I Took 2 DNA Tests: Did The Results Match?!

Pubblicato il 13 mag 2018
I took DNA tests from 23andMe and Ancestry.com to see how my results compared. I was SHOOK by what I found.

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**And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mama's out there!!!!**

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  • Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's watching!!

    • My Birthday is 11.5 Mother's day ^^ Great video btw

    • Hello Brittany! Saying you are part "Neanderthal" should prove to you the idiocy of these so-called ancestry tests. One very competent DNA specialist has stated that after the third and fourth generation, the DNA becomes highly sketchy and impossible to be certain about! These ancestry companies are fleecing the public big-time, and scamming BILLION$ from the unsuspecting public. Pus, this DNA can also be used for some very dark purposes, we would not want to imagine possible! I will never submit my DNA to any of those lying thieves and for so many reasons! I'm sorry you did this and maybe there are some who will decide to not do this in the future. They are playing on our natural curiosity and to the tune of enormous profits! Sorry to sound so negative, but the truth is what's important here. And please do not believe you are part "Neanderthal" because the ones who write this on the DNA tests are receiving secret laughs every time they do it! Stay positive and learn for mistakes! Love your channel! For Big Truth! kristi

    • Im ojibwe living on the st.croix rez..coming across alot of these videos and didnt know alot of people want to be native

    • now thats one sexy looking neanderthal right there lol x

    • Happy father's day

  • Is there an echo in here Brittany??

  • That was so interesting, Brittany! I think it would become more clear to you if you test both of your parents.

  • 🥳 I'm Cuban too and I live in SFL! I got my ancestry check out and it turns out that I'm mostly from 40% Spain, 30% Portugal, then English, Wales, Northern Europe, and then Basque, and Italian. I didn't get any Jewish like I thought I would. And I didn't get Canary Isles like I thought I would. It came out that my Spanish part is more Northern which I knew from family history, Visgoth and Germanic Tribes. And Sards. Pretty cool. I didn't get Cuban, not that I expected it although it's the culture I know. Most of my immediate or close family members are brunettes, blondes, and redheads.

  • If I may ask, what is your natural hair color? Many people in my family were blondes when we were young and then transitioned to brunettish.

  • Interesting info but I personally wouldn't be giving my DNA to a business like that. It's all data collection & your DNA is never destroyed or discarded. It goes on file & it is then used for a lot of nasty things.

  • Why did you jump North Africa?

  • Youre more native American than Elisabeth Warren

  • Balkan from the one test is like kaukasus from the other, and iberian (spanish/portugese) comes from your cuban ancestry. Cuba was mainly colonized by spanish settlers.. Your neanderthal variants also come from there. The neanderthals got replaced to the edges of europe - like iberian island - by the cromagnon-humans.

  • I thought it would come back 100% Georgeoustan!

  • The heritage things need to be taken with a large pinch of salt, as a rough rule of thumb, if it's under 10% it's in no way guaranteed to be real, there's some randomness in the way the tests work, and they're not super accurate except on the heavy hitters (you are definitely part Italian and very likely Iberian). Note also there's a difference between Jewish and Ashkenazi Jewish.

  • Why are you surprised about your Neanderthal dna? You're white lol

  • So witch one is better?

  • Bella Italiana

  • i live barbies

  • My results say 100% FBI's most wanted

  • Your Iberian and part Italian can also be from your mom since Spain is Iberian with a part dna of Romans ! Just From your last name is French , I would have expected you have more of west European percentage but than again Europe has been a big melting pot since thousand years of everlasting invasions . A lot of French doing tests have more English than French or German dna . That is strange but I guess dna datas are based on criteria’s . Perhaps because of Celtic ancestry ? So also data’s can be similar and not showing French but English instead because of same dna . for example just like Italian Iberian Scandinavian etc I believe depending on how far invasions and settlements and regions . Also because countries like south Italy were less mixed than france they were able to have real data’s . If you take exemple of france it is Celtic invaded by Roman and than invaded by Germanic tribes and Vikings in Normandy or Spain Italy Greece in south etc etc so if you are French you have all those or more of one depending on regions north south west or east , and everlasting immigrations so than normal we find traces of all this I believe. Maybe some countries have less mixed dna . Just Also romans have had empire all over Europe and Middle East coast so you can also find traces of it too . An exemple too like you I have of German origin grand ma and no trace of neither French mom or German grand ma, all both resorted as English ?!! My Iberian side came all right from dad but with Italian 6,5 percent from Roman far empire probably in Spain . People forget that Spain was a Roman colony as well before Muslims invasion. So you see lot of things have happened before us lol we are mysteries

  • Thats why the dna tests are a waste of money

    • please don't make baseless comments like you did. Yes, the ethnicity percentages are not going to be perfect because they are determined by a statistical algorithm and comparisons to what reference populations and sampling the companies have available. The relative matching are worthwhile and there have been many people who've found biological family through these tests that they otherwise never would have found had they not done the testing. Myself included. Don't make baseless comments on just one aspect of the test.

