I used DOUBLE PUMP in Chapter 2 and it WORKED... (Fortnite Season 11)

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
I used DOUBLE PUMP in Chapter 2 and it WORKED... (Fortnite Season 11)
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I used DOUBLE PUMP in Chapter 2 and it WORKED... (Fortnite Season 11) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we run into Fortnite Battle Royale chapter 2 solos and use the new "double pump" weapon combo!
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  • Heres an idea... Quit click baiting and respect your self😂😂

  • Try gray weapons only, the pure silver challenge


  • fucking clickbaits the shit out of us

  • I’ve got a challenge watch a og video of urs on fortnite andcopy the loot but the shotgun is different

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  • Title:double pump Gameplay: one pump *logic 0* *mission failed we’ll get em next time*

  • never knew the pump was a harpoon gun i just learned something new lol p.s i am joking

  • When i was at school i was taught - 1 shogun = single pump.. 2 shotguns = double pump. Kiwis. I have a harpoon and a pump lets double pump Me. Your just shooting your one shotgun twice fool

  • I found double pump

  • Ive told soar Dylan to try use only chests that are buried and pick axe 1st and last kil

  • Omg all it show was he was winning this guy is a ripoff

  • Nice fucking double pump mate. The whole game not once you did the "DOUBLE PUMP" trick. You lie to your fans and it's sick.

  • 09:06 :D

  • 8:54 hahhaah

  • Kiwiz do a challenge where if you die you need to buy 1,200 v-bucks IF ARE YOU DOING THIS SORRY FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT

  • We got clickbated

  • Try my Fisherman's challenge: Fishing rod, harpoon, rusty cans and fish are all you can use

  • Lendgendary chest only challage

  • It was 74 damage

  • Can the LG house do a 1v1 ing tournament and the person who wins will be called the best in LG

  • You only kill him with the strategy once😂🤣

  • Ihan vitun ruma tappo

  • Clilckbait

  • Kwiwiz bait?????

  • the new map is kinda big i can't find players i haven't dropped a 20 bomb since season 8

  • 9:32 so a 7 kill game is cracked?? or the strat is cracked

  • U over her saying u need a kill with a new grapple then stop using the rpg😅😅😅😂😂🤣

  • random skin challenge

  • What I've learned from this video: To double pump you have to use your rpg the whole game.

  • Hey although Id continue watching you regardless of your video content title cause your kinda awesome I have an idea. I know you build like a mad man but I'm more of a ground warrior low ground player. What if you did a video where you had to play ALL fights low ground? I know that would be a good challenge for you and Id love to see how you pull it off! Keep it up

  • How did you get so good


  • Do a "Can I win every game in fortnite in the fortnite hub"

  • mmmmmmmm lit.


  • My video idea is 1v1 mongraal

  • was i the only person too see this at 4:57

  • Smg only