I pretended to be a DEFAULT in Fortnite

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2019
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  • We defaults are on the age of extinction pls save us!!!

  • Fresh: Today we are gonna be a default Me: I do not think that is possible

  • use code fresh

  • Tribute to all the defaults out there Army of nine year olds! lol

  • I am coming to say this.....the Summit Striker that you killed in the last match which was last person was me.... Yeah I just watches the video now mainly cause I watched LazerBeam and then I'm like I might as well wat h Fresh as well.... Welp I guess you killed me.... An funny thing is you are right I actually took you as real default and was gonna pickaxe you to death that game was so freaking hard to get that far and then you killed me with the combat! Lol!

  • Lazarbeam has taught fresh well

  • I’m a adefault!

  • I’m a default cause I don’t have a skin But I get 10-12 kills per game

  • His skin represents Laserbeam in a skill way.

  • Lazer chat sooooo muchhhhh shite😒

  • why are there so many stream snipers

  • They saw mrfreshasian in the kill feed and they sweated

  • Lannan : *What's up guys?* Also Lannan : *No time for yes'es today*

  • At 2:06 the guy is at 1 hp

  • Fresh, can I 1v1 you sometime? If I can my epic user is TeenieT-rex thanks if you do

  • You sound like lazarbeam

  • Fresh: plays like a pro* Fresh as a default: still plays like a pro*

  • You fucking suck At being fake Default

  • I tried the same thing in nae during season 9 and got the same results. It’s not oce, it’s just the season we’re in :/

  • Recocomended for fresh emote challenge you spin your emote wheel thing and the color of it is the only color of gun you can use have fun :) 🥒🥒🥒

  • Should’ve called it “the lazarbeam challenge “

  • At 10:40 jason is so proud of him. Lol

  • Intro done by lazerbeam

  • Lannan

  • Why do I hear Lazarus beam


  • best noob to ever live also the sweatiest

  • Why is lazarbeam doing your intro

  • he sounds like lazarbeam at the start :P

  • whoever unliked this funny as -heck_ video is is a peice of _heck-

  • Whenever Fresh says cheeky I think of Peppa Pig when she says, "Cheeky cheeky snails!"

  • Lannan is the best

  • I love killing the fog sorry and trolling them

  • Bots lives matter Like to join the petition

  • Is it just me or does mrfreshasian just lazarbeams second account.

  • Lazar bean comments: lannan you’re trash Lachlan comments: lachy you’re still a bot Fresh’s comments: begs for likes

  • Did lazar do his intro ?

  • Why did lazar do ur intro

  • He's basically trying to be a part of the Fake Default Movement. I like it!

  • Why does laserbeam always do fresh's intros

  • Eyy me and my friends won ones as fake deaufault playing like a real one that was amazing we wat in Bushes with ballons and croached all game with a pick axe and a balloon iT was so freaking hilarious😂😂

  • Thank you for being respect to default bcz i'm default and i can't buy a skin bcz i'm still 12

  • Fresh: It’s so hard to get people to meme they just sweat Also Fresh: Kills everybody he sees

  • Fresh he was trying to let you on the turret so u could win not kill u

  • When ever fresh is lazy he'll just make lazar record all the audio 😂😂

  • 10/10 into

  • Sweat gets shot at builds the Eiffel towers

  • Anti bullying default chairity*


  • U sound like lazar

  • Is that lazar beam doing the intro

  • frick you I aint no real default lol

  • No yeses :(

  • Plz subscribe

  • you sound EXAVTLY like lanan in your inro

  • In the intro its Lazarfresh

  • 1:09

  • Us bots need more help, us bots must rise against defaults

  • Congrats on 2 mil :)

  • Can someone carry me, ima bot