Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
I may have slightly ruined CourageJD's family-friendly stream... sorry!
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  • Tfue is crushing ninja in views and has 11 mill less subs 🤔🤔

  • Ninja 1v1 me pls your litery trash my guy

  • I'm a teen and I'm subscribed

  • Ninja was jealous because something good happened to Courage, so did this, sad tbh

  • I heard that ninja replies if you say hiiiiiiiiii

  • X

  • Courage : would cuss on Ninja's stream (kid friendly) Ninja 2019: *uno reverse card*

  • We got bread...

  • Lol Remember OG ninja he loved cussing

  • Can someone please tell me how his Eye vision is still good???

  • Ninja still has ligma balls

  • Honestly courage shouldn't even bother being "kid friendly" if you look at what IT-tvs does if you mark it as kid friendly, all he's doing is losing out. Up to 90% less ad rev, no comments, not recommended. You're literally punished for doing it..

  • I think Courage speaks about coppa & FTC at ninja

  • Ninja has became so much more reckless, I love it.

  • You don't give a crap about what you say nowdays... "f them kids man". Wake up overminded skinny weak bitc*. Fkn idiot...

  • I'm wearing ur pajamas ninja

  • Bro your lit in FORTNITE

  • Ninja really most of your channel subs are kids

  • No Offence but ur not nice Ninja 👎

  • Omg that’s so true I’m always on west servers & ALL I got was bot partners in squads & then I switched to east and there was nothing but good players !!


  • Lol ninja getting revenge i f love it😂😂😂😂😂 tyler mf ninja

  • Next Shane Dawson series gonna be about you ninja

  • where are the rules to protect us from these toxic lil shits??!!

  • Just realized I’m on a higher level than ninja. 😀

  • I haven't heard club penguin in years

  • I want to add him😭😭😭😭😭

  • Yah west coast is dead.... cause we dont play games that if you called them a dumpster fire it would be an insult to a dumpster fire

  • 22million subs 400k viewers 😂 this is y u don’t sell out and change the platform that made u


  • wow im 12 and that hearts my feelings you dont like kids just wow everyone unsub

    • Shut the fuck up dumbass bitch. You should've dried up on the couch

  • i love you ninja

  • You suck ninja

  • 🚀💯

  • Well played. Everyone : clap 👏 👏 👏

  • Alle auf Insta La_Clan.official Folgen

  • 14:41 LMAO

  • I think I'm the only guy who got the Jeffree star joke 😂 kill me now

  • boring

  • Why are you so strong? Please tell me.