Pubblicato il 11 dic 2019
I went head to head against one of the greatest NFL wide Receivers to ever do it.. Antonio Brown!
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    • Your a fucking loser just like Antonio Brown

    • Deestroying did you gotta give this nigga bread for this video?

  • So from sprinting we shouldn’t put our hands on our hips

  • Who ever dislike no one likes you

  • This nigga not even in the NFL anymore......🤨🤔🤔

  • 11:50 lmao

  • Need some kids merch my son loves ya page

  • Jesus man, who was throwin the damn ball ?

  • Nahhhh Larry Fitzgerald my guy

  • You need to go against tyreek hill that would be interesting

  • Who the fuck is throwing that ball? They suck


  • i played in that field before 😃😃

  • What league? Also what’s up with that gear?

  • Surprised he wore the helmet, must of been the right size.😂

  • U low key fye any tips for starting wrs?

  • That move almost cross u

  • Antonio Brown had his hand on his hip 8:57

  • Antonio brown has talent but he really needs to find that chill... hopefully his kids if they have a career in sports can agree to comply with the rules and “blend” in with everyone else in terms of do what they have to do considering the NFL is about business and not just football

  • *1v1 against rapist*

  • Your hands go on your head not your hips

  • Hummm Wearing the Steelers colors, maybe he is missing them?

  • If current Antonio Brown is who dee is looking up to that is just sad

  • Antonio Brown was just on my school

  • Keep them hands off them hips

  • Like for AB 84

  • Meet up with dk

  • u might as well keep ur hands on your hips, cuz u are his cheerleader LOL

  • 5:43 whos silver Lamborghini Urus in the background 🤔🤔

  • Cap

  • Lol look where Antonio is now.

  • Good video. Too bad AB is a piece of shit of a human being.

  • this video didn't age well

  • Ab not the best receiver thou.

  • if AB could just keep himself in check... easily a top 3 wide receiver. no doubting his talent.

  • Yo ab lmk if you need a qb, whoever's throwing it straight trash

  • This was all before Antonio brown went crazy 😂

  • Imagine being 5’9

  • wwwhattt

  • Michael Thomas ????????????????????????????????????

  • Why are all of you being rude, just because this man does things in this journey that dont seem ok to you, does not mean you have the right to talk down on a guy who put his time in to accomplish his dream and play in the NFL. You guys take this NFL fan stuff to seriously which make you forget he is human being. So if i were you i would show him respect and give him all the love he deserves. This is also why the world is messed up today because you got people spreading hate instead of compassion and love.

  • How is he the best receiver in the league when he don’t even play nomo?????

  • I’m sorry but AB sunk low. He’s running routes on someone’s IT-tvsr channel....

    • U hatin

    • Nah bru, honestly something dope that he did in my opinion. Prolly did so much for destroying confidence. You looking to deep into it. You could tell ab wasn’t even goin 100%

  • Lol he ain't in the nfl

  • He's a bad guy

  • What a waste of talent...Could've been a HOF. Hands down. POSSIBLY could've been GOAT GOAT reciever. Hes just crazy and immature.

  • we all know T.O & Ochocinco would be wilin just as much if they was in AB situation if they had the media watchin social media & if social media was as prevalent as it is nowadays. Let him back in da league. They actin like he murdered someone. He just a big personality and dramatic and don't take no B.s. I'd be pissed if they were keepin me out too. Imagine denying the people the prime of Jerry Rice's career. C'mon NFL you'll never forgive yourself if you don't let him back.

    • I love AB but what he did with his baby momma in front of his kids live on snap was fucked up no team gon pick up somebody like that

  • Obj gone be maaaaad

  • Nigga

  • They should have also got a good QB because he could have caught way more is the passes were more accurate Just saying

  • But he want to be in the nfl can’t even stick antionio brown

    • He’s a kicker

  • Funny enough that helmet ab is wearing is what started it all between him and the raiders.

  • Antonio Brown a man of his word he told you he would do the video and he did it. Why the other NFL players was acting stuck up.. AB,juju,Russell Real ones

  • Make vids Monday Saturday Sunday

  • There are more people in the league faster than AB like Tom Brady😐 Like if u watching this in 2020

  • I think AB better than OBJ

  • bro said “and he got pads on” like AB wouldn’t body him without pads in some flip flops ☠️

  • Gotta change the title to XFL lmao

  • Best wide reciever but not really um cough cough clown cough cough

  • 8:56 he had his hands on his hips

  • you need a "1 on 1" section on your channel and put what sport after the 1 on 1