I Made Giant 50-Pound Spaghetti And Meatballs For Kalen Allen from Kalen Reacts • Tasty

Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
“The meatballs looks like Piranha Plant.”
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  • I ate the leftovers from this for like a week, no joke. So good.

    • Nice

    • I bet it was delicious!

    • You’re a really good cook!

    • Scott W Pilgrim I got this fucking same ass comment from like 20 people no fucking joke you guys are not even reading my replies I was here early and you guys weren’t and I thought he was fake because the first 20 minutes it wasn’t pinned and I just thought he was one of those people who fake to be other IT-tvsrs or something and plus he had barely any subs I also never see him comment on the other vids so yeah and other reasons

    • Go Braveheart I thought he was fake because I was like 20 minutes early and he said that it took him like a week or something to finish the leftovers and how could it take a week to edit this and also tasty like posts at least every few days but not a week

  • waow

  • They make storage boxes that big 😂

  • *your grandma has entered the chat*

  • They're not meatballs they're MEATiors hahahaaa Ill let myself out

  • Please make a giant dumpling in making it big. Love to see that! Kudos Alvin. Keep it up!!❤

  • Make big cupcakes!

  • no one: kalen: oh wow oh wow

  • I wanna eat that so badly Ö

  • Can u not lift 4o pounds I’m eleven and can lift 122

  • Can u create Giant Orange chicken with rice??

  • Whats wrong with this dude why he act like that

  • Can he make giant food to feed the homeless shelter or women’s shelter 😔 always give back !!!

  • After they eat the food do they pay you for the food?

  • His . WoW must be a meme

  • I would fly out to Cali just to go to that restaurant 😍😍

  • y u eat ssundee's wife ertude?

  • I was eatin BI arlic bread

  • It's kinda dumb how he's explaining what he's doing like it's a tutorial I don't think anyone would actually try to make this

  • This made me damn hungry

  • Alvin the real life ratatouitte

  • they look like tiny pixies eating a regular plate of spaghetti!

  • Are you Italian? Great job!!!🇧🇷♥️🤘🏻

  • This guy’s the human equivalent of flint Lockwood

  • This guy must work for ikea so there would be giant meatballs for sale

  • Alvin, your arms are getting way strong and look quite muscular!!

  • I notice that all recent vids from tasty the most viewed vids are from alvin i even thought that alvin is the youtuber in this channel sorry for my bad english maybe you get the *point*

  • Someone: giant chocolate Someone else: could you make a giant piece of fried chicken Homeless guy: hey Alvin could you make me a giant 🏠 🤣🤣

  • What do your shirt come from / mean?😊

  • This is my new favorite video now. Pasta for life ❤️

  • The music in the beginning my band had played at school.

  • ”Gertrude”only true ssundee fans will understand

  • They thought we didn't notice the pizza theme from the Spider-Man game

  • My bet is that Alvin is a 2 enneagram.

  • I want to eat that

  • No hate, just curiosity.. Who let him put sugar in his Spaghetti Bolognese?

  • why alvin you make a sasuage

  • Sorry vegans

  • It is amazing, love the way you cooked your beautiful food. Best

  • 11:07 BGM title pls

  • I loved Gertrude when she was a bit bigger but the weight loss be doing her so good 👏🏾

  • You guys should really colab with Matt Stonie. Make him giant food and see how fast he could eat it!

  • This may be my favorite guest he was so energetic and fun I loved him

  • Giant French toast!!

  • Giant Pumkin pie please!


  • At the end I felt like I was watching spaghetti porn hub

  • Wait imagine if Gordon Ramsey actually commented on this video

  • Make a gaint burrito🌯🙏🙏

  • Alvin: ''This is it. This is the final dish.'' Kallen: ''Thank God, we can eat now?'' Me: wow somebody is impatient, like Jesus calm down. Also me: Dude where the food at?

  • where do you put the gaint left overs

  • Imagine how many cows died for this video

  • That guys great and this looks way tastier than regular spaghetti and meatballs

  • I doh like how he like a bullerman

  • 3:45 "If you make pasta from scratch every day, you're gonna be really jacked in like one arm." Don't worry man. I'm already really jacked in one arm.

  • Cooking with Gordon Ramsey??

  • Can you make a giant chicken Parmesan, chicken sandwich,or a grilled cheese

  • Alvin: I need a 60lb fork to eat this dish

  • Who realized at about 11.35 the spiderman pizza theme was the music???

  • *hello yangyang*