I Spent A Night In A Haunted House! *SCARY*

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
It is Halloween in high school. The popular girl, Cinnamon, tells Tootsie, Riya and Raja to stay at the haunted house. But when strange things begin to happen, all the students must work together to get out alive! Little did they know the house was haunted by witches. #Halloween #HalloweenDare
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  • The girl should be a princess

  • I think I have an idea,TRY not spending the night in a Haunted House!!!!!!!!!

  • This video is kind of dumb but it’s alright

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  • Why Did Rubarb Make That Sound At 10:07-10:09

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  • lvbbhglhlglhjlfglbhghgf glyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • In 9:29 Tootsie roasted the Black other witch hahaha😂Good one toots i can’t😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • Scary very scary scary

  • Did anyone realize when they were doing their outro Dans head was in place of the pineapple picture.

  • Tuttsey you read a spell

  • Yeet is a good man and a toy daddy and daddy are coming back from work to get the house and daddy

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  • I thought witch are scared of water

  • IT REALLY DARK IN HERE Me: I can see everything in here wth

  • Cinnamon is so cool as me and i am the Creehleader of my school and their is some people that are nerds they are sooo annogey i hope i like Cinnamon

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  • Hector is kinda cute...

  • Really should be a princess and Daniel should be a king

  • Anyone else gonna talk about Ria’s costume??? Just me ok

  • me!

  • HAHA when rhubarb Schuck her purse I died

  • I would be the first one to be a creature because I have really long eyelashes

  • Ok, let’s take a moment, let’s just say I’m thankful for Dan a Riya for making this video with so much effort. Love you 😍

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  • This is like the movie I watch last night hocus pocus

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  • I have been watching ur videos for 7 years but I still do not know who is Dan and who is ray

  • Amount of times someone sneezes 🤧 👇🏾

  • Im a hippie

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