I Paid Artists $50,000 to finish my Drawing

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Hi Guys todays video I LITERALLY PAID ARTISTS $50000 TO FINISH MY DRAWING! Rules: They have to draw for 24 hours and they must finish my drawing , comment which one you like the best!
Part 1: it-tvs.com/tv/video-K6sm4dYgKos.html
This took a lot of time as well as $50000 which was really hard to afford but it was worth it
I hope you enjoy the video
Thanks for watching, have a great day everyone :))
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    • ZHC you have to take me shopping lol take me shopping for the turkey and Dax hoodie

    • Take me shopping :( I’ll draw something for you!!

    • ZHC you should do turkey iPhone cases like have turkey on the phone case tho

    • Am just 9 and I draw like that

    • ZHC you should make and sell turkeys for merch

  • 14mill turkey punches like if cool vid

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  • thats ibis paint omg

  • Just started watching.. but whats with beating the stuffed animal heh

  • ZHC I cant draw . feet Me if a draw a foot like yours I will run on the street screaming put this in an art gallery

  • He revealed all there full names

  • You should have asked _picolo he does great art

  • I want turkey plushies


  • Your like the mrbeast of drawing but it’s good

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  • Yeah...you know that 14 year old you said was talented? ...I know a more talented 12 year old! Not saying he’s bad or anything it was still 5,000 times better than I could do! Good job to him!

  • You didn’t pay $50000 to these artists. You’re using their names on your channel that has 2.5 million subs- that would be payment in itself. If you didn’t you’re a dumb ass

  • Strong WAMAN lol!

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  • that great .i love it

  • He’s the Asian mr beast

  • Seen a video about a really expensive pen you did. It was the first video I saw of yours. It was hilarious and had some cool lookin pens! Now I'm watching your vids cause you are an awesome artist!!! Definitely subscribed!!

  • Even though seeing other people draw really good makes me so jealous cause my drawings are nothing compared to them, I’m still gonna follow you cause you kinda give me a spark of determination to keep drawing cause I started drawing at the beginning of this summer so I wanna thank you for inspiring me to draw more with your videos.

  • I draw so I will draw something for you for free even though some my drawings aren't as good


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  • 5:47 welp thats pretty dumb of you to start producing the video before your sponsor even signed the contract lmao

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  • I thought when you were 14 you were 13 lol :)

  • Can u send me a balenciaga sweatshirt like yours?😂

  • Awh I just found ur channel and I’m obsessed! It would be so cool to participate someday!! I used to draw and paint allot. I lost my art touch for awhile but I’m slowly going back to it. I’m really into anything that has to do with art. But Abstract art was probably my favorite and drawing trippy objects lol. Anyway awesome video!!!🎨🗒

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  • im 9 and im a good drawer

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  • Man I might not like some of your videos but the way you help, I am a fan and will support you in any way I can

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  • zhc do u know hebrew cuz the girl dax is a israel person becuze the letters in her name are hebrew

  • Sad to hear about the sponsorship, this video was so inspirational! Rooting for you !

  • as an artist and animator this makes me glad, I hope I can get back in the game, i bet I am rusty af :(

  • 1:52 ZHC: that is a good thumbnail Also ZHC: *Circle thumbnail*

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  • Dam im so jeolous to all the artist tht gets the comission i wish i could join too:)

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  • ZHC . Can you help me to pay for my university I study In Russia but i am from Egypt and I don't know from where I will pay to my education and I can to proof to you all of this I can email with papers that proof my talking I swear God bless you bro..

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  • 16:50 and 17:44 israel in this video

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  • U use oof too much

  • Zach: 50,000 dollars is a lot for me Me beast: peasant

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  • Rip Turkeys: Immune system Self esteem All his bones

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