I Tried To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies With Zero Trash

Pubblicato il 13 dic 2019
Joyce tries to make Alvin's 2-hour chocolate chip cookie recipe, but without making trash! Find Alvin's recipe in the top comment of his video: it-tvs.com/tv/video-h4CyhQqAPpk.html&t=
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Glass of milk
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  • Butter is whipped heavy cream for people who don't know

  • It's where the f%--:ing fat clumps 2 gether

  • Its sad that ariel from the little mermaid cosplayers have plastic surgery :(

  • they never said how much was the rubbish-free stuff

  • I’m really confused I thought she was vegan?

  • I make my onw butter

  • “ imma get u little thing” Best line ever 😂

  • I don’t think that we even have stores like these in my county 😂

  • Thank you Buzzfeed for finally going zero plastic in your videos! Leading by example. Joyce you’re a legend. More zero waste!!!!!

  • Me: ***Drinks oat-milk at friends place*** Hey how'd you make this it has an interesting flavour Friend: Oh it's super easy I just blended some oats with water and strained it with an old t-shirt Me: .......... hahaa cool ***inner turmoil***

  • i love the zero trash series i can't wait for more episodes!!

  • Just poke a hole in the safety seal so it stays on the bottle. That way you don’t technically have to throw it out.

  • I need season 2 😔 I've been enjoying watching all the zero waist video's

  • I’m eating chocolate chip cookies

  • to be honest they could have just gotten ready-made butter in paper/foil packages; it would have saved a LOT of time

  • that skinny white girl has to be a Vegan?

  • Um. Do you have a whisk? A mixer? A blender? Melted milk? Oat flavored water?

  • Wait hold on you are not making vanilla extract but you’re making butter?

  • when i was like 6 i thought that vanilla extract tasted how it smells so i drank the whole bottle i got drunk off of vanilla extract

  • You can just whip the the cream with a hand mixwr

  • Zero waste is expensive. They bought the amounts they needed in the recipe. If you bought one kilo of something from a zero waste store it would come to at least $15 - $20 for one kilo. At my local store you can get a kilo of flour/sugar for at least $2. I know they have organic stuff at a store like that so that’s why it’s expensive. But you could get the packaged stuff really cheaper for the same amount.

    • zero waste is hella cheap in my country lmao like one kilogram of goodquality flour is about only just $1.50 and anything else. but oatmeal is expensive here tho

  • “Butter is just milk” ... butter on my toast = melted milk 😖😂🤯


  • Y’all didn’t add the cloth bag the ingredients came in

  • You have to wash the buttermilk off that homemade butter

  • "i love chocolate chip cookies because it's me and most of my hoes: i'm the chocolate chip and they're the cookie" i love joyce

  • Can you make your own TV show. You guys are so amusing!!!!

  • Butter churned are really cheap on Amazon

  • Nobody: Me: starts making a salad but then stops and makes sugar and chocolate chip cookies

  • Zero waste pasta would be interesting since most people use canned sauce and pasta from a box. And meat wrapped in plastic🤷🏽‍♀️

  • they couldve just used a handmixer to make butter :///

  • They could have sped up the butter with a couple clean marbles in the jar


  • Joyce looks very masculine and agressive she has no feminine energy.😳😳😳

  • i made butter that way once and it took so long

  • I’m all for Zero waste but isn’t the only reason this is cheaper is because they get it in the amount they want but when you buy it without zero waste it’s a whole packet? Meaning more stuff?

  • Joyce is a vibe!! And ummm I didn’t know that butter was just shaken heavy cream either! 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  • Glass is actually *not* highly recyclable in most areas. If you’re not going to return or reuse the glass container, try to buy whatever it is in recyclable plastic.


  • You shouldn't over mix when you have gluten it would get rubbery and tough but since your cookies are gluten free you could probably mix till your hands fall off

  • Oh man she got really big:(

  • Joyce is so funny I love her and Auri is sweet awe

  • Im sorry the oatmilk would make me feel like im drinking oat and water. Because thats literally what it is.

  • Me when they shake the heavy cream: "I get butter in Aliummin foil and paper, both recyclable"

    • Crystal Childers true but usually the aluminum is wrapping the butter and the paper is wrapping the wrapped butter so it’s not stuck together

    • But, if the two are stuck together it can't be recycled because it's mixed material.

  • i love you joyce

  • No on ThEiR PlAYing pRinCe iN tHe StORe

  • I want us to be friends Joyce...let's make that happen!

  • zero waste but wear acrylic nails werkkkkk

  • I thought they was really gonna use a churning thingy-

  • Like they didn’t think there wouldn’t be a seal on the vanilla 🙄

  • Have you watched juliebees oddman out vegan episode? If so watch it and tell me that if Aurie cut her hair and bleached it she would look like Erin. But Aurie is sweet compared to Erin

  • Yes the zero waste was less but you bought the ingredients you needed and didn’t have much left over compared to the packaged ingredients

  • Butter is hard to Chern

  • should someone tell them that you can buy butter without packaging? XD

  • You guys should have put a clean marble in the jar of cream to whisk it while in the jar.

  • of course zero waste is cheaper, you're getting way less stuff

  • Oooofff they didn’t wash the whey out of the butter. I mean I guess it’s not as important but it helps.

  • Raw egg is good

  • Okay no office but I can make like 5 times as many cookies as they did for the price they are making it out to be like wtf? No cookies cost that much to make

  • So cool! I might have missed it, but what grocery store is that?