I Only Ate Pink Foods For 24 Hours

Pubblicato il 2 nov 2019
Inga challenged herself to eat ONLY pink foods for 24 hours, and while things might be pretty in pink... do they taste as good as they look? Watch to find out! Follow Inga on Instagram for more: instagram.com/ingatylam/
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  • Hi everyone!! For this pink food challenge, I discovered a lot of things that I didn't even know existed before, and that really is always the best part of these challenges! Also!! Please look out for an upcoming special edition of a one color food challenge that I did in Japan! :) Can you guess what color it is?

  • Alvin always helps Inga

  • Blueee

  • How about green food

  • 2:36 my asian mom would tell me to eat rice with that

  • I would like to see you eat Black Food for 24 Hours

  • You should try blue foods if you can find any that would be awesome

  • Try to find some turquoise Foods or beige Foods

  • Why didn’t she just eat salmon

  • BLUE

  • ooh watermelon would have been better than the grapefruit dont you think?

  • ’inga’ in swedish means ’nothing’ 😂

  • next is green...

  • Please do you blue please do blue 😭👏

  • Suha is called grape fruit!? I'm a flipina sorry lol HAHAHAHAH

  • rainbow foods!!!!!

  • Eh would have just eaten pink starburst the whole day lol

  • Do I eat everything that starts with a S for a day

  • *do a green food challenge*

  • i'm surprised you didn't go for some Pink Salmon (belly, steak, sashimi, etc), Spam, Pate, maybe a mix of red and white sauce for pasta, or A Russian beet and potato salad... Still... Awesome content though! How about a Part 2??? :D

  • 5:50 it fell? 🤣

  • The first thing that came to my mind for punk food is mochi

  • I feel like it was easier for the clear challenge

  • Every single time she pronounced sakura wrong made me cringe. Sa-ku-ra not sah-kur-ah

  • “This is Adri’s pink drink”

  • tbh I’d live off ham and mochi

  • pink is goooood

  • Rainbow 🌈

  • How about shrimp:(

  • Purple! Grapes, purple carrots, beets...

  • 4:12 taramosalata GREECE EVERYWHERE BABY!!!!!!!!

  • The coffee was pretty

  • there's nothing pink about her breakfast

  • Her: I have this coral pink shirt Her shirt: Ok I can agree with that I’m a little orange though Me: Bro that shirt is so orange that you can’t sat it’s pink are y’all color blind( no offense if you are color blind)

  • Has anyone else ever had Taramosalata? I love it sooooo much! Like if u agree

  • Dragon fruit!

  • beetroot salad! or a very light watermelon. dragon fruit, pomegranate, pink radish, pink ginger

  • I’m surprised that you didn’t buy a salmon fillet cuz salmon is pink

  • I love you! KEEP DOING YOU BOO!

  • Who tf walk around saying they’re wearing a coral pink shirt


  • Pepto bismol

  • she looks like she doesn’t quite enjoy the meal sometimes 😂

  • Is the hardest: Bright Blue

  • Every meal a rainbow.

  • So buzzfeed is just going to copy clickfortaz and act like it’s okay? Cool cool.

  • Guys, Salmon is orange. Not pink

  • Do oange next pls

  • inga is so adorable🥺

  • That bacon was not cooked all the way

  • Shrimp and strawberry mochi

  • blue foods pls

  • *uses fork and knife with all finger foods*

  • The colors are actually aesthetically pleasing tho

  • The word pink sounds weird now

  • She is so cute 😣

  • Eat only blue foods

  • You should do only orange colored foods😁

  • Wait I minute she says that she can't use oil the what about bacon..?😂😂😆that in then breakfast.. ;-; U faild wOmEn😂😂

  • Taramosalata is Greek. .....I'M GREEK GO GREECE 😂