  • You’re obviously not a dark Cuban. 7% Jewish could disappear next time they update you definitely look like a Neanderthal

  • You look Asian cuz you have a wicked round head. Also squinty eyed

  • They give your dna out to the government

  • Wow 23andMe seems more accurate

  • Results start at 5:40.

  • What if anything would taking the tests twist do?

  • My results came in and I’m half hitler and half Stalin

  • lol@neanderthal ..derogatory term last time i checked, definitely not pretty cool heh. Thanks for share either way and enjoy your next pizza.

  • Wow I would have NEVER guessed you were half Italian...definitely not southern Italian!! You are extremely fair!! But that’s how genetics works: you can’t tell a book by its cover!!

  • Iberian means Spain and portugal

  • You look like your Italian,

  • As an ethnicity, Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ scores compared to all other groups! So congratulations on having a tiny genetic piece of this awesome group.

  • You can upload your raw DNA to My Heritage and FamilyTree DNA. It might help you break down which test is most accurate.

  • Results will never match 100%.. They first off take parts of the DNA which makes it random. Then there is also the "pool" of results they have to compare to each other. The larger it gets the more the result can narrow down.

  • Choose one: A White/Aryan

  • What about the arabian bit?

  • .

  • Because of your cheekbones

  • Many people with Cuban ancestry will have high amounts of Southern European and Iberian ancestry. A Jewish ancestor may have even been expelled from Spain at one point and opted to go to Cuba.

  • Once you give your DNA to Ancestry.con they literally can do whatever they want with your DNA (even clone your DNA and use your DNA is animal / human hybrid genetic experimentation) and there is nothing you can say or do as they literally own your DNA.

  • In order to be half italian, it means that one of your parents is FULL italian, because you get 50% from each parent. I'd be shocked if I didn't know.

  • You arent jewish. So dont go there.

  • Wow, are you “racist” or what? let’s face it....since when someone’s race defines “character”? this girl Britney is an idiot

  • It's OK 👌to be whyte😉

  • So... are you pregnant or not?🤷🏻‍♂️

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  • Does ancestry and 23 and me share dna results with this parties? For example insurance companies looking to increase rates to their customers based on their ancestrial history of diseases? That's one of my main concerns on how our DNA can be used against us.

  • Since she paid full price for the kits, 23andMe was more accurate. Their result showed that she has very little (0.3%) Jewish DNA.

  • Omg shes makes Brittany... 😂

  • She learned all this and I bet she still acts just as white as she look and is in this video

  • not sure if you solved your questions but the differences I believe are due to users of the tests. your results will change with the more people who take the tests. if you go back you might find a change since you originally did this. each company could have more or fewer people in the category to compare with and hence some of the difference. at least that is how I understand they work.

    • O and you can upload your results (i think for free) to a third agency that has the data from multiple test companies.

  • Does the inconsistency ... show that forensics using dna data might be flawed?

  • Taking dumb blonde to a whole new level.

  • You call yourself a sjw but really you are the problem with society

  • Is it hard being a self-hating SJW? Okay, sorry.... I do not believe you are smart enough to realize people are laughing at you.... So I feel kind of sorry for you....

  • 12:50 I love the way you ignored having Arab DNA in you lol Dont shy from your ancestors.

    • She's also kinda ignoring the Scandinavian part😂

  • My father's grandfathers where 3 European (German, Italian, Portuguese) and 1 African , my mother's grandparents where 1 Italian and the other 3 are a mystery. Majority of my family live in Brazil. so I don't think that there are a lot of people mixed like me😅😆

  • 6:31 *Elizabeth Warren wants to know your location*

  • I already did Ancestry a few years ago, just ordered this one

  • What do the updates look like?

  • Cuba is part of where? Love how she went right on by the African bit. Sorry, it doesnt make it disappear.😩

  • SO basically your milk toast. not very interesting at all