i turned myself into a tIktok e-boy *quirky*

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
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The E-Boy Invasion is real and it's happening right now. In this video I attempted to become one of these tiktok eboys myself and transform myself into one. Hope u like xoxo
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  • guess what guys this video got demonetized right after i made it public. love you youtube :) pls support my patreon www.patreon.com/nfkrz

    • bro you gotta stop with this demonetization thing. you say this every video for a year now,yet people still see adds.stop with this bullshit,it;s fucking embarassing.

    • Boi, that hair make you look like a Chetnik, lol

    • You are smart to learn Chinese because China is starting slowly colonizing the world in Russia and Africa it seems.

  • your cringe was so on point for this vid

  • Eboy=soyboy

  • Me: Likes tyler Likes jpeg mafia Shit , i might be an eboy FUCK Im not tho ooooof

  • you underestimate yourself roman


  • That fucking shirt is dope! Probably an original

  • I prefer to be a gopnik.

  • I can't believe you're that tall.

  • If women have the choice to abort the baby, men should have the right to abandon the baby and pay no child support if she keeps it. Real liberalism. Keep it real Roman.

  • 5:48 u look like me UGLY

  • All i saw was nfkrz becoming 🔥

  • Abortions should be a last resort. There are condoms, birth contol pills and even day-after pills. That's a lot of redundancy.

  • No.

  • Putin is laughing while thinking what the fuck is this gayest shit my country bruh

  • So you abortion loving libtard?

  • bro you look good but the pants. get rid of them. burn them. watch them descend into hell. so yeah thats my advice :)

  • U look eGay.

  • What else do you call killing an innocent baby other than murder? It’s not the babies choice it’s alive it’s the people who brought it into the world.

  • Why get political? It's 50/50. 50% of American women are pro abortion and 50% aren't, why alienate anyone from your audience? I personally am pro life (not a fan of abortion) and I have no idea why that matters while watching your IT-tvs video for entertainment. This is the 3rd video I've watched of yours since you Bald and Bankrupt collab (Fast Food one and TATU) and I've thoroughly enjoyed both of them, especially the fast food one, so hear you play some random dudes opinion on abortion out of nowhere than tell him to shut the fuck up bc u don't like his beliefs is insane. In the West you have free speech and you don't need ppl telling you to shut the fuck up with out them even having a chance to defend themselves bc you don't agree with them. Clearly your channel takes on Western vibes bc it's in English and talks about western ideas so why alienate half of them over one stupid comment? Keep the political stuff to someone else and when you don't like someone's political view but half of the ppl do it's really stupid to go against it. You want everyone watching your videos not just ppl pro abortion, politics have nothing to do with entertainment, why ruin that? I subscribed now I'm unsubscribing bc of one stupid comment, I'm sure you don't care but I do bc I really enjoy your content.

  • So whats the difference between a tiktok boi and a gopnik?. 3 stripes on your pants and sunflower seeds?

  • Your mom has *chains* in her *basement*? Rings set in the floor? Rack of whips?

  • cringed throughout the whole vid

  • look at this ugly slav

  • trash

  • Ahahaha love ya

  • C R I N G E

  • Dad?🤧🥴😩

  • Feeling cute, might starve to death later, idk.

  • I can do this 😜😜😜🙄🙄🙄 that made me laugh


  • “Dog shit opinion on abortion” *shows a dude thinking killing an unborn baby is killing an unborn baby* 🤡🤡🤡

  • quality content right here mate that style really does fit you though uwu

  • brooo that shoulder bag is fucking 500 euros !!!!!!! wtf

  • shoutout draingang shoutout yung leandoer

  • Uwu

  • Why the fuck would anyone wear Doc Martens? They look upsettingly similar to school uniform shoes

  • Man, you are more Western than the kids from the Bronx. Deep in near to Siberian, I never knew Russian Dudes were soooo cool!

  • you are a total sellout to your own people, an embarassment to your parents and the dead generations. Russia is ashamed of you, prostituting yourself for the most vacuous version of fame.

  • As a Smith lover I have to inform you that your sterotyping of Smith fans is inaccurate.

  • Abortion is murder fetuses have heartbeats and that guy with "dogshit abortion opinions" is right

  • ты запостил кринж

  • Abortion is murder roman dont be retarded

    • The people who believe abortion is murder lack empathy and are the real retards here.

  • The only Shit Human Beings are the ones who kill or are for the killing of other human beings, especially innocent unborn babies.

    • The people who believe abortion is murder lack empathy and are the real retards here.


  • 5:53 boi ya look like you just escaped solitary confinement

  • You look like you support abortion you filthy communist get out of here before i call no bullshit and his redpill alpha body

  • Nobody can touch your swag

  • I've seen NFKRZ in underwear more times than myself

  • Ben shapiro eboy

  • Eboy = egay

  • 0:53 oof thats a direct attack

  • This video made me stop fearing the russian foreign policy.

  • dude ngl you look stupid im srry

  • Russian bones

  • Russian dude transforming into a ilegal thing on putins book.

  • Roman is already an eboy, this vid is just an excuse so he can show off his fit

  • wait you look like a e boy in all of your videos

  • I gave this video a dislike in the first 10 seconds roman why

  • 0:08 raw footage of russian street gangs