I Took 2 DNA Tests: Did The Results Match?!

Pubblicato il 13 mag 2018
I took DNA tests from 23andMe and Ancestry.com to see how my results compared. I was SHOOK by what I found.

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**And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mama's out there!!!!**

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  • Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's watching!!

    • Im ojibwe living on the st.croix rez..coming across alot of these videos and didnt know alot of people want to be native

    • now thats one sexy looking neanderthal right there lol x

    • Happy father's day

    • I practice the 12 days of mother's day with a new card every day. Some day, my wife won't be with me like my real mother hasn't been with me since November 7, 1970.

    • Harlot

  • It looks like the smaller the percentage of a particular ancestry the more the error as shown by your Jewish results

  • Yeah Brittney, I don't want the government putting my DNA in a system

  • I’m actually half leather sandal and half attack helicopters

  • My full-blooded sister did a ancestry DNA test. We have a full-blooded Cheyenne Indian great grandmother but it didn't show up then I saw on TV where three identical triplet sisters all did ancestry DNA test the results were pretty mixed so I'm not sure that I would 100% trust these DNA tests

  • Proof that these tests are scams

  • The Asian part's from the eye makeup...

  • Nice idea to make a comparison.

  • Who is here after shane's video

  • You get less of everything, because 23andme data base is broader than the other company!, you se.. if only subsaharan africans did the test, and no one else in the world did, your results would be 100% sub saharan african! so the company needs everyone to do the test, so they can recognise what's in you!

  • What about your 3 % north African ???

  • Ancestry has more Jewish samples and more samples in general. It sometimes has better results and picks up traces too. The European Jewish and West European are most likely the German ancestry. The Ashk Jew means German Jew. Which is what European Jews are. European Jews are half European and half Middle east. So half of that European Jewish DNA is just European DNA. Not large Native American data base though East Asian DNA is present in Native American DNA. It's all Native American in the end. Common in White and Black Americans.

  • The C1 is Native American, direct by maternal lineage. The Italian and Iberian of French parents from the European South. Being mixed with Native American, the Iberian becomes less western and seems Italian.

  • In human evolution there were multiple neanderthal groups. You have a high number of different neanderthal group gene pattern

  • 2 world war coused rise in Jewish settlers

  • The only DNA sample of America is from original people. All white American are from europe

    • I think you'll find there's No Native's. All have migrated from one place to another. History shows one group fights another, then merge together later. As far as Whites go... Many country's are of light skinned peoples, Not just Europe.

  • I see the Italian in you ❤️ what a fun video 😊

  • It's in I'm : 54% beer 21% red wine 11% Chocolate 9% human 5% Bigfoot

    • oh and ideal donor ..... 100% proof

  • Um... how did you gloss over the 3% North African?🤔

  • It means ur genealogy dates pretty far back

  • I find that fear of an evil genius stealing dna completely logical. Lol nah, im a bit irrational with my anxiery a lot so, i get it. Lol

  • when i first saw ur face i knew " thats a wop"

  • ♈️💞💟😍

  • She tiptoed over that African percentage lmao

  • Ashkenazi Jewish is from German and French origins I believe

  • Well you did say your half Cuban so it's not gunna come up Cuban it's comes up Iberian which is Spain/Portugal

  • It’s so funny that people are saying you look Italian, I don’t see it at all 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I don't know about the Jewish, but I love your results, cuz it does, match what you look like. But I don't know about the blonde hair. Those regions/countries, people would normally have black hair


  • And you look Middle Eastern too. A mix of Middle Eastern and Swedish together I'm just going by what I see in you. I'm not telling you as a fact. Just what I see in you

  • I'll tell you this, you looks more Swedish more then anyting. I'm not saying you a full Swedish. I'm saying, you look more Swedish then your others.

  • I'm not surprised, that you got Different DNA Results. From Different Sites. I got different results too. No DNA site is wrong, Their all right. Maybe it's because, certain family members of yours, from a certain country, they have all gone on Ancestry and your others from other countries, may I have gone on my Heritage. It depends on which family member is going Whitch site. Trust me, don't worry about different results. they're all good.

