I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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    • Yes Theory you blew it

  • Every video I watch, I see his face... _Get the reference?_

  • wew... that guy seems like a cool guy

  • DAMN his bulge look huge

  • i mean like who the fuck dont click the bell...?

  • I wanna be in his placeeeeeee i am from tunisia

  • 1k dislikes are jealous pizza delivery guys

  • Matt looking good in boxers lol !! I made my first step now is to contain my newest goal. :)

  • Just wanted to say - Henceforth subscribed!

  • My dream would be to make a living as a professional traveler, oh well... :)

  • You should bring him to Naples for the pizzas

  • Hi Yes Theory! I've already subscribed. I'm a big fan from the Philippines. I ❤ your channel, very unique content 👍😊

  • I'm going to start by fasting and then I'm going to try and change my diet and exercise to be a healthier person to better enjoy life and clothing.

  • im chinese and i have a american passport

  • What a great experience! I've subscribed and will binge-watch because you guys are fulfilling dreams, and that's pretty damned cool. My dream destination: Antarctica. But finding stuff to do might be tough, as I am not fit to go (narrowed spinal column). But that's OK because you guys are da bomb! God bless you.

  • I hadn’t subscribed because it feels like a boys club I’m not supposed to be a part of, just fyi

  • Anything you set your mind to , it happens .

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  • I'm at 5:29 and for some reason this bro is just not stoked enough for me.

  • I would literally cry if I was offered anything from Yes theory

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  • venice and pizza

  • I have ever imagine to go to LA one day since i was a child and now im 16yrs old .. i just hope 😌 love from 🇲🇾

  • Love your stuff guys. True tears of joy I get.

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  • So I better prepare my passport?

  • Come and bar hop with me (musician) and experience the music pub scenes where I said 'yes' to playing violin with local artists. I live in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa. maxyourlimits@gmail.com.

  • I just subscribed bro!!!! Epic Chanel!!!!!!!

  • My dream is to solo travel to USA, Japan or any country in Europe. The step I'm taking now is watching videos like these for tips and inspiration. If ever I meet one of the members of Yes Theory and they invite me anywhere, I'll no doubt go with them! PS: Thomas, Matt, Ammar, TD, Derin, PLEASE COME TO THE PHILIPPINES! 😁

  • Matt - “We’re not going to reveal to him just now, but probably when we get to the airport” Thomas - “Ready to go to Italy?”

  • do none of these guys ever require visas to go anywhere?

    • Some passports have more rights than others

  • my dream location is tuvalu after watching that video

  • why play greek music in venice :P

  • yOU guys are pretty amazing!!! yayaya

  • 12:22 when u get too drunk u talk sh*t like that

  • I ran a marathon last month...I hate running and i was out of way out of shape, but i never turn down an opportunity to try something new...This opportunity was very painful and very challenging, but like most things i've said yes to, it was an awesome experience.

  • Amazing channel!

  • Will never have this oppurtunity....

  • Hey !! First plethora of love and veneration I have some crazy idea for u U have 500000 Sikhs in America who r getting mistaken for being terrorist just bcoz of turban and beard Ur video could be the stupendous way to introduce the world's 5th largest religion

  • imagine if you were drunk in the city...

  • Guy was checking your situation out from afar when he deduced you guys weren't going to eat 3 pizzas in a row. Didn't care about the situation or the free trip, he knew he was going to get free pizza if he asked.

  • I subscribed...

  • That thrilled me

  • Yes Theory , take a english speaking legit homeless to the trip of his life and maybe start a charity and put him back on his feet

    • you do realize that a passport would be needed.... right?

  • I really love your content buttt... one question and a comment. Why the hell would you want to come to Alberta Canada in the first place, like... their is basically nothing to do here the land is very bland and it’s all farms, and why would you tell him you were taking him to Alberta, Canada then take him to Italy, is Alberta not good enough for you :( we are trying. We might be bland but we still have something like uhhhh.... you know..... the worlds biggest indoor theme park or water park. But stillllll is Alberta not as good or as worth Italy (just kidding Italy is 5x better then Alberta, I live here I can say that). Alberta Dosent have rats

  • pizza guy had the wrong address for sure lol

  • ALBERTA CANADA WOOO!!!..... why alberta?

  • Lots of love..take me to Switzerland :D

  • lol when they showed his camera shots, it's no wonder he's an uber driver

  • Yes Theory: Far From Home

  • Quality!

  • Why does this seem so much more beautiful then when I was there?

  • New York is my dream

  • I subbed you seeing your SPECIAL REPORT that 54% of your viewers are unsubscribed to your channel. And love your work bro keep it up!

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  • I just remembered a map in csgo

  • 0:06 does anyone know what that movie is?

  • He's a Photographer and a pizza guy. Is he spiderman?

  • Ive been watching for a few weeks and keep forgetting to subscribe but your little interlude about subscribing reminded me to do it!!!

  • I am pretty sure I know the guy you gave the pizza to! He was super nice, he cruises around our neighborhood and is usually in a friendly good mood and he helped my niece find her way when she was lost while visiting. I only subscribed cause ya'll did that, keep up the awesomeness.