i turned myself into a tIktok e-boy *quirky*

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
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The E-Boy Invasion is real and it's happening right now. In this video I attempted to become one of these tiktok eboys myself and transform myself into one. Hope u like xoxo
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  • guess what guys this video got demonetized right after i made it public. love you youtube :) pls support my patreon www.patreon.com/nfkrz

    • Nfkrz daddy... thicc and tall? Please do dick cameo more often UwU.

    • bro you gotta stop with this demonetization thing. you say this every video for a year now,yet people still see adds.stop with this bullshit,it;s fucking embarassing.

    • Boi, that hair make you look like a Chetnik, lol

  • That hair line boi

  • 6:1 wellcome to chernobyl i will be your guide

  • *ha-haa*

  • This made me sad

  • w

  • Kill la Kill plot

  • NFKRZ is losing his mind

  • Abortion, is murder.

  • I’m new to the channel but Lemme stop you right there I’ve got one question: how fast can you get your ass in Portugal?

  • uuuu acw and martens - u drippin bro! Edit: looking great, sweatshirt dope.

  • legit turned on

  • Квас

  • I love your hair

  • Actually, you look pretty good :D

  • >> be 9 month old fetus. be sentient with full functioning brain. can feel pain. >>blue haired "mother" thinks since I haven't escaped passed her magic beef curtains that I'm not alive or just "clumps of cells" >>get brains scrambled with power tools so she can go back to fucking hobos in public restrooms and shoot heroin >>mygoreymangledchoppedupbabyface.ultrasound WEW LEFTIE MENTAL GYMNASTICS! GONNA WIN GOLD AT THE OLYMPICS

  • no one: NFKRZ:Hellow fellow kids BLYAT

  • Boy tik e bok

  • No one: Villagers: 6:22

  • “I don’t know what I get demonetized, like I follow the guild lines I don’t cuss that much, wtf” Literally NFKRZ: 4:22

  • NFKRZ looked like the Russian spy in every movie ever tryna look American 😂

  • Focking gobniks

  • Dude, you totally look like some GDR tourist who came to the Balaton.

  • 6'4? We love a tall Russian daddy.

  • dOn’t go cOmmitTin’ muRTER

  • vibe check

  • Don't support abortion either lel

  • A lot of eboys look super feminine

  • Punches camera -БЛЯТЬ!!

  • this WOKE something in me roman, js.

  • How to look like a step dad 101.

  • Nfkrz big cock

  • Best intro

  • “oh that’s my cat by the way, shes pregnant”

  • Just noticed you say "homeless person" that is very nice)

  • His swagger no touch

  • shouldnt have put on the sweater

  • That was one of the funniest intros i have seen in a long time

  • Bruh ACW is very fkin underrated

  • For real men

  • Yer a silly goof ! Love it

  • lol homeless school shooter

  • Except you look better thsn those guys.

  • You look hella good

  • I just realised that e-boys are just western gopniks that always put their hands around their own neck

  • Secretly Roman is living his fantasy through this video.

  • I'm not 14, but I will send nudes

  • I’m happy he brought up abortion, nice to see we’re on the same page.

  • NFKRZ looks like a vegan mom

  • your cringe was so on point for this vid

  • Eboy=soyboy

  • Me: Likes tyler Likes jpeg mafia Shit , i might be an eboy FUCK Im not tho ooooof

  • you underestimate yourself roman


  • That fucking shirt is dope! Probably an original

  • I prefer to be a gopnik.

  • I can't believe you're that tall.

  • If women have the choice to abort the baby, men should have the right to abandon the baby and pay no child support if she keeps it. Real liberalism. Keep it real Roman.

  • 5:48 u look like me UGLY

  • All i saw was nfkrz becoming 🔥