I pretended to be a DEFAULT in Fortnite

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2019
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  • Lannan : *What's up guys?* Also Lannan : *No time for yes'es today*

  • At 2:06 the guy is at 1 hp

  • Fresh, can I 1v1 you sometime? If I can my epic user is TeenieT-rex thanks if you do

  • You sound like lazarbeam

  • Fresh: plays like a pro* Fresh as a default: still plays like a pro*

  • You fucking suck At being fake Default

  • I tried the same thing in nae during season 9 and got the same results. It’s not oce, it’s just the season we’re in :/

  • Recocomended for fresh emote challenge you spin your emote wheel thing and the color of it is the only color of gun you can use have fun :) 🥒🥒🥒

  • Should’ve called it “the lazarbeam challenge “

  • At 10:40 jason is so proud of him. Lol

  • Intro done by lazerbeam

  • Lannan

  • Why do I hear Lazarus beam


  • best noob to ever live also the sweatiest

  • Why is lazarbeam doing your intro

  • he sounds like lazarbeam at the start :P

  • whoever unliked this funny as -heck_ video is is a peice of _heck-

  • Whenever Fresh says cheeky I think of Peppa Pig when she says, "Cheeky cheeky snails!"

  • Lannan is the best

  • I love killing the fog sorry and trolling them

  • Bots lives matter Like to join the petition

  • Is it just me or does mrfreshasian just lazarbeams second account.

  • Lazar bean comments: lannan you’re trash Lachlan comments: lachy you’re still a bot Fresh’s comments: begs for likes

  • Did lazar do his intro ?

  • Why did lazar do ur intro

  • He's basically trying to be a part of the Fake Default Movement. I like it!

  • Why does laserbeam always do fresh's intros

  • Eyy me and my friends won ones as fake deaufault playing like a real one that was amazing we wat in Bushes with ballons and croached all game with a pick axe and a balloon iT was so freaking hilarious😂😂

  • In the intro that was definitely Lazer beam

  • Thank you for being respect to default bcz i'm default and i can't buy a skin bcz i'm still 12

  • Fresh: It’s so hard to get people to meme they just sweat Also Fresh: Kills everybody he sees

  • Fresh he was trying to let you on the turret so u could win not kill u

  • When ever fresh is lazy he'll just make lazar record all the audio 😂😂

  • 10/10 into

  • Sweat gets shot at builds the Eiffel towers

  • Anti bullying default chairity*


  • U sound like lazar

  • Is that lazar beam doing the intro

  • frick you I aint no real default lol

  • No yeses :(

  • Plz subscribe

  • you sound EXAVTLY like lanan in your inro

  • In the intro its Lazarfresh

  • 1:09

  • Us bots need more help, us bots must rise against defaults

  • Congrats on 2 mil :)

  • Can someone carry me, ima bot

  • Lol

  • that intro was lazarbeam

  • Almost 2 mil subs let’s go

  • 0:00 haha

  • this is how I role play as a default skin. I plug in my xbox controller instead of using my keyboard and mouse, then I put my controls to old school and turn off aim assist so i'm terrible even if I try to be good.

  • Fresh/Lazarbeam:we must sweat and stand up for defaults TFue:aM i A jOkE tO yOu?

  • Fresh plz don’t kill the real defaults

  • Hliit ????

  • Two million

  • 4:39 #thisisamerica

  • What about lachlan?