  • You're the biggest bimbo I've ever witnessed

  • more neanderthal = more manly

  • I like how she tries to look over the fact she has African in her DNA 🤔 even if it’s a low percent, it’s still there

  • I was surprised. I would have thought looking at you Blond Blue eyes, you would be mostly scandinavian .

  • My Ancestry results were certainly suspect in regard to known famaily history... Am going to do the 23 test now aswell. Not sure if I will be any wiser.. My neice and I both came up with a lot of Nordic approx 40%/ 27%. Which we both didnt suspect at all.. I think it depends on each companies data base... A lot of Nordic customers on their data base means you might match up as being Swedish despite you may be more Norman (Nordic) French.

  • 6:25 you didn’t know how to pronounce it? LOL.

  • I'm Ashkenazi Jewish. I returned to Europe too. The thing is the politics and culture of being this is very difficult. I don't follow the cultural playbook so living life as I am is more complicated. People from inside and outside of my culture view me differently, often puzzled, often frustrated, annoyed, often not sure what to think and it leads to unease between both. I am though who I wish to be. Those who appreciate me it's extra significant.

  • I am 50 eggplants 50 percent cucumber 😆

  • You are probably more Italian than me :D

  • So it is possible on ancestry they include eastern europe in the european jewish category? However that will still be a bit of a disparity so idk which site is more acurrate. Kinda throws me off cause I did a dna test (on a diff site than these two) and idk how accurate it is...

  • The reason why it’s different is because they were able to look further into it on 23 and me and then ancestry. That’s why it affected the rest of the bigger regions.

  • I love my country 🇪🇸🇪🇸😍!!! Proud

    • Djrajo 👏👏👏👏

  • the most beautiful neanderthal i ever did see ;)

    • Ironbar Anderson then you might be partly blind

  • Ashkenazi Jews is what the Bible calls "The Synagogue of Satan" and yes they came from Europe.

  • when i saw you i said you're definitely have some arabs races i can see that in your face hhh

  • I’m 40% Sasquatch 🦶

  • No wonder why everyone mixed with those spainards. Look at her. Shes a beauty.

    • You're not paying attention. BOTH of her reports say she is at least 46% Italian and only 10% Iberian (Spanish).

  • Both results will change as time passes because both of their resources for testing will get greater as they test more people. With time.

  • the moment when she realise she is a jew

  • Ancestry doesn't send an email saying the results are ready.

  • Make sure to always wear sunglasses. protect your eyes.

  • That's so funny, the last few weeks I've been watching your videos, I was wondering if you had any italian in you because for some reason (don't ask me why) I was getting very strong Italian vibes 😂🤷‍♀️

  • I knew you were gonna be significantly part Jewish.

  • Hi Brittany. I just mailed in my DNA sample to Ancestry this past week. So at this time I am not sure if my ancestors came from other countries besides the 2 nationalities I was told what I am my whole life or not. This is on what I think. But watching so many other video's of this, and other people I talked to all ready that took this DNA test, sounds like to me most people will probably have some Jewish or North African or Middle Eastern or maybe all 3 in their system. Then many people believe that thousands of years ago America and South America was actually connected to Europe and Africa and these 2 pieces of land ended on 2 separate parts of the world some how as well as you know. Then a friend of mine today also came up with this theory sounds like and some parts of it is true. Think so many people are surprised from all these new nationalities they learn they are from DNA is cause for hundreds and probably thousands of years, every were in the world, people moved from one country to another and so many wars through out time also caused people move and so much or none of this was recorded and no accurate records of a lot of this stuff back then. So this probably explains on why so many people learn they are many more nationalities then what they were told their whole lives.

  • what is the ethnicity you grew up believing you were

  • hi, just started watching. I thought Italy when you said you were going to do this.

  • Liar

  • I would never do a DNA test! 23 and me has connections with the CIA!