i turned my girlfriend into an E-Girl USING AWFUL LIFE HACKS

Pubblicato il 12 lug 2019
I used Life Hacks to Turn My Girlfriend into an E-Girl To Sell Her Bath Water yes bruhs that's right, and also this is a joke, and the thumbnail makes me physically ill but it's also hilarious. enjoy.
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  • 13:32 for the caption guys, and please enjoy this video. tis a joke

  • Just like that my mum knew that i didnt sleep

  • I want to buy it for 200 bucks

  • Sometimes he looks like pewdiepie

  • 13:32 my pet when i raid area 51

  • He goes smash like in 3 seconds, and I go to like it, then he goes or I’ll turn you into an e-girl, and I go “but... I already am... do, I...un like??”

  • 17% lebanese? U lebanon bruh? If yes answer me this question : Kifak?

  • 8:52 and 9:07 😳 edit: listen to it with your eyes closed

  • She is so done

  • These last couple videos have been the funniest most wholesome things I’ve ever seen

  • I wonder how these life hacks people figured out how to do the things they do

  • Not even belle delphine likes E-Girls thats so sad 1 like= -1 egirl from google

  • 6:03 eat ur veggies pup

  • Is It Just Me Or Does The Toothpaste On Her Face Look's A Bit Wierd....


  • I like oompas beard with the eyelash thingy

  • I love this videos, I like the edit and I love ur chancel! +1 SUB o((*^▽^*))o

  • I’ll take that spit mate, 50 pounds?

  • What's the music in 13:07? Please

  • I'm dying help meh

  • I have the same blanket

  • e-rape 9:02

  • Oompa: my girlfriend is perfect in every way Me: what’s a girlfriend

  • 3:01 Huh. I’m 50% Italian. This is... *_interesting_*

  • She has a hydroflask.... *SHE'S BECOMING A VSCO GIRL!*


  • ill buy it

  • 5:15 would'nt be the first time my cucumber was to big for your face *plays pornhub opening* *me* dies laughing XDD oompaville you are the best please like this comment

  • No one: Not a single soul: Pornhub: 9:04

  • Smexy

  • What is a whirl?

  • 5:16 omfg he really went there 🤣🤣🤣

  • 8:53 i hate to be "that guy", but just close your eyes for a solid 30 seconds

  • Remember amazing frog? What a road he’s walked

  • I will pay 2Million for that gamer spite water.

  • caption: when your area 51 alien is looking picked at 3 am

  • Can I buy the spite

  • am i only one that thinks oompavilles vids are just one really long meme? like or reply if you agree.

  • You look like pewdiepie

  • 4:58 the sound effect killed me

  • I’m curious about the pickups in your strat. Are they all single coils, or EMGs, because the pickup in the bridge position was black. That’s why I was wondering.

  • $20k for the water 😂😂😂 no jk 😐

  • 8:50 close your eyes😉 and listen

  • 9:03 pornhub intro

  • $700 for Ompa-girl spit water

  • I wonder if either of your parents watched this

  • You could get a hotter girlfriend

  • He could be the general’s brother

  • You’re rifty vol.2

  • Caption: My little brother: mom said it's my turn

  • 9:00 and here we see the exact moment the video was demonitized

  • I skipped to 9:00 and it was a mistake

  • Losing your soul by signing apples terms of agreement...

  • I’ll buy it for 5 thow

  • Demonetization has entered chat*

  • *the t posing oompa haunts me in my sleep*

  • Oh I didn't know u r 7% Lebanese, hi from Lebanon btw!

  • You was aT tHE cLuB BOttMSs uP WEn I fIrST MEt yoU

  • 3:41 you look like johnny depp

  • “ITS FULLY CONSENSUAL, *I PROMISE* “ Yeah right, blink twice if you need help