i tried making minecraft lava cake

Pubblicato il 12 set 2019
i am so sorry for this //
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  • get julen on the GBBO train and he will bake errything

  • Poor Julen having a real-life psychological breakdown. I don’t bake for this reason - Cooking is fun, baking is torture. We know best - recipes be damned.

  • I am laughing so hard my cheeks and tummy ache!

  • LOL!! I FEEL this so much! This is exactly what would happen to me in the kitchen. BUT I still love to experiment and make up new things! I love you videos so much! Even more when Jenna comes in with her sweet, lovable self! Thank you!

  • Look at that cross section tho!!! 😭

  • Babe, it’s L A Y E R C A K E.

  • I was on the verge of tears when he flipped the hot cake.

  • I feel like there was a point when Julien knew the recipe was gonna fail so he turned up the aries

  • “Do you care that everyone around you is upset?” 😂

  • I have been a cake decorated for like 5 year and this video made me so upset😂

  • Julien's heavy breathing is comparable to Kermit's.

  • I watch Julien for Julien not really for the food so I enjoyed this video.

  • We forgive you. Don’t give up. 🤣

  • That fondunt ain't right

  • This dude really made his own fondant! I amazed

  • Someone gotta get claire for BA test kitchen to help this poor aries

  • i think all julien needed for the fondant was more powdered sugar -- it gets weird if it doesnt have enough powdered sugar

  • not to brag but i literally make the BEST marshmallow fondant i'm weirdly good at it

  • Julien you should audition for the show nailed it on Netflix lol

  • Maybe.... baking just isn’t juliens thing

  • Is that carrot cake I’m fckin screaming “Why is it soaking wet”

  • I’m gettin anxiety that he has food coloring on the counter

  • iTs lAva fRoM miNeCrAfT

  • I like the 6:04 oven transition

  • this video made me laugh so hard. also i feel your pain of now having to clean up a mess for what seems not worth it hahaha

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video. THANK YOU!

  • Wait I'm actually wondering which part of the cake was so crunchy??

  • Child julien-mum look wat I made u Jenna-wow it looks good Jennas 🧠-wtf is it?????????????????

  • I want to try the concept of making a lava cake, but actually try to make it right😂

  • julien, your breath is SO FREAKING loud

  • how popular minecraft is getting "recently" bruh.

  • When you said tiny whisk my mind went yaaa tiny rick

  • Potaito potato 🥔 🤣

  • As a baker who has done vegan, gulten free cakes before I was crying laughing during this video. So much fun! Please, please keep baking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • julien can you make a box jump tutorials

  • Oh god please stop overbeating the cake!

  • I really enjoyed this episode. It spoke to me on a personal level unlike anything since my grandma forgot how to get cobblestone in minecraft. Thank you kind sir for giving me this immense joy and overwhelming amount of nostalgia. *wink* ;)

  • Can someone who is a professional baker now try to make the minecraft lava cake now 😂

  • Make a gaming Chanel

  • This made my day

  • This made me laugh so much

  • Every baker ever is cringing! You tried and that’s the important thing lol but how do you not know what fondant is? 🤔

  • 3 minutes into the video and Julian, who measures spices in Spazzy handfuls, is going to bake! Oh, this is going to be a disaster! I'm here for it

  • When he zoomed in on the cake and it was still wet I did a Jenna thing and said julienuhna! And Kermit is even crying at this abomination lol

  • Anybody else’s hey google respond when he said “hey google?” Lol

  • Every time you go 'bep bep bop bep' I just keep thinking of the animated Julian on the memes 2 video lol Aries spirit !! Lol


  • i watch this video all the time cause its funny and my cake i baked turned out just like that cause im gluten free and sucks

  • holy shit is this entire channel just cooking videos full of chaotic energy and stress? if so im so in

  • "Why are you serving cake with ice-cubes" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • That orange fondant looks like the same consistency as Starburst. Like WHAT

  • Low key, I can hear the spirit of Jenna in the background yelling “JULIEN” as he was contemplating the box jump

  • i'm fucking crying!! this is so bad

  • The funny thing is I think he set out in making this serious but when it was raw he thought you know WHAT 😂

  • Hey could u help me with my channel to boost it?

  • I have never laughed this hard. My favorite part of this series so far.

  • Pleaseeeee bread gloves with Jenna

  • everybody loves a good dumpster fire :D

  • Julien literally supports whatever crazy stuff Jenna does in her videos. Why can’t she do the same for him?