I Trained Like An Olympic Figure Skater

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
I trained with Figure Skating Olympian Lloyd Eisler for 8 weeks, leading up to a real competition! Go follow my Instagram to see everything we don't show on IT-tvs!! instagram.com/michellekhare/ #ChallengeAccepted #ChallengeAcceptedSeason2
Thank you so much to my amazing coaches:
Lloyd Eisler, 5x Olympian - Head Coach
Amy Coperchini - Choreographer
Larisa Cherednichenko - Ballet Instructor
Special thanks to LA Kings Valley Ice Center. Be sure to visit if you’re ever in the LA area and looking for a figure skating or hockey lesson! :)
Kelsey Darragh - instagram.com/kelseydarragh/
Nix Phengsy
Music Video and Competition Song by the amazing Abigail Barlow! Be sure to listen to her music here:
Music Video Song - open.spotify.com/track/3Am0Yb41dY4OtIylfjVBJj?si=zYCcDSsiR4eD0r-uROuI5w
Competition Song - open.spotify.com/track/69KB0gFB2RwEv0Tv2UrVjf?si=vgz1l7KFT8KlQ1vvqlmhPg
Executive Producer - Michelle Khare
Creative Director - Garrett Kennell • instagram.com/garrettkennell/
Producer - Iris Sullivan
Editor - Silas Orteza • www.silasorteza.com/
Assistant Editor - Madeline Puzzo
Director of Photography - Kevin Stiller • www.kevinstiller.com/
Music Video Camera Operator - Christian Lalonde
Camera Operator - Mark Christian
Camera Operator - Sam Mosco
Camera Operator - Casey Hilliard
Assistant Camera - AJ Young
Production Assistant - Madeline Khare
Graphic Designer - Taylor Dolniak
Hair and Makeup - Olivia Shipman
Still Photography - Tony Moux
Business: michellekhare+business@gmail.com


  • It's finally here! What did you think of this episode? Silas and Madeline knocked it out of the park with this edit!! We put so much love, time, and resources into these episodes, and I hope you enjoy it. :) P.S. For everyone asking - the songs during the music video and final competition are by my very talented friend Abigail Barlow! Be sure to check out her music on Spotify!

    • So inspirational!! I myself get really bad anxiety, it was so common to feel the way you felt but at every track meet and anytime I was the focus of attention! I recently picked up an interest in ice skating which is how i came across your video (which you executed so well!) I might really try it out after watching this, thank you! You did amazing after ONLY doing it in a span of 8 weeks, you’re stronger than you think :)

    • oh my gosh i’m from louisiana 🤩

    • Michelle Khare can you take a week of Abby Lee Dance Company ?

    • Do cheerleading

  • Oh wow. That was very impressive!

  • you should do horseback riding (western pleasure, jumper, barrel racing, etc something like that)

  • Kelsey looks more diffrent then normal

  • He’s really funny

  • I feel like I can do anything after I watch your videos

  • Can you please do horse riding or something like that next?

  • Can you try rhythmic gymnastics

  • I don’t get many responses, so here I go anyways. I started training in CAT scan (CT for trained professinals) 4 months ago. I had to sign a contract I would be registered in a year. I am doing this on my own now and everyday I have to is terrifying because I hate to fail because I have been so successful this far. I work alone from 7pm-7am. I doubt myself and I work so hard when I’m at work to be perfect but it takes a toll and nobody around me understands. These videos”while physical oriented” have gave me the confidence to keep on punching forward. The degree of self doubt atm is so high. I try and talk about it but nobody understands. They act like I just push buttons and can be happy and present all the time. When mostly I just want some sleep and a beer. Everyone acts like it’s easy and I shouldn’t be struggling. But imagine working 12 hours straight all alone and only have been doing this for a few months. It wears me down more than any workout. Keep making these videos and keep making me inspired and confident. I truly need these moments with u Michelle. Find me on insta at taylor31792 If u have any choice words. I already follow u. And thank u for the inspiration.

  • 28:49

  • 10:15 Girl, I don't do things I wanna do because I alwats think I'm "passed my time" and I would be ashamed of doing something wrong being this old!(I'm 20) You do literally EVERYTHING. And that's something real, I wish I had the confidence not just ti try those things, but also to ask for help or even hire someone yo help me. Because for Some reason I'm always like "they will think I'm ridiculous" You just keep doing whatever you want for as long as You want. Because You are doing amazing things!

  • Omg this literally made me cry 😭 this inspired me so much, THANK YOU

  • 27:02 lollll

  • it’s always been a dream of mine to do figure skating but i’ve never in my life ice skated before 😂

  • you know what they say... first is worth and second it is the best 💕

  • Marsha is adorable

  • could you try going back to high school for a month or something?

  • lmao is he talking about beyblades?

  • It’s failing that gets you somewhere. If your trying to be perfect that gets you no where

  • please do soccer

  • This woman is so brave.salut.

  • can you try out irish dance please?

  • Omg you totally improved. Awesome. Congrats!

  • you should definitely try gymnastics. it would really be lots of fun seeing you attempting something I'd always loved to have tried. please do it!

  • I'd like to see you try car racing or autocross

  • So proud of Michelle. She did amazing despite the fall. :) Good for her!!

  • I'm a figure skater and I get you. the commitment is crazy

  • Train like a professional swimmer/ the divers at like 20 meters. That’s be really awesome

  • When I actually watched figure skating I immediately fell in love with it,now I actually want to become a figure skater. But the problem is that I have very extreme anxiety...

  • I trained like an Olympic fencer! I think you could be really good at it, but it's completely different to any of the other sports you have tried so far.

  • What others think when watching this video: Wow she improved a lot What I think: WhErE aRe HeR gAuRdS?!?!?!

  • have you done ballroom dancing? If not give it a go, it's harder than some people think.

  • These videos are so inspiring. You should try to train like a soccer player!!

  • I’m 11 and a figure skater and I feel like I’m to old

  • do Paramedic or firefighting as a challenge

  • I cried during this 😭 I really wanted to do figure skating but I have no stamina and my family has barely enough funds to even pay our bills and for food but ily and i love your work❤❤

  • Oh my gosh you actually did what I suggested you did great 👍🤗

  • you are my role model you are confident you know what you want and you get things done my favorite part of these videos that you do is your not afraid to show people your feelings your not afraid to tell them he hard truth of what its like to start these things late but one thing I know as a fourteen year old is that no matter how old you are you can still do things like ice skating and ballet you can be old and still be a soldier you just have to have expeience and yur not old so shhhhhh


  • River dancing.