 1 Million subs.

  • I’m not even a musician and I watch ur vids, interesting stuff and entertaining👍

  • All those who disliked are tv talent show producers

  • New subscriber! Just seen kid playing teeth. AWESOME! Do you think you could score me and the wife some tickets to see his next show? Would love to hear him do Disney toons like " Fantasia" or maybe " Space Odyssey: 2001" Oh oh " flight of the bumble bee"!

  • Your doing a great job here keep it up im wanting merchandise for my ³³i have no idea . Daughters 33 its small wow this thing had a weird hiccup anyway let me go get my daughters some of your stuff here have a great night morning which ever