I played my OLD Diamond Dimensions worlds!

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
happy 7 years, thanks for everything!
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  • "I think thats who im married to" -Dantdm 2019

  • Bring back the Xbox series

  • “Won’t let these crafting recipes out of my mind” 😁😊 Forever a fan.

  • Ive been watching since 2013 and I didn’t watch you’re fortnite videos 😂

  • Petition to make dan react to his old minecraft pokemon vids (U can Bleep the cursing)

  • Idk whats the diamond dimension but OK

  • This IT-tvs channel has been my childhood, thanks Dan for all of the videos!

  • bruh i remember watchingthis

  • July 15th is my birthday but it’s on 14th.....

  • I was a fan back in 2012 That’s more crazy

  • Dan: I think that's who I'm married to! Jemma: Am I a joke to you?

  • Im going to watch the entire diamond dimensions

  • I remember the Diamond Dimension so well! I remember the episode when you made Craig's house, I remember the wedding, the rocket, the 3D bucket, the house, and so much more! Bring it back!

  • the diamond minecart//

  • Remember the season 1

  • Bring diamond dimensions back that was my 1st favroite series

  • Dan can you please put the modpack up for download.

  • 17:10 when Dan had emo hair

  • I don't really watch dan anymore.but if he started Diamond Dimensions again I would totally watch him because of the fact that it would be more interesting to the viewers and to you because of the fact that you really want to start playing it U Know I love DanTDM I love everything that he's done in the past 7 years and I think that it would be a really great experience not just for us but for him so I mean DanTDM's never going to see this but you know it's just the fact of just maybe love you Dan

  • AGH! the nostalgia is hitting hard.

  • When I watched this? I immediately search those videos and lucky me! I found it!! HAHAHAHA 😂 can't wait to watch it ❤❤

  • Get How much energy do you think you will have in the future

  • Why have I just realized Dan's hair isnt dyed

  • My childhood I don't know why you stopped

  • what happened wit jemma?

  • "My fourth child" -Dan


  • that intro music hit different :'(

  • diamond dimensions plz

  • Dan:we've just crossed 15"BILLION" SUBSCRIBERS me:aren't there only 7billion people on this planet

  • 9:03 look at it ITS CURSED MINECRAFT!

  • That girl in jail is there because she pushed a person down the hole with the glass

  • I'm from 2019

  • 18:21 dan were you about to say a naughty word 😂😂

  • Who remembers pokemobs 😳😌

  • Dan u need to do twilight forest again plsssss from all ur viewers

  • Dan: “CRAIG!! CRAIG’S HERE!!” *dan walks into house* Dan: “oh it’s toby” Toby: “am i a joke to you?!”

  • Such memories aww

    • I love going down memorie lines old memories old build that you made haha it made me Luagh hearung you say was i merrierd to her? Hahah

  • Do both modpacks and vanilla survival

  • I watched this when this came out

  • I cant believe it has been 7 years i started watching this channel when i was 6 years old and now i am 14 time went by so fast

  • i’m crying

  • Watching this made me cry from the good memories oh goodness

  • Legend says if you say the you tubers name 3 time you get pinned DanTDM DanTDM DanTDM

  • AAAAAH IM EARLY or not ;-; lmao

  • I think the diamond dimensions was the reason i made this youtube channel

  • HOLY JESUS THE MEMORIES ARE REEEAAAL. I remember coming home from school and watching EVERY episode aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  • Did dan edited his eyes cause they are a baby blue

  • You stared this chan when I was 3 years old... Ye I did the math

  • “April 20th 2013” You uploaded on my birthday (not same year tho)

  • When I See Dan make a new Diamond Dimensions Im Happy.

  • Omg I remember!!!!! I loved that series I would wait for episodes to come out and I will just watch that all the time it was the best

  • Can you recreate the pack so fans can play it

  • Any1 got the link for the 1.7.10 Modpack?¿?

  • "I had to grab it from my old old old computer, thankfully it still works!" Dantdm 2019

  • Your not an og if you don't remember, zombie prison series (forgot the name) diamond dimensions, Xbox survival and also his old lab adventures and the continuity from trays evil twin, and the 3 episode fnaf mod series :")

  • Please revive this series

  • The brick house brought back a huge wave of nostalgia

  • July 14 is mah bday.....wow👏👏👏👏💜💜

  • Okay important question, What happened to the watcher subplot in diamond dimensions

  • I want to cry. I was so young when these came out

  • How remembers the airplane crash stories in Minecraft

  • Dammnn the nostalgia

  • Who remembered when Dan cooked a kid

  • Carla is in jail for pushing someone off a cliff

  • The nostalgia hit me SO hard

  • the nostalgia.

  • Visit husband vs wife challenge world

  • More diamond dimensions please for the ogs

  • Ahh anyone just remember coming from school running to your old iPad just to watch one video of Diamond Dimensions? Or even the mod showcases?

  • Im here since 4.2m

  • Revisit

  • That is when I started watching you

  • DAN! Continue one of your series! Please?

  • Omg there was an automated farm with a minion person and he had a pig person skin does anyone remember that

  • Who remembers when trayaurus the sword died?

  • I love how Dan actually listened to what fans wanted and plays more Minecraft now

  • Even tho you switched back to Minecraft for the money I forgive you

  • I remember that episode when you married her 😭😭😭. The memory’s.

  • I still remember that diamond dimensions intro perfectly, even though I stopped watching it around ep 150 ish